Google patent suggests location-based actions in Android’s future

Google has filed a patent that could raise Android’s IQ by incorporating “smart” actions based on location. The concept is similar to Motorola’s aptly named Smart Actions, though the initial patent application date of September 2011 seems to indicate the two concepts are separate entities. Google’s idea is to use GPS and network information to determine a users location and trigger device profiles that will push relevant apps, alerts, and settings.

Headed to the office? Google’s system could reconfigure WiFi settings, bring work-related emails to the forefront, and alert you to meetings and calendar events scheduled throughout the day. In the car it could toggle your phone’s Bluetooth or launch the music player. The concept would go a long way in making Android a smarter smartphone platform, and this is likely Google’s goal. It also helps to fortify the tech giant’s intellectual property portfolio, a fact that should not be lost in a smartphone industry rife with patent trolls.

[via Engadget]

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  • Saif

    Nexus One sketch.. :o

  • Jeffrey Evans

    The evolution of smart phones, less work for the user, more output from the phone. I can see a ton of applications for this, from your favorite band is playing nearby to here’s directions to your favorite restaurant when you’re away from home.

  • phonixor

    there were apps that did this for android at launch!
    so prior act should totally ban these silly things…
    then again who gives a fuck anyways

  • ntegrit

    Don’t know about launch, but I agree that other apps (like Tasker) already do this.

    • Scott Oldfield

      My thoughts exactly. I’ve been using Llama for quite some time. I’m interested to see how Android can integrate this type of functionality.

      • readdanielquinn

        +1000 to Llama!!

  • Donnie Harris

    Sounds like Chameleon Launcher..

  • ntegrit

    Interestingly, even Microsoft has released an Android-only (?) app, called on{x}, that does the same thing. However, it was HORRIBLY reviewed by users, due to a required login to Facebook!

    • olbp

      FACEBOOK? Why in the WORLD would I want to log into FACEBOOK for THAT?

  • Guest

    How will this affect apps that already provide this? Will they be immune or get sued to buggery?

  • Peter Wilcox

    Whoot… Go Google.

  • HO ME

    Bring it on Google. Let Apple stop bluffing about their invention is being copied because cr-Apple always patent other people’s invention and claim its them

  • $3663674

    We already have this. It’s called Tasker and Locale.

  • RichardReich

    I guess there’s no such thing at all as “prior art” anymore. Maybe I could just patent “patents” and own the whole greedy, despicable world.

  • Juande Maldonado S├ínchez

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  • Patents In India

    Sounds great.. hope google will file more patents to it and will enhance the technology further to be unique. By