MADFINGER Games announces new zombie-themed shooter Dead Trigger


As if there weren’t enough zombies in the news already, MADFINGER Games is announcing the followup to their popular third-person shooter SHADOWGUN and it’s filled with the flesh-eating living dead. This time the action shifts to first person in Dead Trigger, a shooter that pits humans struggling to survive against hoards of brain-hungry zombies. The game is completely optimized for mobile devices and will feature extra graphic flourishes when played on a Tegra 3 device. The pairing of NVIDIA graphics with MADFINGER’s knack for great games once again creates an experience that could easily be found on any home console.

Dead Trigger will be available towards the end of June from Google Play as well as NVIDIA’s TegraZone. A demo of the game will be shown at E3. We’ll be live at the show and this is one we can’t pass up checking out.

MADFINGER Games Announces New Title For Mobile Devices DEAD TRIGGER
Powered by Unity and optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 3 mobile devices, DEAD TRIGGER showcases stunning graphics and immersive gameplay
Brno, Czech Republic – 1st June, 2012 – MADFINGER Games, creators of the blockbuster third-person shooter SHADOWGUN, today announced the beginning of a new game, DEAD TRIGGER – an action-packed first person zombie shooter. With DEAD TRIGGER, MADFINGER Games continues producing games with outstanding next-generation graphics and user-friendly gameplay on mobile devices.
MADFINGER Games remains faithful to mobile platforms – including smartphones and tablets – and has again created an amazing handheld experience, optimized for superb performance. Just as they did with SHADOWGUN, DEAD TRIGGER is offering gamers the same quality expected from console gaming systems. Optimized for the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core mobile processor with its 4-PLUS-1 quad-core CPU architecture, MADFINGER Games was able to add ragdoll physics, volumetric fog, normal maps, specular lighting and realistic water; further enhancing the experience.
The main story of DEAD TRIGGER is set in the present – the year 2012 – but the world has collapsed and modern civilization is coming to its end. Billions of people have died from a strange infection and those who remain have turned into abominable beasts. There are just a few humans on the planet who survive, at least until they run out of ammo or figure out how to stop the beasts.
Authored with the Unity development platform, DEAD TRIGGER provides intuitive controls and stunning graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects. The new MADFINGER Games title aspires to become one of the best looking and most entertaining zombie shooters on the market, combining graphically astonishing environments with intense first person action and a gradually revealing storyline.
DEAD TRIGGER is going to be released at the end of June 2012 on both Android and iOS and it will be featured on the NVIDIA TegraZone app – NVIDIA’s free app that showcases the best games optimized for the Tegra processor – and available on Google Play, as well as AppStore.
“We are very proud to announce our very first First-Person Shooter on mobile devices. By using new technologies to raise visual quality again, DEAD TRIGGER represents a further step in our production. We enhanced the visual experience by using motion captured animation, improved creation of characters or new shaders effects. But it‘s not only an issue of graphics, we are working very hard on gameplay mechanics as well,” said Marek Rabas, CEO of MADFINGER Games.
“MADFINGER Games has been a great partner of ours with their extraordinary ability to deliver high quality, console-quality gaming experiences for mobile devices,” said Ashu Rege, Vice President, Game Content & Technology at NVIDIA. “DEAD TRIGGER promises to be a visually stunning game and the graphical enhancements they are making, made possible by the Tegra 3 mobile processor, will heighten the experience for gamers on their Tegra 3 powered devices at launch.”
“DEAD TRIGGER pushes the boundaries of what developers have achieved with Unity on mobile and tablet devices”, said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies, “What the team at Madfinger has achieved is wonderful, and demonstrates what you can create with our amazing cross-platform engine.”

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  1. Hell yes, I can’t wait to play this.

  2. Oh, like the sound of this, can’t go wrong with some Zoms

  3. I’m speechless. This game looks amazing.

  4. Death by zombies? Noooooo!

  5. Whatever happened to mystery and fantasy type games. It seems like the mobile platform is the perfect opportunity to bring back games inspired by classics like Kings Quest and Adventure Quest or Alone in the Dark. I’m so freaking tired of this same old first person shooter garbage. my son and I bought the last Modern Warfare on opening day and realized its more of the same old crap. how bout some variety and originality devs? puzzles, riddles and real adventure. something with depth!

    1. Have you played Shift or Ozzy’s Odyssey?

      1. No but I’ll check them out. I’m assuming they’re Android based games?

      2. Just checked them both out. They both look a bit interesting but not really what I had in mind. If you’ve never played them look up Heros quest or kings quest. They were windows based games from the 90’s that had an amazing amount of character, story and scenario development. It was like playing an interactive fantasy book. games now don’t have that sort of depth because its all online play. there’s no real simulation development required. In a way (graphics aside) games have gone backward over the last 12-13 years.

        1. I wish they’d make a heroes of might and magic game. Would be great on tablets.

  6. kinda off subject but what is the best Bluetooth controller for using with a galaxy nexus for games…I can’t do on screen stuff

    1. Agreed. I couldn’t play shadowgun, onscreen contolls are @$$. If there were an xperia play type phone with good specs I’d be all over it. I’ll stick to console games for now if i have to stop, set up my device and controller in good positions to play the damn game in a way that its actually playable

    2. Use your ps3 controller with Sixaxis controller (from the market). works perfectly for shadgun

  7. MADFINGER is quickly becoming my favorite gaming company! Shadow Gun was absolutely phenomenal and this looks to follow in its tracks!

  8. You reply-spammed me twice?!

  9. There can never be enough quality zombie games! Bring it on!

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