HTC Amaze 4G for Telus gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Telus customers with the HTC Amaze 4G will now be able to get their tongue wet with a nice helping of Ice Cream Sandwich. This’ll bring you up to the latest version of Android 4.0, but you’ll only be getting Sense 4.0 as this is not being considered a One phone. This update is a hefty one at 322MB so you’ll definitely want to be on WiFi before you get started. Also be sure that you have at least 30% of battery life to make sure things go smoothly. Once you’ve done all that, hit Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Software Updates > Check Now to get started. [via MobileSyrup]

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  • avenuePad

    Stupid question, maybe, but why do you say the Amaze will “only be getting Sense 4.0″? Is it not getting Android 4.0? Just a little confused.

  • JesseJenks

    I’m pretty sure the author meant sense 3.6. The Amaze 4G for T-Mobile only got sense 3.6 and the screens even show sense 3.6.

  • John

    Htc just decided to only include sense 4.0 with their newer phone models. The author did in fact make a mistake as the amaze is only getting sense 3.6. The amaze is perfectly capable of getting sense 4.0 as the specs for the one x are the same for the amaze except for screen size and resolution.

    • James

      No, the specs are not the same at all.
      Screen resolution/size are different.
      Camera technology is different.
      Processor is different.

  • avenuePad

    Ah, so the Amaze is getting Sense 3.6. But is it getting ICS. I would assume not, if it’s not updating to Sense 4.0.