Best Buy Stores Will Also Sell EVO 4G LTE’s On June 2nd (Pre-Orders Can Pick It Up Today)

Earlier today it was revealed that, after a brief stint at US Customs, Sprint stores would be stocking their store shelves with HTC EVO 4G LTE’s for a release this Saturday, June 2nd. But what about those of you that pre-ordered the device at a 3rd party retailer like Best Buy? Good news. They’ll be selling them on that same date as well. We got the tip from one of our readers today who works at Best Buy confirming that you can pretty much snag an Evolte from wherever you like.

What’s more, if you’re an existing pre-order, you can actually score the device as early as today in some stores, as leaked in the above internal email. That means if your local Best Buy store hasn’t contacted you yet, feel free to give them a ring and tell them you’re on your way to pick up your LTEvo. If you wait until tomorrow, you’ll be out of luck. Friday, the device will be locked down in stores until the launch on Saturday.

This information could provide even more useful should all the Sprint stores in your area sell out of their stock come Saturday. Cheers, everyone.

Thanks, Jay!

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  • Ryan

    Who will be first to get this phone and celebrate blazing fast 3G speeds!?!?!

    • Chris Chavez

      If they’re in Oklahoma, they’ll get LTE :p

    • toomuchgame441

      ATL here… I’ll be getting LTE as well :-)

    • oneloveonehate

      internet…full of lames

    • Patrick Washington

      LTE is unofficially live in more than a few places…….so there are plenty of us celebrating blazing LTE speeds. Have seen up to 40 mbps……but thanks for playing.

      Xda has a thread on it if you don’t believe me.

      • UniBroW

        except the rest of the us are stuck at 56k modem speeds…I can’t wait til sprint gets their network in order.

    • Kelly O’Keefe

      God forbid you can download angry birds faster than us sprint users!

  • bmg314

    A buddy of mine picked up his pre-ordered evo lte from BB last Friday (the 25th)…gotta say, it’s pretty nice. Now I gotta talk him into letting me hack the daylights out of it…for him, of course. 0.0

    • Chris Chavez


      • robjackson81

        lol ur funny

  • robjackson81

    Nice watermark. Foreshadowing?

    • bmg314

      Hey, new logo!! Nice…that’s right, it’s Friday, isn’t it?

  • jerry-joe Johnson

    Awesome device! Can’t wait to get it this weekend.

  • jerry-joe Johnson

    My friend for this phone on release day.. I’ve been envying ever since. Hope I can get it this weekend too.

  • cale

    Got my EVOLTE shipped to my door today from Best Buy…love this phone!

  • EasyEEE

    PRE-ORDER – PRE-ORDER – PRE-ORDER Friday At Best Buy if you haven’t. Take advantage of the $50 Pre-Order Gift Card … and $100 for trading in EVO 4G if you have one, and $50 Phone Freedom if you signed up for it back in February… As many of you know, got my 4 (yes, FOUR) EVO 4G LTE phones for FREE – $200 in discounts applied towards purchase price of the phone. Oh yeah.. make sure they read the launch guides and job aids as mentioned in this BB news to do it right. Pretty cool they are still taking pre-orders Friday. Jump on it if you haven’t.