Developers Discount Some of the Best Games on Android With “Because We May” Promotion

Whether you’re a hard-core Android gamer, or simply looking to download a few great titles to help pass the time — there’s no better time than right now. A few developers have banded together as part of a little promotion they’re calling “Because We May.”

A clever play on words, the promotion offers up some of the best games in Android, Mac, iOS and Steam at a heavy discount and will last until June 1st. I’ve gone ahead and included a few of the titles offered up as part of the promo just to whet your appetite.

My picks? Smuggle Truck, World of Goo, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, Gunman Clive, Great Little War Game, and of course — Shadowgun. You guys have any recommendations?

[Because We May]

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  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Osmos is freakin’ amazing on my Xoom … definitely use headphones. Tune in, turn on and drop out – it’s a great experience.

  • JamesS

    Such evil genius! All of these great sales they have every so often for various reasons…. I don’t even want to know how much stuff I’ve justified because it only cost a quarter or dollar. :P

    • Chris Chavez

      So true… It’s so hard for me to walk away from a good deal -__-

  • GerStud101

    if anyone is about to upgrade to the galaxy s3 or One x, this is fantastic way to get amazing HD games like world of good, osmos, shadogun, riptide and the like on the cheap in time for your upgrade. me likely.

  • Jason Farrell

    Thanks – Just picked up a half dozen or so.

  • ReadmeHere

    For 99c they become impulse buys

  • jfelts

    May I ask what the colored dots above some of the game titles mean?

    • jfelts

      I answered my own question by going to

      Orange = Award Nominated
      Green = Metascore 75% or Higher (not all games have a Metascore however)

  • mrsbelpit

    Why is Smuggle Truck still 3.99? I want it! I guess I could cough up the 4 bucks…

  • jfelts

    I do have another question which I’ll ask the developer since it isn’t clear but posting here wondering if anyone else knows. Why are there two Smuggle Truck Apps? One says 1.0 and the other is 1.1. Maybe I have the wrong one? I have no idea. I assumed one would be possibly for tablets only but I don’t see that anywhere.

  • jfelts

    By the way for everyone coming here, this static list above is not all of the games on sale. has the complete list. They are constantly adding to it.