Week 3 TegraZone Anniversary Contest: Last Chance To Win! Tell Us The Next GTA Title You’d Like To See THD Optimized


Are you guys ready for the 3rd (and last) week’s TegraZone anniversary and Player’s Choice Awards contest courtesy of our friends at NVIDIA? We know we are. If you aren’t in the know, NVIDIA’s just hit their one-year anniversary with TegraZone and they’re holding a Player’s Choice Awards. TO check it out, hit that link to vote, or you can also snap a photo of the QR code below.

You’ll get the chance to vote for your favorite games in three categories, including best graphical game, best gameplay, and best overall game. With your vote, you’re entered for a chance to win one of 7 Transformer Pad TF300 prize packs. The pack includes the ASUS Transformer Pad 300, a keyboard dock, a wireless controller and a Jawbone JAMBOX!

Don’t think you have that great a chance at winning? Well, you have another chance to win one of these insane prize packs with your friendly Phandroid friends! The third and final chance to win starts today, so, continue reading for all the details.

  • Up for grabs today (May 24th, 2012) is one ASUS Transformer Pad 300 prize pack. The prize pack includes the ASUS Transformer Pad 300, a special NVIDIA themed JAMBOX by Jawbone, a keyboard dock compatible with the Pad 300, and a wireless controller. Running the latest Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the ASUS Transformer Pad is a value packed tablet that with multi-color style, and productivity with expandability when connected to the mobile dock. With a 1.2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with large F/2.2 aperture and exclusive office software, staying connected and productive has never been easier.
  • To enter, simply submit a comment telling us the next Grand Theft Auto game you’d like to to see THD optimized from the franchise.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • The entry period will expire at 12:00am Eastern on May 25th, 2012.
  • The winner will be chosen at random.
  • If we can not get in contact with you within a 24 hour time period, a new random winner will be selected. This will continue until a winner is determined.
  • If you don’t use real contact information, we can’t send you cool stuff!

In case you didn’t know, as part of a Memorial Day weekend sale, Rockstar Games has discounted Grand Theft Auto III in the Play Store to a single dollar. That means for only $1, you can cruise around Liberty City, helping virtual city dwellers and doing all sorts of good deeds, right? Let’s be real, you’re gonna run over pedestrians. But at least you’ll have a good time doing it. Don’t forget, GTA3 is Tegra optimized meaning you can look forward better performance and HD quality resolutions with the stutter of other processors. You can find it in the TegraZone or Google Play Store.

The next GTA game from the series I’d like to see get the THD treatment? Grand Theft Auto Vice City. It may not come as much of a surprise to many of you, but I’ve always had a thing for hot pink and new wave music. Don’t forget to tell us your pick and good luck everyone!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Vice City!! best GTA atmosphere. I <3 the 80s!!!

  2. Vice City was a pretty amazing game. It’ll have to be my choice of preference.

  3. Since I don’t play GTA can I answer “none” and still be entered to win? lol!

  4. Vice City, for 2 reasons.
    1 . The best GTA imo (GTA2) does not need to get the THD treatment.
    2. When driving around in Vice city with the radio on, you can sometimes hear some nice skits. My favourite and the reason I like the game so much: Freedom River! It is about some people wanting a Freedom river, dun ask me what it is, or why they want it, but that one always cracks me up for some reason. We! Want! A! River!…..A FREEDOM river! xD

    1. I don’t remember that and I’ve played the game a lot. What station is it on?

      1. I don’t remember, but you can google for vice+city+freedom+river+radio and one of the results is a full transcript of almost everything that plays on the radio there…including freedom river!

  5. GTA IV is outta the question, unless we had it streamed through cloud gaming. I’ll have to go with Vice City in that case.

  6. Vice City

  7. Gta San Andreas. Or GTA 2! :D

  8. San Andreas please. Best GTA game.

  9. San Andreas would be sick!

  10. The one that takes place in that city that resembles that other city, with the cars that look like those other cars. With the missions about stuff…yea.

    But seriously, the original Grand Theft Auto(birds eye view) with updated graphics of course.

    1. Oh, YOU.. xD


      1. better? :P

  11. I would have to vote for Vice City – that would be awesome!

  12. I would want san andreas but i wonder if it would be possible on android haha

  13. San Andreas or Vice City

  14. Vice City for sure, with San Andreas on a close second.

  15. I am going to also say Vice City. Helps my inner unicorn meet my inner gangster.

  16. Vice city as well. It introduced me to the series and still my favorite

  17. I would love to see Vice City on tablets. I grew up playing it on PS2 and would love to take it mobile with me.

  18. Chinatown Wars has a nice ring to it.

  19. Vice City, no doubt. Though that may be too much awesomeness for mere mortals to handle…. : (If the dangers to society are too great, San Andreas would be a good fallback.)

  20. Although I have a soft spot for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – I have to agree with the other posters so far. Vice City gets my vote.

  21. San Andreas please. Best GTA game period.

  22. San Andreas!

  23. Vice City! Nothing like some Scarface GTA… lol

  24. GTA IV, no doubt. I’ve played them all buy Liberty City was my favourite.
    Considering it’d be hard to port GTA IV to a phone/tablet though… I’d have to say San Andreas for sure.

  25. Definitely San Andreas, I beat it after months of screwing around and then managed to corrupt my data the next day. I died quite a bit inside that fateful day.

  26. the first one for original Playstation …cause I’m old school

  27. vice city for sure

  28. Yea definitely Vice City. In general I think they should go in order from GTA3.

    really want to winnnnnnnn plzzzzz

  29. vice city was a favorite of i’d have to agree and choose that as the next gta for me

  30. It’s all about the Vice City mofo’s. I have many a fond memory of that game.

  31. I always liked Vice City the most, would love to see it in the play store

  32. GTA: Future. Lasers and robot hookers are a must!

  33. San Andres would be the TiT’s

  34. Grand theft Auto: The Ultimate Demise

  35. Vice City!

  36. Gta IV. Hanging up on Roman from my sofa isn’t good enough, I’ll need to do it on the go too…

  37. I’d like to see Vice City get the treatment. It had an incredible atmosphere that was superior to all other GTAs and the sound track was incredible.

  38. San Andres!1

  39. Vice City for the soundtrack!

  40. I have to agree. Vice City is a must!

  41. Vice City, I believe the best GTA game.

  42. Vice city for sure. It is the best of them all.

  43. Grand Theft Auto Vice City. For sure.

  44. Honestly, as much as people are going to laugh, I would like to see a remake of the original with the overhead view. Remaster the graphics in HD and a few tweaks here and there. That would be a cool game to play casually on your phone or tablet.

    1. A novel idea, indeeeeed! I like it :D

  45. Most definitely Vice City!

  46. Id like to see San Andreas Optimized from the THD franchise. That In my opinion is the first GTA-aside from Liberty City being to the first to go 3D-to go really in depth. From having a even more massive city to having gangs and even a gym system which affects the characters weight. Not to mention the hilarious dialogue(and CJ’s driving lol).

  47. I’d love to see GTA: San Andreas remade for tablets.

  48. Vice city, who doesn’t like them some 80’s?

  49. Vice City should get optimized.

  50. I would love to see GTA Vice City obviously! I also would like to see GTA IV THDed up, that would look great!

  51. Has to be vice city

  52. GTA 4 Ballad of Gay Tony

  53. Hard to choose… I would say Vice City too because it’s my favorite.

  54. Vice city all day! Played that game all day when I was younger!!

  55. San Andreas should be the next to get optimized.

  56. Gotta say “GTA: Vice City”! First GTA i ever played and i gotta say id love to be Able to enjoy the game on my android device!!

  57. Come on! Vice City, the best GTA there is :)

  58. Must be Vice City!!!

  59. Definitely Vice City!!!

  60. I don’t like GTA so none of them.

  61. I agree that Vice City should be the next THD GTA.

  62. GTA V (5) when it comes out!!!

  63. Vice City!

  64. Vice City

  65. Vice city would be great!

  66. Vice City, I supposed.

  67. Vice City by far

  68. I’ve always been a fan of the original GTA with the overhead view. The gameplay was simple and fun!

  69. I agree, a GTA Vice City port would be awesome.

  70. Vice City!

  71. Gotta be Vice City…

  72. San Andreas because of Chappelle’s reference to it in the Tupac Still Lives skit….”Yo crew don’t phase us, we’ll make you hustlers pay us, run up on your spot like CJ from San Andreas!”

  73. I’d love to see GTA4 if that’s possible. I got stuck on one mission on the XBox version and stopped playing, but I was having a pretty fun time before then.

  74. I would like to see Vice city optimized for my Galaxy Nexus!

  75. Vice city. It still remains my favorite GTA game

  76. GTA IV

  77. I agree. GTA Vice City.

  78. Vice City

  79. San Andreas

  80. I have to agree with the others, Vice City. The soundtrack was so silly, in a good way.

  81. By far Vice City would be the most amazing to have. Apart from being my personal favorite of the GTA’s, and the last one I played, it also had an amazing soundtrack.

  82. Grand Theft Auto Vice City. For sure. #Swaghereplease!

  83. Vice City

  84. GTA Vice City, if its a hit, maybe San Andreas

  85. GTA IV. Because I never finished it on the XBOX. Even though I hate to admit it.

  86. Vice City was the best of them all.

  87. Tossing in another vote for Vice City.

  88. My favorite GTA was Vice City, so if I had a choice that’s the one I would choose to be optimized for Tegra devices.

  89. San Andreas should be the next Android/Tegra GTA game

  90. GTA IV!!!

  91. GTA IV

  92. Vice City

  93. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  94. I’d like to see Grand Theft Tricycle

  95. Although it probably doesn’t need Tegra optimising given its age, the original GTA should be next. The soundtrack is the best (the country radio station is especially hilarious) and of course everyone loves lining up a gooouranga!

  96. Definitely Vice City because of the radio stations and the flying was still difficult!

  97. Vice City

  98. Well I’ve played most of them EXCEPT Vice City, so I guess I’ll vote for it so I have a reason to buy it!

  99. How about a GTA I have been imagining.

    This is never going to happen, but it would be awesome.

    Imagine GTA, plus Google Streetview (higher quality)..
    How cool would it be to shoot up your own neighborhood?


  101. Vice city and San Andres AT THE SAME TIME!!!

  102. I’m going to have to agree with vice city.

  103. Have to go with the only one I played all the way through. Vice City. It was the only one I really never got bored of and had a blast the entire time

  104. Vice city

  105. GTA 4. Still haven’t played it on the PS3

  106. Vice City!!!!!

  107. Vice City for sure.

  108. I love GTA San Andreas but I really wanna see Vice City. I never finished it back in the day, so I would like to get the chance.

  109. GTA vice city only if they can get the 80’s soundtrack back.
    I would cruse the city in that game just to listen to the radio.

  110. Vice City, no contest. As I was playing through GTA3, I was remembering all the fun of Vice City and wishing it had been the one to get the THD treatment.

  111. Vice City as well, it just connected with me in a way. It felt like an original game, yet still had the GTA flair to it. Plus I liked the Scar face feel to it.

  112. Vice City all the way. 100%

  113. Vice City, many fond memories of playing that on PS2.

  114. I, for one, would like an HD remake of GTA 1.

  115. GTA Vice City…hands down!

  116. Vice City please!!!

  117. Vice city

  118. Definitely vice city.

  119. GTA San Andreas

  120. I agree, Vice City

  121. GTA Vice City. Definitely.

  122. vice city

  123. Vice city

  124. GTA2!

    Really though, maybe San Andreas? It’s cool seeing my city in the game.

  125. I’m voting for Grand Theft Auto IV.

  126. Vice City, seems a clear favorite….hint hint

  127. Would for sure have to be Vice City. Probably the best all around GTA to date I think. I would always get my stars up and get to a roof top and pick off the cops as they surrounded me and then land an RPG into a helicopter. Memories….

  128. I’d like to see vice city

  129. Vice City for me

  130. It is starting to get repetitive but how about Vice City!

  131. San Andreas foraure. Love that one so much to do. Can’t wait for it to get the HD treatment

  132. Vice City! Miami was the perfect city!

  133. GTA San Andreas

  134. Vice City

  135. I have to go with Vice City for sure. Love the Miami Vice vibe.

  136. I vote for GTA IV.

  137. Vice City my favourite

  138. Vice City

  139. Why not the original top view gta? Seems like it would work well on a phone or tablet. They could even work in motion controls.

  140. GTA 1!

  141. EVERY GAME EVER! (give me as much THD-optimized stuff as I can get :)

  142. GTA most definitely!

  143. San Andreas would be an awesome remake, especially on the Tegra 3 chip

  144. That easy GTA San Andreas, love this game.

  145. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is what needs to happen – simply because of the Hot Coffee.

  146. I’d have to vote vice city as well, though I’d prefer just Android optimized unless I win this cause I can’t afford a Tegra3 right now…

  147. Without a doubt, vice city would be awesome getting optimized for android!

  148. Would love to see Chinatown from the DS get expanded.

  149. Vice city!

  150. San Andreas easily.

  151. San Andreas! Absolutely the best GTA game.

  152. Thats easy san andreas

  153. mod support

  154. gta san andres! =D

  155. San Andreas for sure! The game even has support for multiplayer(at least the PS2 version did), it would be awesome to connect to your friends and cooperate in a massacre or just do some races :D

  156. San Andreas all the way! 2nd choice would definitely be Vice City though!

  157. San Andres, customizing your characters weight, hair, and tattoos was a great feature!

  158. Vice City needs to be the next.

  159. I would definitely have to agree with GTA Vice City, I loved that game!

  160. GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony

  161. Vice City is my pick

  162. Vice City.

  163. Vice City cause Tommy Vercitti

  164. Gotta be Vice City

  165. I would go with San Andreas! That was the first one to make a few nice changes! Rock Star always delivers!

  166. Would absolutely love to see San Andreas on my Nexus. Would imagine it would be hard work flying upside under bridges in the spitfire-a-like plane using my phone though. Would be great to have the chance!

  167. Vice City, the music on that game alone is worth a game on Android!

  168. GTA: San Andreas

  169. Vice City

  170. Even though it would likely be followed by tons of unnecessary controversy, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be a great choice.

  171. Anything with Hot Coffee in it. Yes, that’s right.

  172. GTA V.

  173. Vice City please. Awesome soundtrack!!

  174. No doubt, I would like to see Vice City

  175. vice city

  176. San Andreas

  177. No question….San Andreas

  178. San Andreas or vice city. I’m not particular.

  179. It’s all about San Andreas

  180. It’s all about San Andreas!

  181. San Andreas

  182. vice city please!

  183. San Andreas

  184. Vice City, suckas! =p

  185. Vice city for sure

  186. would have to be vice city

  187. San Andreas no question

  188. GTA San andreas for sure

  189. GTA4 for sure!

  190. I want Fruit Ninja!

  191. Vice City

  192. San Andreas!

  193. original GTA nothing more fun than kill frenzy

  194. Vice City

  195. It would actually be nice to see a new Grand Theft Auto specifically designed for smartphones, kind of like China Wars and such. Here’s to hoping for something original

  196. Vice City all the way

  197. Send me some Tegra goodies…..

  198. In my honest opinion there is no other GTA title that is more worthy of THD treatment than the arguably best GTA title to date that being none other than GTA: San Andreas. It would look absolutely stunning with smoothed textures and all around refined man i’m drooling just thinking of it right now lol. And I would love to play it on the brand new ASUS Transformer Pad that you guys are giving away. **wink ** wink** lol

  199. I would like to see San Andreas come to life on a tablet.

  200. My vote is for Vice City all the way!

  201. TBH, I’ev never played GTA and I never will. But for the sake of jolly competition and because it seems quite popular in these comments, I’m gonna say San Andreas.

  202. Gotta pick Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Chris i had the most fun playing that game than all the rest combined lol. Desperately hoping I win the prize pack lol

  203. GTA: Vice City, most definitely.

  204. san andreas

  205. GTA San Andreas

  206. Probably Liberty City Stories.

  207. San Andreas was my first GTA so that’d be pretty cool

  208. Although it would undoubtedly have its obstacles, Vice City for sure. It’s my personal favorite GTA, and it would be amazing if it were THD optimized. Just my $0.02, but then again that’s what you asked for :)

  209. San Andreas

  210. All i remmeber from GTA is jacking tanks, i want that

  211. GTA: Chinatown Wars, it’s out for iOS already, so it shouldn’t be too hard to port.

  212. Definitely Vice City. San Andreas is probably too graphic intensive for the Tegra 3, but Vice City would look and play great!

  213. GTA: San Andreas…..hands down!!!!

  214. Vice City would have been my choice

  215. I have to agree with these comments ….San Andreas is a classic GTA game….its the only GTA I’ve played fully

  216. San Andreas is just old enough to run perfectly on tablets!

  217. San Andreas. Sorry man, but the mob has spoken.

  218. Most definitely Vice City… It’s my all time favorite GTA and it would be awesome to see it with Tegra 3.

  219. I’d love vice city, one of the best games of all time

  220. DEfinitely San Andreas!

  221. I agree, GTA: San Andreas… so I can have Samuel L on my phone 8-)

  222. I suppose one of GTA IV DLCs would make more sense on phones considering their length. So the Ballad of Gay Tony is my vote.

  223. San Andreas!!!

  224. GTA IV all the way!

  225. I’d like to see Vice City.

  226. Vice city for sure!!

  227. Vice City was pretty fun. I wouldn’t mind playing that

  228. vice city… because its the only gta i truly finished

  229. GTA: San Andreas

  230. Gotta be Vice city…just for the music alone. That’d be hours of my life gone if that gets out on THD!

  231. I’d like to see Vice City in THD.

  232. san andres would be nice…it doesn’t even need to have the “HOT COFFEE” mod lol

  233. Vice city, best gta soundtrack

  234. I never got a chance to play San Andreas and would love to…

  235. I would love to see GTA San Andreas. It was an awesome game.

  236. I agree Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  237. Vice City is the easiest to digest IMO. It has the best storyline, most interesting location, and the best balance in terms of size and scope. The sound track is a nice bonus. I will say however that it can be extremely frustrating at times :)

  238. Vice city!

  239. GTA 5

  240. vice city

  241. GTA Vice City definitely.

  242. Grand Theft Auto Vice City for sure

  243. Vice City

  244. Vice City, definately.

  245. Definitely GTA San Andreas, my favorite.

  246. san andres… that was my favorite…

  247. GTA4 seems almost too obvious, but definitely. That said, I think they’ll wait a couple years for better mobile GPUs.

  248. GTA 4 cause I like robing people at atm’s or a new gta with augmented reality

  249. San andreas!


  251. GTA: Vice City

  252. vice city because I dont think it would be too hard to port the game, plus i miss that game.

  253. GTA San Andreas please. I loved that game when I was young and will probably still love it now.

  254. i’d like to see san andreas thd.

  255. GTA 4

  256. boulevard of gta 5

  257. Obviously, GTA : IV !! love it & Love you <3 :D

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