Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCH-I535) Hits the Bluetooth SIG

A few Android faithful were questioning whether or not Verizon Wireless would be stocking the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve seen Verizon’s version of the device popup in benchmarks last week but still, some were doubting (or fearful). Well, hopefully this will cast a few of those doubts aside, as the SCH-1535 has just been green lighted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

You can see, plain as day, the phone is listed as carrying CDMA bands, and from what we’ve seen of Samsung’s phones on Big Red, falls in line with their model number sequence. Looks like a clean sweep of GS3’s across the big 4 carriers is in the cards. Should be soon, guys.

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  • Aaron Soles

    If only Verizon will get this before there new data share stuff

    • secretsexyninja

      I’d think it definitely will… Last i heard was “end of summer” for when the data share hits.. I think we’re all in the clear

    • JulianZHuang

      if im not wrong, they wont change your service to limited data if you buy the phone full price (not upgrade or new contract).

  • Jayshmay

    +1 to that Aaron!!!

  • Mensahwatts

    Yeah…A isaid that a few days ago…hope so. However who knows how that data stuff will pan out…good news is that the big V is on the Galaxy board…right onnnnnn.

  • Raj Bhatt

    If our Nexus on VZW can’t even get timely updates with vanilla Android, imagine the delays on this phone with Touchwiz on it.

    • Justin Ellenbecker

      I bet this updates sooner because it is more locked down and already has all of the apps VZW wants. I bet we see this phone updated before the next Galaxy Nexus update and this thing isn’t even released yet lol.

  • gloriousnumber1

    Ditto what Aaron said!

  • roberthenderson


  • Mobilezfun

    So finally verizon is going to release samsung galaxy s 3

  • Tommy Thompson

    The Sprint and Verizon version both went through on March 20th and were updated on May 15th.

  • Justin Ellenbecker

    So all the talk is the device is unlocked, but I am willing to bet they selected the zImage for the VZW kernel as well already ditching exynos. This is an impostor in a SIII Shell as far as I am concerned.

  • Chris R.

    Anyone know how long it typically takes for the phone to hit the shelves after this step? I’m due for an upgrade and have a $100 credit that’s expiring at the end of next month. I’m hoping to snag this with that, but am getting nervous that it won’t be out in time.

  • Chaan Niccaples Thomas

    I just want to know when the 64 GB version is dropping.