Get an Android PC on a stick for $74

While a proper Android-based computer has yet to form in a practical way, this new option is a viable alternative for its price. It’s the $74 MK802 stick from retailer All Express. The device comes with Android 4.0, apparently, and while the listing’s title mentions “Google TV,” we can’t seem to figure out whether or not that’s the Google TV we all know and love or just an SEO trick.

The device is equipped with hardware that can be found inside a mid-range phone. It’s sporting a 1GHz Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB o RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 1080p playback capabilities and more. If the 4GB of storage is a little on the low side, fret not: a microSD card slot is available for expanding storage up to 32GB.

WiFi is included for downloading apps and browsing the web, and it all hooks up to your monitor or TV using an HDMI port (cable not included). It’s an interesting device for $74. ┬áIf the development community gets their hands on it this could become an inexpensive, yet functional Google TV module. I wouldn’t fully bet on that, of course, but it’s possible. Find it at All Express. [via Electronista]

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  • montgoss

    I can’t figure out if it has bluetooth. If it does, it looks pretty tempting. I’ll let someone else buy it and report back though.

    I was scheming about making a mount of sorts for my tablet next to my TV. This is about cheap enough that I could see buying and using it instead (if the performance and quality is good).

  • Defenestratus

    This seems like it would replace my revue pretty well.


    what about bluetooth for wireless keyboard/mouse

  • JamesS

    It’s a very interesting idea that could be taken a step further. Imagine a port built into a tv or dummy tablet that would accept something like this with flush lines. You could upgrade the brains on a dummy display of almost any size whenever you wanted.

    • spicymeatball

      Very interesting concept. Kind of like the asus pad phone and tablet. You’re phone is the brains and the tablet is just a display.

      • JamesS

        Exactly, but without having to shell out for the extra display and radios for the phone.

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I would like to know about how the device is powered…

    • Anmol Ghotra

      Using the HDMI power coming in

    • montgoss

      I’m guessing there’s a regular, old-school, external power supply. See that round input next to the USB port?

    • spicymeatball

      USB to cable to usb power adapter. Same you way you plug your phone in and run it off power when the battery is dead.

      • JamesS

        There’s a mini USB port along the “top” edge of the device.

      • montgoss

        Notice “power adapter” in the accessory list? I don’t think that’s a USB power adapter…

  • jaydotelloh

    Wait… how would you control it on a TV without a touch screen or input device???

    • munee

      You could just use the google tv remote app. I use it more then my sony remote. It seems to respond fast anyways.

    • MWFish

      I’m sure that usb port on the back is for a keyboard/mouse

    • REVS

      blutooth keyboard /mouse duhhhhhhhhhhh

  • SiLow

    Doesn’t look like it has bluetooth.
    Seems to be powered by the micro (looks like mini in the pic though?) usb port.
    Has USB OTG so you should be able to connect traditional usb keyboards/mice for input control. Likely should even work with wireless inputs that have usb dongles.

    At $74 I’m in for one to play around with.

  • Ashley Horne

    Im not going to over think this whole how to control it issue and say that you can get you a usb dongle controlled mouse and keyboard and have at it but i could be wrong.

    • spicymeatball

      You can use 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard or fly mouse.

  • Powsniffer0110

    Sounds good. Claimed A8 coretex then in explaining it says A9 cortex. And then it says DDR3. No one uses DDR3 for phones or tabs. Can someone find out or agree? And I searched through some more similar items and saw one with Mali 400 gpu or something. Does that mean exynos 1.2 ghz processor or no?

  • ron

    Would this work plugged into my pioneer touch screen DVD player in my car, I would buy it of that would work

    • Michael

      No. Well, the touch screen would not at least.

  • Modman

    Why not just use dsl on a 4 dollar usb? Kinda expensive. Low end phones are cheaper? Maybe there’s a link to create your own? Android is open source. I believe there should be.

    • Michael

      I believe you’re buying the hardware, it’s not a flash drive. It’s a device with a USB port (or charger).

  • Modman

    Gonna say maybe this is full pc without a monitor?

  • spicymeatball

    You are going to be better off buying Google TV for watching TV. GTV also will come with the hdmi cable and keyboard. In the end it’s cheaper and better. The only drawback is gtv has limited app store.

  • godrilla

    Mali 400 gpu though forgot to be mentioned lol, where to buy one?

  • No_Nickname90

    I’m sorry, but its a little trifling how they say the cord doesn’t come with it. That’s lyk buying an alarm for your car and being told you have to buy the remote separately. Can’t use the alarm without the remote. Can’t use this without an HDMI cord apparently.

    Or am I reading it wrong?

    • Carl Rood

      Most TVs and Blue Ray players don’t come with the HDMI cable included.

      • No_Nickname90

        You know once I think about it, you’re ryt. Haven’t bought one of those in years. I’m guessing its the same thing with this.

        • Hans-Erik

          I get my cables from monoprice dot com . dirt cheap and awesome. :)

          • No_Nickname90

            Really? I found a lot of cords on eBay, but I don’t know if they’re good quality. I’ll have to check this site out.

  • godrilla

    I found the link to purchase my bad

  • nouman

    DDR3…How can they use DDR3 ram in this…..I want some more and correct info about it…

  • nick

    Wholly shit this is awesome! I’m telling you, Google is the shit. If this turns out to be what i thought, windows is gonna take second seat in my life. You didn’t mention how you navigate the stick though

  • nick

    People bitching for $1 hdmi cord at Amazon?? lol yeah how about you spend an extra dollar for it, whining babies. lol gtfo

  • nick

    It actually includes the hdmi cable, usb cable and usb adapter mini to standard. Power adapter also so it seems it’s not USB powered, but who the f cares. It supports wireless keyboard and mouse!!

  • Rocky_Mtn_Rider

    Because it’s wifi, you could control it with another device on the same LAN.

  • Montisaquadeis

    Reminds me of the Cotton Candy stick that is apparently still not available for purchase. From what I gathered from a quick google search the Cotton Candy has a dual core cpu while this has a single core Allwinner A10 CPU (based on an ARM Cortex A8) running at 1.5GHz

  • Pascal Nijboer

    GOCAL-Europe has the largest range ANDROID HDMI- Dongle (c) 2012 GOCAL – Europe