Full Samsung Galaxy S3 manual available for download

If you need a way to prepare for your Samsung Galaxy S3 before its arrival, the closest thing to having the device in your hands has just hit the internet. The full manual for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been made available online. The 186 page short novel (at least that’s what I imagine it’ll look like) should be packed to the brim with information about how to use all the device’s new features. And there’s a lot to go over so you may want to get started today.

The device launches May 29th in Europe and the following month in North America, though not all of this will apply to whatever variants each carrier may bring. We imagine most of the differences will be on the hardware front, but there’s always a possibility that at least one carrier will opt out of bringing everything there is to offer (a recent device announcement on Verizon has taught us not to assume the best). Grab the full manual in PDF form here. [via Engadget]

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  • Groh_G2

    404 not found :(

  • Christopher Williams

    Needing a new device ASAP! This device can’t launch on AT&T fast enough!

  • Dude

    Ughhhhhhhhh that’s greats… no on screen buttons… can this still change???

  • DYNK

    You don’t need a manual if you’re a human.
    Designed for Humans
    Galaxy S III

  • Kerry O’brien

    I can’t seem to connect my galaxy s 3 to the Vodafone internet? I’m able to connect to home internet using the wifi. I’m puzzled. Any suggestions?

  • Ken Wiggins

    On my Galaxy S3 if I open a picture and hit the menu – Set Picture As – Contact Photo, It shows NO CONTACTS?????? Anyone has a clue how to add a picture to a phone number???

  • Andersen

    I need help for my New S3 telephone. I was streaming from the library and the phone sais no flash plugin installed, although the library HomePage says that it should be possible.