Samsung Galaxy S3 Coming To Sprint? – Other US Carriers Listed On Samsung’s Site


With Samsung’s announcement for the Galaxy S3 earlier today, the Korean manufacturer mentioned that their upcoming flagship would be launching globally in 145 countries, across 296 operators. Globally is great and all — but what about America? Samsung also mentioned that the GS3 would begin arriving stateside this summer. Okay, summer is great and all — but about carriers? Well, the boys at The Verge have it on good authority that Sprint is ready, willing and able to carry the LTE equipped future-phone which really, comes as little surprise. So, what about others?

If you head on over to Samsung’s signup page to be notified of Galaxy S3 releases, you’ll notice that when choosing your carrier, all the major carriers, including a few regional ones, are listed and you can select them to receive updates. This is by no means concrete, but it does show us that Samsung has full intention of bringing this device to everyone under sun. Only real question is when.

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  1. Would love to see this on AT&T before the fall.  Everyone loves competition!

    1. Unless Sprint dishes out the dough to scoop this up before everyone else, I’m thinking it would go to AT&T first. They have deeper pockets too =p

      Verizon will probably get it last as they always demand changes out of manufacturers and have to put it through their rigorous testing.

      1. I agree, plus Verizon has the “RAZR” line so they aren’t really hurting for super phones either. AT&T on the other hand only really has the Galaxy S line (and more recently the Note) as far as Android super-phones goes. I think the only reason Verizon went for the Galaxy Nexus is because it was the first Android 4.0 phone and they knew they would have it exclusively for a while.

        1. The one x is not a super phone on att?

          1. Well not till Sunday, but point well made.

      2. I hear ya on that CC.. But Sprint did get the GS2 before anyone else last year, if I remember correctly.

        1. I think it was TMO followed a week or so later by AT&T. I don’t get into this firsts, if releases are all within a week or two, that just becomes oneupsmanship. In any case, I hope all the carriers get this phone.

        2. And they also got the best version of it too.. LED notification light and all..

      3. I think verizon saw how well the sgs2 was selling and realized they should have carried it and if rumors hold true they have already been working on web pages for it so hopefully samsung is going for a more all at one launch with little to no carrier exclusivity.

        1. I wish this is how it always goes: New flagship phone, get it on all national carriers.

  2. I remember they did this in the past as well. I think with the galaxy nexus. They listed just about all carriers, most likely in an attempt to guage consumer demand. Most of those carriers listed were never going to get the phone.

    1. Yeah, it’s a shame we didn’t see the Galaxy Nexus on more carriers. Now it seems it’s too late =/

    2. sucks to be on a small carrier. otherwise u can buy it unlocked from them for hspa+ carriers, while verizon and sprint have their own version. I’d say they covered it pretty well.

  3. I hope the GSIII does come to Sprint, and in both blue and white options. Then, the only decision I’d have to make for my first LTE phone is, which color do I want?

    1. Black pearl. Let’s hope for a pearly black :D

      1. Though a black would be good for those who desire it, I personally sold my black E4GT for a white one when they became available as the white one looks worlds better, in my opinion. The color options, for once, would be something I’d have to see in person before making a purchase decision.

      2. I personally am going to get white. Chris this phone is going to rock, check out these latest anandtech benchmarks, this phone is a freakin beast. http://www.anandtech.com/show/5811/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-preview

        1. Those benchmarks (which mean nothing to RL performance) are only for the International version of the SGS3. The US carriers will likely see the S4 Krait SoC for their SGS3’s.

          1. I really hope they don’t lol. I don’t want no S4 which is pretty much the same as the Galaxy S2’s performance.

          2. What drugs are you smoking and where can I get some? The S4 Krait shits all over SGS2, and mostly everything else available at the moment. Check out Anandtech for yourself for proof purposes.

          3. thats odd, i was referring to anandtech

          4. You must not be looking at the right thing.

          5. so are you really a hitman

          6. That depends on who’s asking.

          7. lol

    2. The next decision would be which LTE, real or imaginary!

  4. Hope it’ll land on the states with as many carriers as possible. BTW, I’m pretty sad that we’re not able to see Chris eating his own underpants. :(

    1. I wouldn’t be 100% sure though. The Galaxy Nexus launch page had all the major carriers too and we saw it originally on Verizon, with a 6 month delay for Sprint, and nothing for AT&T or T-Mo.

      1. But you can now buy it from Google unlocked to work on AT&T and T-Mobile.

        1. Now you can….6 months after release.

          But it’s not through Samsung, it’s through Google.

  5. Oh yes get it on Sprint! Enjoy mind numbing slow 3G speeds but at least it’s unlimited!

    1. good thing thats looking to be a thing of the past. (based on what I’ve been seeing from Sprints upgraded towers.)

    2. Sprint is updating towers for the LTE rollout, which helps 3G. They are adding LTE in my area and have added backhaul that 3G also uses. Am now getting up to 2Mbps for 3G, which is about as good as EVDO can get.

  6. As you said, it means nothing. Same thing was on the G-Nexus landing page before it launched and look how that turned out…

    1. The G-Nexus did end up coming out for Sprint… and AT&T…

      Yeah, it took longer, but they eventually got there.

      1. You are misinformed. The Galaxy Nexus is not available on AT&T. Sprint just received it after close to six months of Verizon exclusivity.

        1. Its available as an unsubsidized some what supported phone. Unlike the Nexus S which wasn’t sold through AT&T channels, but was supported by the carrier. Unlike CDMA, GSM you can do what you want.

          1. I know that. He was still wrong. It did not “end up coming out for AT&T”. It’s being sold unlocked from Google( as well as other 3rd parties) and the GSM version supports both T-Mobile and AT&T 3G HSPA+ bands.

            So far it only “came out” for Verizon and Sprint as a subsidized option.

          2. Nexus S was most definitely sold by AT&T, it took a long time but it was sold through AT&T.

  7. Don’t really see any reason to switch from my Gnex. Nice looking phone…looks a little familiar.

    1. camera, and sd card comes to mind, just saying.

  8. This SGS3, looks like my SGS 2 the white one! The different is, the front camera and the sensors on the left not on the right…. I might jump on a phone with more powerful processor quad-core or dual-core with 2.0 GH at lease. Not dual-core 1.4GH! What the different from SGS2 we have. And when Sammy fix their GPS….
    And if you look at the screen the HTC one looks better. The SGS 3, looks it screen been washed out.

  9. Meh…..I have an unlocked GNex. Why do anything with a contract and carrier bloat ware?

    1. This phone will be rooted within days of release. And bloat will be removed. Before LTE, I would agree, go with unbranded but with LTE networks coming online, might be better to stick with a carrier branded phone and root.

  10. The design of this thing is killing me… I’m going with the One X

    1. I would agree if the One X had an sd slot and removable battery.

  11. i think everyone was expecting something big. and they got dissapointed. but if you really do the specs from old it is better… better screen chip thinner only thing people wanted was better hardware. i see all the video and people do like it.

    1. Yup it’s a better phone than the Nexus (I have one and love it) and a worthy competitor to the HTC One X. It’s just not a huge step up in every aspect like we were expecting, especially the screen. Instead of blowing the one x away, they are rivals.

  12. Super phone is iphone but only on sales. What the hell?

    1. lol people these days don’t really care about specs/design or even the type of display and expandable storage they simply care about popularity and fitting in with the crowd and what better way to achieve that goal then to get the most popular phone in the market. This one dude on instagram was saying i was poor/ ghetto because i owned an android phone and that you don’t see celebrities on the red carpet with an android phone blah blah blah, then i took a pic of all my phones, the iphone included in the bunch and i was like bitch please i own more devices then you own shirts, they think the iphone makes them look more sophisticated or wealthier, but the reality is most of them are living off minimum wage. working a 9-5.

  13. Design wise I still think the nexus is the champ

    1. I agree, the curved glass, the gunmetal color scheme, and the all black front look sexier than this. The hyperskin in the back as well makes the Nexus less “plastic-y” than this.

  14. Some people had outrageous expectations for this phone. And this isn’t for people who just got a Galaxy Nexus or a similar phone. You’re not gonna see a huge update in specs in just a few months. I don’t know why everyone was expecting so much from this. This is going to be an awesome upgrade from my Epic 4G though.

  15. verizon was listed for the sgs2 and they didn’t get that phone…

  16. I’m leaning towards white currently. I’d like blue, but I’m concerned it looks to be dark blue, I want bright neon sky blue damn it.

  17. I am concerned about radios.
    Samsung has not been doing well in this department.

  18. Not a fan of this(looks cheap to me.) I really hoped Verizon to carry Galaxy Note which is the new, real flagship model of Samsung.

  19. When is this gonna come out? for sale?

  20. so is the case ceramic or plastic

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