Acer Iconia Tab A500 Now Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update Ahead Of Schedule

Yesterday, we told you guys about Acer Iconia Tab A100 tablets receiving their Android 4.0 update a little early, and now, it looks like the 10-inch version is joining in on the fun as well. Acer Iconia Tab A500 users have been reporting that Ice Cream Sandwich has come early for their devices.

Officially, Android 4.0.3 wasn’t scheduled to begin rolling out for the tab until the 27th, but it looks like Acer has decided to go ahead and roll out the update early for some (not all) users. As always, a simple jump into your Settings > About, will allow you to manually check for the update. Anyone receive it yet?

Thanks, Willem!

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  • WhoaManWtF

    Been using Thors ICS for while now, but this can only make things better!

  • Magnus100

    Samsung, where’s the ICS update for my tab 8.9?
    Screw you Samsung!

  • LAVA

    What does Samsung have to do with an Acer update? Or did you just feel the need to vent?

  • Adrian

    Not in Australia yet. Acer ANZ still say it will be released may 17th.

  • Joey Horne

    I got the update this morning in North Carolina.  It’s super fast, I like it, but no Acer Ring?  I’m I missing something?

  • David Convery

    Still no joy in Eastern US.

  • Chris W

    Nothing for me in the Midwest

  • Tamara Rodney

    No sign of the update here in the midwest either.  Excited though!

  • Android fan

    Nothing here either.. I think your lying to us j/k

  • Loooney2ns

    I’ve been running Flexreaper for awhile and it’s great. The latest version, 12.5, is based on the new release.

  • Dan

    Just got it on a500 in Seattle.

  • chaitanyak

    can’t wait for it to roll out here in india 

  • Gary K

    Just became available this morning for my A500. D/L’ed & installed. Houston Tx USA.

  • David Convery

    Got mine this morning!

  • S

    I just got it here in tucson,AZ

  • doc

    Just got mine. Charlotte NC

  • marcus

    What’s going on with the update to ics for the Acer a100? I been mashing the update button and still have yet to see any I cs love.

  • PeachEreader

    Still waiting in Georgia, USA

  • marcus

    Still waiting here in central florida. Last I checked over the herizon there was nothing coming for miles away. And on top of that I haven’t been able find any new info about it, could this all be leading up to a delay for the a100?

  • Frank Webster

    i had this tablet and when i got it a month ago, it updated to ics. there was something wrong with the tab so i sent it back and now i have two new ones. neither wants to download ics normally. any advice on how to get it otherwise?