Samsung Epic 4G Touch Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update Leaked – Release Build FD24


As it so often goes when it comes to Android updates, you can either wait for your carrier to push them out to your device or — you can take matters into your own hands, updating your rooted device on your own. And for those on Sprint with a Samsung Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II, the “official,” near final Android 4.0 release build has been leaked onto XDA, where it’s been opened up, rooted, and is ready for the flashing.

Build number FD24 can be applied via a One Click install method for rooted devices, or through a flashable zip file for users currently on EL29. Still no word on exactly when Sprint plans on pushing out Ice Cream Sandwich for the E4GT, but we do know it is coming. Hopefully sooner, rather than later. As always, users assume all risks involved when tinkering with their device.

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  1. This is definitely not official

    1. agreed.  title is very misleading.  This is by no means the leaked official ROM.  Chris, change the title.  You are misleading lots of people and wasting their precious time.

  2. I have Samsung S 4G with ICS 4.04 for the wife, and I have E4GT on GB 2.36, and I love my GB better than the ICS. All what I`m asking Sprint and Sammy to fix the GPS on the E4GT and I`m happy with what it.

    1. the very few times I’ve had gps issues on my Epic Touch, a quick restart fixed it right away.  I’ve found that if I ONLY enable gps satellites and disable wireless networks and sensor aiding the gps tends to have less issues.  Now, your mileage could vary and this tends to work for me.  

    2. I had GPS issues with my phone, took it to a Sprint store and they replaced with a new unit. My old phone would either never lock to satellites or take really long. With the new one, it’s locks immediately. So you may have a faulty unit. I’ve heard that the first batch were having GPS issues, but later batches were fixed. I got my old one on day one, so it was from that early batch.

      1. It’s possible that it’s one of the 1st run, but a friend of mine got his about a month ago and is having the GPS issue… Tried every software fix this side of rooting & romming it, and still no love. He’s going to replace it when he gets the time. 

    3. GPS and Network Location is fixed in ICS.  If you love GB so much, just flash the newer modem (FD19 is a good one) using ODIN.  Go to XDA for the Epic 4G Touch to find out how.  I was running the EL29 + FD19 modem for a while and it works awesome for GPS and network location.

  3. Yeah but they’re real close…leaks have been cumin since early February…

  4. Not official and not without bugs.  Bluetooth sharing and pairing memory has bugs as well as contact storage still has the heebie jeebies when you sync Google+ contacts with your contacts. 

  5. Yeah how do you know this is official?

  6. I think at best this is the first build Samsung is offering to Sprint as a release candidate. At this rate, I’m guessing the actual “official build” will come about this time next month. Probably to keep those of us with an Epic Touch happy as the Evo 4g LTE hits stores.

  7. As Caulkin on XDA mentioned, most leaked builds contain an OTA file, doesn’t make it final or official.

  8. Jellybean will be out before the Epic 4G Touch gets official ICS. This phone only gets love on XDA. #updatefail

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