Xiaomi’s Mi One “MIUI Phone” Still A Hit – Sells Out 150,000 Units In Under 13 Minutes


Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has done it again. Apparently, even after all this time, their Mi One “Xiaomi Phone” is still a hot ticket item in its homeland of China and the company managed to sell out all 150,000 units of its MIUI rockin’ smartphones in just under 13 minutes (12 minutes and 41 seconds to be exact).

That’s not half bad. Especially when considering the phone was originally announced all the way back in August of last year and only sells in batches every few months. I suppose this strange business practice of only providing the device in batches (number 7 since it debuted) drives up demand for the handset while ensuring Xiaomi doesn’t have to worry about any kind of surplus.

The phones specs still manage to hold up pretty well by today’s standards. The Mi One features a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon, 1GB of RAM, 8MP shooter 854×480 resolution display, 1,930 mAh battery and retails for about $317. That sort of rock bottom pricing is something we could get used to and may start seeing more with Google’s announcement to begin selling their Galaxy Nexus for $400. Now, if only it would ship with MIUI (blasphemy!).



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    1. Miui is pretty slick actually, have you tried using it for a week or two?

      1. I used it on my HTC Desire and really liked it.  Smooth and added some nice features.  I’m now happy with stick ICS on my Nexus though.

        1. Agreed. Before, it was the only thing I’d run on my OG EVO only because stock Gingerbread was such an eyesore. Now that we’ve got ICS, I just haven’t gotten around to flashing MIUI (yet).

        2. That is what I think I will end up doing when I get my Nexus. I don’t really want to mess around with flashing stuff all the time, ota stock will be nice!

    2. I loved MIUI on my DX. 

  1. MIUI is awesome.

  2. Can someone tell me the fascination of mimu? ?
    I tried it on my nexus and well it was not for me to Iphone looking and I actually like stock ics look …but people talk about Mimu like its the second coming

    1.  It’s not just about the look man. It’s all the little features in it that make it special. built-in backup, monitoring and update apps, very user-friendly interface, plenty of themes, pretty solid and stable, excellent music app and so much more. I’ve been through virtuous ROMs and CM7 but they didn’t quite grab my attention quite like MIUI. You just don’t need to worry about it or tweak it much. It just works. At least, for me. Now if only I could get the Mi One in India.

      1. Fire wall, huge theme sections. Fonts, icons, status bar, and so many more.

        1. I did like the clear status bar lol

          1. That’s one of my favorite parts! :D

    2. In order to understand the fascination you should give it a try for at least a week. It is kind of like dating.

      1. Hhhmmm….I might give it a try again but my big thing was I hate having apps on screen and I know that’s its big thing

        1. Never kept the stock launcher very long. Just try a different launcher (there are plenty) =p

          1.  well stock for me is Nova lol

    3. Tons of themes and a wealth of them look nothing like the iPhone.  It also runs custom launchers like Go extremely well, while keeping the theme goodness.

      Beyond that, it’s a much more polished UI than stock Android.  They have a lot of options that make the experience more enjoyable.

  3. Tried gummy and aopk, but went back to MIUI. It’s really the only rom that make my gnexus look beautiful.

  4. have anyone got that clock working 100% (inc. filpping animation of the hr/min) for other android phones yet? i remember when they properly open sourced MIUI they said it should only be a matter of time until someone did port it.

  5. MIUI proves that skins can work if done well

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