Apr 25th, 2012

And this folks, is why an “Android life” can be so much fun sometimes. A few crafty devs over on XDA got to tinkering around with their Motorola Droid Bionics and found that the device actually supports global GSM bands for use on networks T-Mobile and AT&T. At first, the idea was shot down by naysayers, but after delving deeper into the device’s hardware, it was found that the device’s MDM6600 radio works just fine on AT&T’s HSPA, and T-Mobile’s Edge network with a little minimal effort. P3Droid posted some images for proof on his Twitter account earlier today (below), showing the device up and running on AT&T after a little software modification.

Other Motorola devices on Verizon with similar hardware, like the Droid RAZR and Droid 4, work just fine too. Although not sanctioned by Big Red just yet, this technically means Verizon currently offers a great lineup of global devices — if Motorola and Verizon would just allow/enable it. Development is progressing along nicely but Moto’s locked bootloaders are providing for a few speed bumps. Pretty neat if you think about it. You can find more details and download links for the willing at the source link below.

Thanks, Trav473!