Report: HTC and Facebook co-developing new smartphone


Strike up the band, it’s time to play an old favorite of ours around here. This tune goes by the name of “The Facebook Phone,” and though we have heard several variations on the theme over the past year or two we once again are being teased with a custom smartphone based around the social network. DigiTimes is reporting that an HTC scorned by Google’s decision to use Samsung for its Nexus line is now working closely with Zuckerberg and crew to develop a customized “platform exclusive to Facebook to enable and integrate all functions available on the social networking site.”

If this sounds familiar, just flip the record over. The HTC ChaCha and Salsa were released last year with a Facebook hardware button that made accessing the site or sharing content as easy as the press of a single button. We very well could be seeing a similar concept this year, albeit with more input from the mobile team at Facebook. But this new report suggests that the device could launch as a Facebook-branded experience, as THE Facebook Phone we have speculated on for what feels like decades.

DigiTimes has a tendency to create fire where there is very little smoke, so the extent to which the two parties are working together isn’t really clear. But one thing is almost certain: we will see another phone from HTC with a focus on Facebook integration at some point in 2012.

[via DigiTimes]

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  1. The Facebook phone isn’t the thing that caught my eye. It’s the fact that HTC is whining about not getting another Nexus. How can they when they think “slim is in” and that the consumers don’t need battery life..ridiculous..I’m starting to believe that Samsung will have a Nexus 3-peat

  2. Honestly sounds like a terrible idea lol. I use my phone to get on Facebook, but I don’t use my phone *for* Facebook. It should really just be a separate app that users access when they want, and that other applications can integrate with if it’s installed on the device. 

  3. Here’s a tip Zuckerberg – How bout you and your merry men fix the Facebook android app first!

    1. was about to post something similar. Glad you already said it. The loading times in that app are beyond horrible. It’s like it senses my feelings towards Fb in general and than multiplies it with 10 and returns a physical manifestation of those feelings back into waiting times to annoy me more, causing me to hate it more, causing the loading times to appear worse etc etc etc!!!

    2. They’re too busy adding more icons in your app drawer that duplicate ones that are already there.

      1. theyre busy adding ads to your icons and gayness to the experience. is that what you want ? Gayness in your experience?

    3. Here is a better idea. Don’t use social networking websites altogether. They’re sad, pathetic and nobody wants to read about what you had on your sandwich 2 hours ago, or look at photo’s of you and your red hat…

      1. .. but i got a great deal on my red hat at Macy’s….

  4. why not use the same failed idea again? Sounds like sound business logic.

  5. My HTC Rezound can’t even sync with Facebook properly! So why in the hell would I want a phone specifically for it?!?

  6. This would be awesome…….If I was a 14 year old girl. 

  7. A “Facebook” phone has always been an idea that will never sell great. I use Facebook but I don’t need my phone built around it! Dumb idea.

  8. Not this again.

  9. Target 16 year old girls? but wait, half a screen and full keyboard.
    this is simple. Fail!
    I spend 3% of my phone time trying to rid myself of everything
    facebook, I feel that idea is trending. ←LOL

  10. sigh…

    Who cares anymore?

  11. I see Facebook is trying to keep its foot in the door and not be brushed off like MySpace. Personally I don’t have a Facebook because it can cause alot of problems depending on your career choice ; considering that there are some jobs that ask on the app if you have a facebook. But for those that use Facebook daily, y’all must be very excited.

  12. Why are they still making those ugly ass FaceBook phones for? Didn’t they not learn their lesson the last one didn’t sell well? 

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