ASUS pushing yet another minor update to original Eee Pad Transformer

ASUS has a new update rolling out to the Tegra 2 tablet that started it all, the Eee Pad Transformer. Moving the needle on the software up to version, the update for the TF101 tablet should address another round of bugs and offer some performance enhancements to deal with residual lag. We haven’t come across a complete changelog and the update itself doesn’t provide any immediately noticeable changes, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground. Anyone out there receive the update? We’ll take your two cents in the comments.

[via DroidLife]

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  • Shaunwin

    Dear Asus, Please make the next Nexus phone!

    • ka1iban

      Dear Asus, please PLEASE don’t, especially if you *still* can’t release an update that fixes the random reboot issue

      • TongueDar

        So, this update didn’t do anything for you?

        The initial ICS update caused my device to reboot and freeze a couple of times while it was sleeping, but the last update addressed it.

        Since that time, it’s back to where it was with Honeycomb, which for me has been reliable.
        Something to consider, is that it’s possible that your hardware could have a defect.  Memory is almsot always the culprit.

        • Robert Jerina

          I have not received a random reboot yet. Hopefully I can say that in a couple days :)

  • SirSpammenot

    While I do appreciate ASUS kicking A$$ with the updates, a change-log would bring them fully up to modern software practices.  I loves my TF101!

  • Marsg

    4.0.4 for the TPrime please 

  • D

    Yup, got the update.  Wearing the T-shirt now.

    I can’t tell what changed other than the version number.

    The random reboots were truely random so I don’t know if that’s fixed.

    Wake-Up with the MobileDoc keyboard is still not fixed.  Going to sleep is fine, the Lock button on the Mobile Doc has always worked.  But it only wakes up by opening the pad/keyboard unit, turning it on with the pad switch, or moving the touch-pad or mouse — key strokes will not wake the unit anymore (since ICS).

    I’m using Go-Launcher so I don’t know if the launcher has changed.

  • D

    P.S.  A changelog would be wonderful.

  • Adnoxaei

    I hope this fixes my reboots and it getting stuck with a black screen. I didn’t have those issues till ICS.

    • Robert Jerina

      So far so good on mine. Hopefully it will stay that way.

  • steveb944

    Thanks for this post otherwise I would have never known. Hopefully the random reboots and black screen of death disappear after this as others have said