Android Overload: FCC Fines Google $25,000 For Data Snooping, 15 Anime Apps Pulled From Play Store for Malware and More

I’m sure by now you know the drill but in case you don’t, this here is the world famous Android Overload. It’s here you can always turn when you have that late night hankerin’ for even more things Android. Since not every story that comes our way is published to our front page, we pile them here. This way, you guys can give them the final once over before toss them out into the sea of the world wide webs. Find something of interest? Let us know.

  • Apex Launcher for Android 4.0 devices updated with new features. [Play Store Link]
  • Oracle claims Google knew they needed Java license for Android. [Electronista]
  • FCC fines Google $25,000 for unauthorized data collecting. [HuffingtonPost]
  • HTC sends out invites to all major Canadian carriers receiving new One lineup. [MobileSyrup]
  • 15 anime apps pulled from Google Play Store for malware. [PocketGamer]
  • Google teams up with Reliance to offer free data to Android users in India. [Tech2]
  • Amazon now allowing developers to charge more than $20 for in-app purchases. [TechCrunch]
  • Google to bundle MIPS support with Android. Makes way for more super-low-entry-level tablets. [EETimes]

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  • ingua2

    hahah $25K.   Google employees flush $25K worth of water in the bathroom during lunch breaks each day.   Chump change, suckas

    • Thomas Sørensen

      25.000 dollars worth of water is about 6.250.000 liters of water. Divide that by the 32.467 google employees, and you get that each google employee every day flushes down 193 liters of water during lunch breaks. I find that a bit hard to believe. 

  • Aslan Bollin

    Google fined 25k for unauthorized data collecting and NONE of the people they were illegally collecting data from will see a dime. 

    sound’s more like a payoff….