Three New Samsung Phone Name Trademarks Registered: Galaxy Lift, Sire, & Perx

Samsung’s at it again, folks. They’re snapping up more and more names and are trying to get them registered as trademarks with the USPTO. This time, we’ve got names for three Galaxy smartphones in the “Galaxy Lift,” “Galaxy Sire,” and “Galaxy Perx.” As always, it’s unclear what Samsung will use these names for, and if they’ll even use the names to market any specific devices.

They certainly don’t sound like names you’d expect Samsung to market, but you never know. All we know is that they’re most likely tied to Android as Samsung reserves the “Galaxy” brand specifically for phones running the operating system. Let your imagination run wild on this one. [USPTO 1|2|3 via Fusible]

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  • Enzy

    The Nexus has been put out to stud as a breeding phone, and will Sire me some quadcore, Jellybean offspring.

  • Paul Chromik

    I would buy the Galaxy Sire, and walk around saying, “like a sire” all the time.

  • Carl Rood

    Perx sounds like a shampoo.

  • niteperson

    I think they should drop the whole “Galaxy” thing and do with regular names. ┬áThe Galaxy line is so diluted, I’ve lot track of what’s what.

    • Steve Albright

      There are way too many…it confuses me.