Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1 Delayed – Will Now Launch With Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab 2’s are reportedly being delayed in the UK.. Both the 7.0 and 10.1 G-Tab 2’s will no see a new launch set for sometime during the end of April. Both of the tabs were were originally supposed to launch in the UK in March, but with neither hide nor hair of the tabs, some were left wondering what was up. A Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the tablets were nudged back due to Ice Cream Sandwich update. Apparently, Samsung is still further tweaking the updated Android firmware, melding it together with the latest version of their TouchWiz UI.

The way I see it, a slightly delayed launch to release with a newer version of Android is as good a reason as any.


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  • Dima Aryeh

    Agreed. OTA’s can occasionally get messy. the TW OTA for my original Tab 10.1 made it unusable, because of the insane lag, while a friends worked fine the same hour. Waiting a little and getting it with ICS is perfectly fine.

    • Pkmmte

      I agree. The OTA update for ICS made my Transformer Prime extremely laggy. Can’t wait for CM9.

  • Aaron Soles

    They should just cancel the 10.1 2 because it’s not a whole lot different from the tab 10.1! Plus they have the note 10.1. They could save the money and upgrade there existing tablets to ics first . Just my opinion though

    • omar musa

      Exactly my thoughts.
      I just hate Samsung’s strategy of throwing a hundred devices out there, most of which have very minor differences. They should really narrow it down to 3 lines of devices(high-end,mediocre, and low-end) at most. Theyre milking the hell out of Android .. I know its a good way to make cash ; and thats ultimately the goal of the industry. But the way I see it is that its harming the Android ecosystem. Google should stop this.

  • David Pat

    Jellybean gets announced in May. They might wanna retool their hardware

    • Mr. Smith

      Says who?

  • dillon

    No one was going to buy them anyways

  • redrooster13

    No joking!  I just won an iPad 3 from a website challenge.  Does this mean I can’t talk crap about Apple anymore?  I can’t believe I won.  I wish they would switch it for a transformer prime or something android lol

    • redrooster13

      haha I bet half the people didn’t even read this cuz they thought it was spam. 

    • Pkmmte

      You can always sell it and buy a Transformer Prime.

      • redrooster13

        I guess I could.  Although I really don’t have a need for a tablet.  I might sale it and use some of that cash for my next android phone.  Then again I may just keep the iPad and quit being so picky. lol

  • Magnus100

    Samsung has such an annoying and stupid strategy. When are they eventually going to release their flagship tablet that offers significant differentiation from the Galaxy tab 10.1?
    Whomever is at the helm of affairs there must be a total duffus.
    If they really want to compete with the iPad why haven’t they released their flagship tablet yet? Stupid Samsung!