Motorola “Blade” Images Surface – Possible Intel Medfield RAZR Variant?

A few images of a new Motorola Razr variant has surfaced thanks to PhoneHK who is building quite a reputation for leaking all of Motorola’s best kept secrets. So, what did they turn up this time? Well, apparently, all we really have is a codename which, I have to admit — sounds pretty badass. The phone you see before you is the Motorola Razr Blade (told ya, it was badass) and judging from the front shot of its chin, bears a striking resemblance to that really poor conceptual/promo/MS Paint image of Motorola’s upcoming Intel Medfield device (took me awhile to figure out where I’d seen it before).

There’s really no other to explain a device that looks so similar to the Droid Fighter, but with very minor aesthetic changes. With that, I’m calling it. Motorola Blade. Intel processor. And I’d be willing to bet the specs of this device will be largely similar to the Droid Fighter’s. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in a Intel running Motorola Droid Razr Blade running Android 4.0?

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  • Mojorizen

    With only 1gb (speculation but probably correct) of ram? Locked bootloader? Non user accessible battery? More of the same and all from last year.

    Oh yeah, but this one will have an HD screen. Basically this is what the Bionic should have been, not the same old crap that they keep giving us over and over again.


    A former Moto customer

    • Butters619

      It looks like every major manufacturer is moving to enclosed batteries and no removable storage.

    • AJA0

      “Only” 1gb of RAM? Have you seen any other phone’s state-side with more?

      Forgot to mention the size of the “non-removable” battery? 3300mAH, almost twice that of the Nexus.

      You also forgot to mention the dual-core processor, build-quality, radio strength, camera MP’s, and lightweight?

      • Mojorizen

        Yes, only 1gb of ram. Phones have been coming that way for the last year starting with the Atrix. Nowadays phones should be coming with more ram. Just like how phones are coming out with better and faster processors.

  • Joe

    Locked bootloader? No thanks. After trading in my RAZR for a Galaxy Nexus, It will be real hard to go neck to anything else.

  • JBO1018

    Why are the soft buttons blurred out……?

    • Marsg

      might not be soft buttons ? maybe a branding 

  • tomn1ce

    Instead of releasing the same thing with minor improved specs a month or two apart. Why not put all those specs in one device and call it a day. No wonder people are pissed off at Moto. I hope that the next phone they release in the US is in the 3Q/4Q with major improvement in the specs department. I know its hard for Moto to keep their word but they should really release less devices in 2012 for VZW. Since July 2011 they have release 4-6 devices just for VZW alone. They should really concentrate on the Droid series with a keyboard and one without. This way its a lot easier to update the devices to the latest OS and the end user can get a timely update. I know the update is not entirely up to them, perfect example ICS. Other carriers/countries are schedule to get ICS in 2nd Q, while the devices on VZW are still in the planning phase. They should really walk away from unremovable batteries as well.

    • chuckles87

      it works for apple they change a few minor specs and release it a year apart.
      at least if they are changing minor specs we are not waiting forever. by this theroy apple would have only released the ipos4

      • intoxicates

         Back in the days all apple did was change the color of their computers and it was an instant success…..I have to admit that apple’s marketing is pretty good, but it’s easy to fool an isheep….

  • wastry

    *yawn*  When will the Blade Maxx come out?  2 months?

    • BlackGod

      The Blade Maxx 2 Developer Edition comes out May 3rd! I called it first, I want credit! Lol

  • Marsg

    wow how much more bezel can Motorola fit onto it ? i mean seriously everyone else is trying to make thinner phones with a bigger screen and less bezel but motorola is going in the other direction. lol 

  • TheCaprican

    Fucking ugly