Nokia N9 Running Android 4.0.3 Could Be The Sexiest Android Device On The Market [Video]


What do you get when you combine a Nokia N9 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? You guessed it. The world’s sexiest Android device. Thanks to the efforts of a few good devs over on NITDroid, the once Meego running N9 is now headed for the greener pastures of Google’s most up-to-date mobile OS. Dubbed “Project Mayhem,” development has finally reached a table enough built to release Alpha Release 1 featuring none other than Android 4.0.3. There’s a pretty good list of items not working but as you can see from the provided video below, it actually doesn’t run half bad. We can only ponder how much better off Nokia’s future would have been to had they chosen Android as their go-to OS instead of Windows Phone Boring.

[NITDroid 1 | NITDroid 2 | Via PocketNow]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Oh my goodness

  2. why all the hype over nokia? is their HW that good or do we just want it b.c we cant have it….i mean, do we really need more than HTC, SAMSUNG, MOTO, and LG have to offer….?

    1. If they look like the N9 then………… yes. O_o

    2. You need Sony because none of the 1’s you mentioned make a single device that isn’t FUGLY, fact … Also, when Android is on a device that isn’t a plastic piece of shit i’ll be happy, aesthetics isn’t a word known to most manufacturers you stated and without Sony and Apple there would be a world full of cheap, plastic pieces of crud that are the size of bricks and all have a creaky feel to them … There’s a reason why the iPhone costs more than Android handsets and that’s purely down to materials and build quality.

      1. iPhone is more expansive because people are willing to pay more…
        Glass is indeed more expensive, but more expensive != better quality!

        Galaxy S2 shits on the iPhone when it comes to build quality, that the phone doesn’t give the feeling it’s better build quality doesn’t mean that it isn’t ;) It just FEELS like it isn’t…

      2. You must not have seen the Drop Test videos on YouTube. If good quality means it’ll instantly shatter when it hits the floor then I don’t want it…
        Glass phone <<<<<<<<

      3. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Somehows I don’t see the aesthetics of iPhone series at all. For non-iPhone phones, there are a variety of forms to choose from, whatever form that turn you on.

        Slightly off the topic …. I just recently help to fix a friend’s MacBook w/apple single button mouse. I give you that the mouse look is very distinct. But other than that, it’s not ergonomic. Handling the mouse is uncomfortable. And wtf with the single button? Sometimes Apple focus too much on form over function.

  3. Yes, Nokia’s hardware is that good.

    1.  Yes, Yes it is. I really wish they went Android over WP8. Nokia had always made amazing devices with phenominal cameras.

  4. I have seen sexier devices from 2009.

  5. my nexus is sexier

  6. i had told my friend not to buy n9, but she did….  she then realised it was a big mistake…. wait till she hears this…. ;)

  7. too small,tiny letters,it such a pain this phone.

  8. That should be illegal. It probably is in Finland.

    Also I think the N9 is ugly. It looks like it has a protruding permanent tough case around it.

    1. Illegal :P

      Customize devices you OWN was/is never illegal in the whole EU!
      That kind of (bull)shit is US-only!

    2. Balance message was in Russian, and the *100# number matches the “check balance” number of both MTS and Beeline in Russia. So, it’s definitely not Finland.

    3. LOL that “protruding permanent tough case” is actually a removable soft skin that you get out of the box..

  9. Define sexy in mobile devices? Do you have shower fantasies with this thing? WHAT makes it sexy?

    1. The same way ppl think cars are sexy…?

  10. shame they went with windows

  11. “The world’s sexiest Android device” … Are you on crack, the phone is ugly as fuck, regardless of what OS it’s running.

  12. NOW THAT’S HOT! if Nokia was able to do this for real would buy their phone instead of Windows

  13. nokia, take heed.

  14. I gotta admit, I haven’t ever looked at the Nokia N9 and mainly because it was not an option for me since it did not run Android.  I keep hearing how great it is so I checked it out.  Wow, that IS a good looking device!   Here are some pics:  

    Does anyone know if that is an aluminum case?  That would be sweet!  May make the processor too hot but an all aluminum case or something similar would be sweet.  I like it, it definitely is a good looking device.  

  15. If the upcoming SGIII looks like that I’m in!  Combine those good looks with ICS and you have ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!’  A larger screen of course.  4.7″-4.8″ screen, those looks with that small of a bezel, ICS, quad core, NFC and 2 GB or RAM and you have a device that would DEFINE phones for today.  It would cause the phrase “Apple who?”  to be uttered all the time.  LOL!!  

    Also, make it a bit heavier than the current SGII.  Not much, but just enough to feel it in the hand and feel the quality construction.  I know they keep making them lighter and that’s great, but as mentioned in another article they are getting so light people associate them with cheap construction.  

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

  16. too small, too much bezel 

  17. Look at that guy’s screen… it’s so… tiny. 

    To the ones responsible for this port: Thanks for getting ICS working on a non-Android native phone. It makes me feel that much better about my T989. 

  18. Is it a matter of choice or all the N9 devices will have to run it?

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