Motorola DROID 3 Soak Test Begins

The DROID 2’s younger brother DROID 3 seems to be joining the soak test party. DROID 3 owners have been notified of an impending update. Again, it’s always hard to tell what these updates bring without a full changelog. As a general rule of thumb we try not to hold our breath for an upgrade to the next major version of Android. Considering Verizon didn’t list the DROID 3 on its initial list of devices to receive Ice Cream Sandwich, we definitely would shy away from getting too excited. Check your inbox if you’re signed up to be a tester. [via Droid-Life]

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  • Drew56

    Droid 3/Droid x2 users got screwed.. 8 month old phones with no upgrade, makes you worry about buying anything but a nexus..

    • Adam Tentis

      Droid x2 only has 512 of memory… Makes sense why its not getting it to me

      • captainskyhawk

         You know the Nexus S has 512MB of memory, right?

    • Marsg

      is the droid 3 really 8 months old ? i thought it was only like 6, but yea a dual core phone with plenty of ram not getting the update, they could have made a mistake on the list because that just sounds foolish  

  • cobra19

    I had never heard of soak testing before.  I had to look it up.  At first I thought it was how long you could soak the phone in water before it would break.

  • OmniUni

    The update is likely to be the same 2.3.6 software as the Droid 4. However, I hear the Droid 3 port of ICS by the community is coming along quite well, so the device may see Android 4 yet.

  • Ray Lemieux

    Moto is dragging ass on this one. I wonder if the soak has started and they found major problems with it.