Acer Officially Announces “Liquid Glow” Ahead of MWC – Entry Level Handset With Android 4.0

Acer has officially announced the coming of their more entry-level handset and unlike most smartphones in this category, this one also comes with stock Android 4.o. The Acer Liquid Glow wants to be your teenage-dream with a 3.7-inch 800×480 display, 5MP camera, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of storage of a 1GHz (make unspecified) single-core processor.

The Liquid Glow will come in a variety of colors from Alpine White, Cat’s-Eye Black and Sakura Pink. I’ll take 2 in pink, thanks. No word on pricing or availability but expect these to fit Android lovers on a budget. Acer is coming in hot, and where some fanboys will claim devices like these are over-saturating the market, I say, the more, the merrier.


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  • b1gd4ddyx

    I would be impressed to see a non nexus, bone stock, unlocked device.

  • golgo 13

    4.0 is good to hear. Vs some carriers ie metro PC’s still using as a major selling point.

  • Lavoisier1794

    If this thing can run ICS there is no reason that the LG Revolution , the Galaxy S series, the Droid Charge, or the Stratosphere can’t be upgraded to ICS.

    • jshaffer21

      i was actually also wondering how it’s possible that this phone can run ICS, but so many of the high end android phones can’t run it because they don’t have the system requirements.

      it just backs up the idea that updates are intentionally held back in order to try to get you to upgrade.

      • Lavoisier1794

        Yeah but when high end phones that were released 10months agodon’t get upgraded, it doesn,t make me want to upgrade, it just makes me mad at the oem.OEM . Now if vzw still had one year upgrades, then maybe I would feel differently .

    • Rocktoonz

      Quite simple answer, this will not have a bloated resource-heavy OEM skin on it.  Samsung was pretty clear that TouchWiz was the reason the Galaxy S wouldn’t get ICS, that is likely the case with the other Sammy phones you listed too.  LG has its skin, but it’s nowhere near as much of a resource hog as TW, but they aren’t real great with updates anyway.

  • branon

    Will this have a longer battery life than the fancy 4.3+ inch phones? 

  • Donnie Knoxx

    So let me get this “straight”, Chris.. You’ll take two in the pink, correct?
    Where does that that leave the stink :