Acer Iconia Tab A100 and A500 getting Android 4.0 update in mid-April

We have to admit Acer is keeping up with updates much better then we would have predicted, last year. The Acer Iconia Tab A200 has already started receiving its Android 4.0 update last Sunday. If you happen to own one of the other Acer tablets, though, you will have to wait just a bit more.

According to Acer, the A100 and A500 tablets will be getting their delicious Ice Cream Sandwich update during mid-April. Sure, it is not coming as fast as we would prefer, but Acer is beating many manufacturers to the curve with this one. Let’s hope that Acer keeps the work up, and it shall be a great future for the Taiwanese company.

Are any of you waiting for this one?

[Source: Acer (Twitter) Via: intomobile]

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  • DeathBySnooSnoo

    Or us a500 users can wait until it’s ripped off from the a200 and turned in to a custom ROM

  • Matt Kelly

    Yes, very much so!  I can’t wait!

  • Gary K

    Happy to get ICS even if its April. I’m happy w/ my A500 even w/ HC.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Honeycomb is really not bad. I mean it is pretty much the same feeling as ICS, when used in a tablet. There are a few features missing, but really, ICS is much more revolutionary in a smartphone.

    • Mitchell Buchler

      Theres a Custom a500 ics rom. Everything works except camera but I never use that anyway. Im running it now. I love it. Its CM9 too I think.

  • koolkat2

    Dude,there’s no ice cream in that sandwich: (

  • charliemx

    yes Im happy to hear this I hope itll increase my a500 performance