Android + Kinect + Projector = $&#%@^! [Video]

Okay, so I wont even pretend to know what’s going on here but I immediately wanted to dismiss it as some kind of dark arts or voodoo. Well, that or 21st century technology this crafty developer too advantage of when connecting his Kinect to his PC to his Galaxy Nexus, resulting in “air touch” (I should probably trademark that).

As to be expected, the whole process is a bit technical with the dev actually having to compile an Android ROM from AOSP source code just to give “TuioAndroid” system access. This, in turn, allows the Android software to talk with the PC who’s translating gestures from the Kinect using “Simple Kinect Touch” software. Whew, I’m exhausted.

While still very much a work in progress, even in this early state you get a pretty good idea of what the implications of a project like this mean. The Android OS being controlled using nothing but gestures from an image projected onto a wall. Epic.

[Via RecursivePenguin]

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  • jeremy

    That’s pretty awesome

  • Justin Quang

    Wow. I’m impressed.
    This and the glass by Samsung.
    Is our future imitating movies or movies are imitating the future? 

    Anyhow. This guy should better patent this before that bitten-fruit company gets rid of him, “innovating” his idea, and calling it their own.

    • PhilNelwyn

      Prior art.

    • AndroidManiac

      it seems like some of you do nothing but think of apple all day long t yet you hate them so much.
      Time to go out and get laid

  • WyngoMasala

    When did Tom Thumb get a nexus?

  • SuperChunk

    Nice. He needs to combine that with the voice controls.

    Then you could sit on your couch (w/ Google TV vs the phone), use hand gestures for  panel changes and basic slide/pinch/etc moves. Then when it comes to opening apps/text/etc use voice… “Google Search blah blah”.

    Granted this is already what X360+Kinect does, but if it was on a real media/TV device like Google TV, BAM that would be serious.

  • Andrew Flores

    I need a kinect ASAP

  • David Pat

    Pretty epic

  • Darryn Kraus

    I’m sure it’s not nearly as fluid, but they have one of these at AndroidLand in Melbourne, Australia. Maybe we are ahead of the times? I played fruit ninja on it, and can confirm I was playing on a projector because I saw the assistant adjust it for me!