Beautiful Widgets First Paid App to Reach 1 Million Downloads from Android Market


At the beginning of the week the Android Market celebrated surpassing 10 billion downloads, offering some pretty nice $0.10 app deals as a way of thanking users. One app to be featured early in the week was Beautiful Widgets. Thanks to the boost in sales, LevelUp Studio, makers of the Beautiful Widgets, has announced that their app has become the first to surpass 1 million paid downloads. They passed along this infographic to give a bit of background on the app’s development over the years. One million downloads is no small feat, but LevelUp hopes more are on the way. If you haven’t checked out Beautiful Widgets you can find it in the Android Market now.

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  • Jorodan

    Thank you.

    • Jdog25

      I love Beautiful Widgets. It has come a long way since I first downloaded it when it was first released.

  • Groh G2

    This Beautiful Widget is ok… nothing exciting me, graphic is bad…. the best is Fancy Widget! It’s have so much better than B.W… i m glad, i paid 10 cents for B.W… now, i uninstalled it… F.W is the BEST!!

    • RozJC

      I quite like Beautiful Widgets actually. I bought it when it was 10p y’day and I’m happy with the purchase.

      Congrats to Level Up Studio for a milestone I’m sure we’ll all remember…

  • Ellianth

    Good job! Been using BW on my device for a couple years now.

  • Zomby2D

    I think it’s fitting that the most downloaded paid app is actually something that’s not even possible on iOS.  Goes to show that customization is one of the driving force behind Android.

    • iKing_2

      Just can’t keep iOS of your brain….lol!

    • Jdog25

      HELL YEAH!

  • sc0rch3d

    does it say how many of the 1 million was downloaded in the sale yesterday?

    • Jorodan

      More than 100 000 ;)

      • Manbo

        Sweet baby Jesus!
        Well I’d say that $0.10 deal worked out well!  1/10 of all downloads in 1 day haha!

      • bubblesmoney

        does it mean that google pays the RRP x 100,000 downloads or do they only pay 10p x 100,000 downloads? Just curious how the deal app devs get paid by google.

        • Jorodan

          They pay only 70% ok 10ct per dl.

          • bubblesmoney

            you mean they only paid you £7000 for the 100,000 downloads!

          • Jorodan


          • bubblesmoney

            looks like the devs get screwed if their app become the deal of the day. Cant devs refuse to be part of the deal and insist on RRP set by the dev?

          • Jorodan

            Yes developers could refuse.

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    Been using BW since my first Android… Love it!!!

  • Wayne Tempel

    Yes this app is really good. I would like to see more Droid devs get some due recognition!

  • jdsingle

    I’d be interested in seeing how many of these downloads came as a result of yesterday. I know that I would not have purchased it had it not been $0.10. I’ve been trying to look through the skins for something I like but they all seem cheesy and my phone has Sense 3.0

    • Cipher Zero

      If you don’t like the skins on beautiful home, try beautiful superclock. The beautiful battery widgets have some pretty cool skins as well.

  • ewlung

    Too little compare to 200 million Android phones out there?

    0.5% …

    But, congrats to LevelUp … I am one of your user :)

  • Hohlraum

    The lesson here is you too can be a millionaire by letting another company (HTC) develop a cool new interface. You rip it off and port those differences to an app/widget that everyone can use.  Profit! :)

    • Cipher Zero

      Beautiful Widgets is magnitudes better than any version of Sense that I’ve tried – 2, 2.1, 3.0, 3.5, and it doesn’t suck your battery dry like a Bugatti Veyron going through gasoline at full speed like Sense does.

    • Ellianth

      And what wonderful, super original app have you made recently?

      No, don’t answer. We like the sound of your silence. Some people found success, be happy for them!

  • BigCiX

    I agree that fancy Widgets is way better then beautiful.

  • Floody

    So the first million downloads is a app thats a rip off of the htc sense widget..well thats just sad

    • Jorodan

      Ii is an evolution not a copy.

      Every smartphone sold today is based on the phone created in 80’s. You don’t think that today phone are copy ?

      Yes Beautiful Widgets is based on the first version of Widgets on HTC Sense. But now, our features are released all the time before HTC. We are the real evolution of HTC Sense widgets. And we are available for all Android Phones.

    • Jdog25

      For HTC, they could have made a killing in the Market but oh well.

  • Floody

    Its not even that its not original its a blatant copy of the sense widget so much that they got a C&D from HTC. Its just sad to see that there are way better original apps that deserved to have hit 1 mil before this app did

  • Floody

    Its not that its not original its a blatant copy so much so that they got hit with a C&D in the past from HTC. I believe that a more original app deserve to hit 1 mil not a copy of a pre existing widget