New Display Technology Allows User To FEEL Virtual Textures – Coming Soon To Smartphones And Tablets


Good gawd. Now here is a technology I wasn’t aware even existed. A company called Senseg has manufactured a new type of touchscreen that will actually allow you to feel a variety of virtual surfaces on your fingertip. This is a whole lot different from haptic feedback which uses moving parts to vibrate a device — this actually changes surface friction under your finger to correspond with the texture being displayed on screen. Damn near revolutionary.

Immediately I’m thinking of all the ways this could be implemented anywhere from braille for the blind, gaming, to more “adult” apps (you know you were thinking it). You’re looking at true innovation at its finest. The technology could start hitting smartphone and tablets as early as next year and seriously, we all know which OS dominates that market.

Seriously, Google. I’ll make this simple for you. Buy it. Patent it. Deploy it in Jelly Bean. Profit.

[Via Cnet]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I don’t know what you mean by.. “Adult apps.” Lol

    1. Maybe when you’re older.. O_o

      1. You got me. When I started reading I thought about “that” then kept reading. *CAUGHT*

      2. you mean 21 is not old? Whew!!!! Haha

      3. I wasn’t thinking it either but thanks to u my mind is in the gutter lol

  2. Awesome tech. Bring it already.

  3. lemme tap that

  4. I cant wait. This would be awesome on a game like Slice HD for the iPad(I wish they would come to android too).

  5. I wonder how long you’d have to press it before your hand went numb.

  6. give it time and Apple will come out swinging, saying they made this first! Or if not, they will try to get their grubby, greedy mits on this tech and claim it to be “Revolutionary” (which it pretty much is) and say they came up with it. But seriously, google needs this tech to attach to Android, this is the type of thing people should be lining up for, not siri.
    And Chris, your pretty much right about the adult apps part, just rewind and listen to his words from the 0.23sec to 0.30sec mark………he said wahhhh O_o

  7. >.> I wonder if they tried to implement a nipple texture

    1. I’ll compare the phone’s texture with my gf’s and report back if they do.

      1. I too will report back after comparing to jdsingle’s girlfriend’s nipples

        1. There are two so it helps to have a second mouth.

  8. Will it let me feel a women’s butt.

  9. Instead of a vacuum now it your phone. Bahaha.

  10. But will it blend?

  11. “to more “adult” apps (you know you were thinking it)”

    that is so creepy i actually shuddered thinking about it. my body rejected that idea.

  12. Yeah saw this on engadget a couple days ago, definitely badass!

  13. I smell another Apple lawsuit, i’m pretty sure they invented this and used it in the iscroll, way back in 1482

    1. No, if it wasn’t invented by Apple then it is just some useless gimmick that nobody will want such as a phone with a screen larger than 3.5″

  14. If that technology is wrapped inside the new iPad 3, well, put my name on the list!

  15. Would be great for on screen keyboards. If every key was textured.

  16. Lmao, I’m not going to have sex with my phone..

  17. this reminds me of when I first read and was excited about haptic feedback. gawrsh, time’s a-moving ^^v

  18. Buy this company before apple claims to have invented this technology !!

  19. There goes some what good battery life.

  20. i think this would be great for the visually impaired.. htc, sammy, and mota need to get on this tech asap for android

  21. Google doesn’t need to buy it, Android manufacturers will probably be the first and only for a while to deploy the technology. Just look at 3D. You don’t see 3D iPhones, Blackberrys, or Windows phones do you? This is definitely a futuristic technology, but its the kind of bet only Android manufacturers are willing to take. Now, just give me a 3D phone with this tech and then we’re talking!

  22. Inb4 crapple somehow sues its way into this….

  23. Could be huge for the blind….interesting tech.

    1. Yeah that’s something that most people seem to gloss over (since we all can see). This could open up whole swaths of tech gadgets and apps to the blind/visually impaired

  24. isn’t this a disney invention?

  25. seems like a few years ago, disney looked at bringing this to a windows based phone. The idea was you could tell how large a file was by feeling the weight of it and be able to interact better with the phone be weighting different objects to avoid accidentally opening the dialer or sending a text to early.

  26. …funny, iwasnt even thinking about adult…apps and this until you said it Chris…lol…

  27. This is big, but not for the reasons everyone thinks.  Imagine feeling a button on a touchscreen.  When typing, dialing while driving, answering and hanging up without looking, etc.  As much as I love the touchscreen, the lack of physical buttons makes the phone kinda suck as a phone.  I miss the physical green and red answer/end buttons of a few generations back.  Unfortunately, industrial designers seem to have been replaced by artists and core functionality has been compromised too much —  Maybe technology can bridge the gap.

  28. Controls that have a borders that allow you to know when you are pressing them as well as a keyboard.

    Adult apps? Lol

  29. This will be so cool!! 

  30. Combine that with haptic and you’ll have a virtual physical on-screen keyboard WHAT!

  31. This technology is more than 2 years old. Certainly not “new”.

  32. OMG @ 2:40 they set themselves up for an Apple lawsuit. They used Slide to Unlock. Apple will win this for the iPhone 5.

  33. This will revolutionize the apparel industry!

  34. I am so rubbing my penis all over this

  35. :accidental double post:

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