MobilFun Gives Us a First Look at Galaxy Nexus Docks


Those dock connectors on the sides of the Galaxy Nexus looked promising, but ever since the device was revealed we really haven’t gotten much of a clue as to what kind of docks or other accessories we’d be able to use.


Retailer MobilFun has revealed a smorgasbord of images and videos showcasing the docks. We have horizontal and vertical desktop docks, HDMI docks and vehicle docks to sink our teeth into and even a holder that has an extra battery compartment that will charge your Galaxy Nexus while it’s on.

They all look pretty good, too. Check out some of the images and video above and below and click through to the source link for more images. Hopefully these go on sale everywhere soon. (LTE versions may need their own set of docks due to size differences). [SmartDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I just hope that the car dock for the Galnex is as good as the one for my DX2.  Its absolutely perfect for navigation.

  2. YES I was just googling docks and then phandroid came up!

    1. One vowel away from a traumatic experience….

  3. Does this mean I can use the dock at work and in the car?

    1. No.  I asked your HR lady and she said they aren’t allowed.

  4. Its pretty exciting that will be able to just leave my 3.5mm audio cable plugged into the dock without having to plug it into the phone everytime I get in my vehicle! 

    1. Get yourself a griffin bluetooth adapter for your car and never have to plug it in ever!

      1. How is the Audio on that? I have a nice Kenwood Excelon deck with built-in bluetooth, and I’ve noticed that the bass over bluetooth is significantly reduced from line-in or playing the same MP3 off of USB. Its not an equalizer issue – the bluetooth just has much less fidelity. Makes my subwoofer kinda useless.

        Either way, having a dock you can hard wire is still nicer. I always hated that with the Nexus One dock you had to still plug in the audio to the phone. Made no sense too since the home dock had audio breakout on it.

    2. Which is exactly what I liked about the Nexus One (which I couldn’t get ahold of), and what I haven’t liked about the G2 and Sensation.  Either you have to have bluetooth or you have to plug in the headphone jack to the phone after you dock it.

  5. I am loving the look of these docks. I am particularly pleased with the car dock. My major quibble with my HTC Evo car dock is that is only provides a USB port (for charging) and doesn’t include a 3.5mm port.

    Does anyone know: what are the three gold pins able to transmit? It looks like the car dock has nothing more than the three pins to interface with the phone. Are they transmitting both power and the audio data for the 3.5mm port? If so, that is brilliant.

    1. ” Are they transmitting both power and the audio data for the 3.5mm port?”

      That’s how the Nexus One’s dock did it, so hopefully this one will as well. I’m not sure if there are any other Android phones that use the contacts like this to compare to, unfortunately.

      1. The Nexus One dock didn’t have a 3.5mm cable. My understanding was that it used A2DP to get the audio from the phone to the dock, not the contacts.

        1. Just a clarification on this…The original Nexus One dock does have a 3.5mm audio output jack.  You are correct about it using bluetooth to transmit audio to the dock.

        2. The car dock didn’t but the home dock did (have a 3.5mm jack). And as someone said it used bluetooth automagically.

    2. Yes, the 3 pins transmit audio too.  Check out the first vid with the
      charging/audio dock.  It has a 3.5mm jack on the back of it too, so I would hope
      the car dock is the same.

      I already have BT in my car though, so I don’t care much for that part.  I do
      really like the pins on the car dock (if it has them.. it doesn’t really show
      there).  I hate having to plug my Droid into the charger every time I get into
      the car.  /1st world problems =p

    3. I don’t know why this video isn’t in this post but here is the car dock preview…it looks AMAZING.

  6. the holder / battery charger was useless

    1. That is meant for those who have a second battery IIRC

    2. Nope, not useless, it’s exactly what I want. Sometimes I need a quick battery swap, but other times (like at nighty-night time) I can leave it on the dock. Nice to have it all in one unit.

  7. How cool, now I can have somewhere to put my new phone, except, they HAVEN”T RELEASED IT YET!!!


  8. I’m hoping for a keyboard dock that turns the thing into a laptop.

    1. I’m hoping for a laptop dock that turns the thing into a keyboard.

  9. So when are they going to make a nice dock thats a speaker system and alarm clock, etc setup? They never make any good night stand setups or anything like that. 

    Apple always has one-up on accessories. Poor Nexus will never get that kind of love!

    1. That’s because Apple has just one standard design and a few iterations of it. Any iHome dock or whatever else will work with any iPhone or iPod. It’s a much larger product family that all look/work alike so it’s easier for manufacturers to design and implement those devices into their own.

      As for Androids, its a free-for-all. Between 5 different kinds of Galaxy S2’s, HTC, ZTE, Moto’s, it’s just too varied to actually make a good-selling product that is not too niche.

      Sucks, I know.

      I plan on getting the desktop dock and plugging in some speakers to make it an alarm clock and a small screen to stream flash on to go to bed to. And the occasional tunes obviously!

      1. Now if Samsung played its bargaining power right and create only one S3 shape, they can commission manufacturers (iHome, B&W, etc) to create docks and alarms and the other fancy accessories, ship them worldwide, and Samsung will collect royalties. Same model as Apple, but with a much better OS ;)

      2. They could make some kind of universal system if they did it right.

        But no one does things right.

  10. Definitely picking up the car dock. It’s a must with that awesome screen and Google Maps 6.0.

  11. Hopefully the little bit of thickness difference between the GSM and LTE models do not effect their comparability with the docking stations…..

  12. Here’s the video for the car dock


    Seriously though — please tell me it has landscape ability.

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