Buckle Up – Acer, Lenovo and Samsung Plan To Release Tegra 3 Tablets Early Next Year


Digitimes is reporting that Acer, Lenovo and Samsung are planning to go thermo nuclear war against eachother in early 2012 with the release of their own quad-core, Nvidia Tegra 3 powered tablets. The rush for quad-core was sparked by ASUS’s upcoming Transformer Prime which will see a release sometime in December. According to sources, competition will be just as tricky as the last time around with the tablets mainly emphasizing an improvement in performance and design — not much else.

Even though Android tablets sales in 2011 weren’t all that great, this wont stop OEM’s from launching their new tabs at around near identical $460-600 price tags as last (this) year. Funny, I always thought one of the benefits to Android is that — like PC’s — they’re supposed to be higher powered and cheaper than Apple products? Go figure. Something tells me this is only going to help Kindle Fire sales.

[Via Digitimes]

Chris Chavez
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  1. “I always thought one of the benefits to Android is that — like PC’s — they’re supposed to be higher powered and cheaper than Apple products? Go figure.”

    A 32GB iPad is $599. A 32GB Asus Transformer Prime is $499. The Prime is significantly higher spec than the iPad and $100 cheaper. Go figure!

    1. Apple can drop price for iPad2 if the company will see, that sales are decreasing dramatically. And even so they will have good profit…  

      1. Nope. If apple drops the price of the ipad in any significant way, they will still make a profit but the bigger concern would be that they will make less. Their quarterly report will show a decrease in revenue. If you want to kill a stock, just show a decrease in revenue. Nevermind that they turned a profit because that won’t matter. Apple is in that precarious position of a new ceo already taking a hit for one quarter. A second consecutive one would be really bad. If apple drops the price of the ipad because nook and fire are taking too many units away from apple, watch institutional investors head for the hills.

  2. Nice. If I don’t get Transformer Prime for Christmas then I’ll have other tablets to look forward to.

  3. Android tablets will only sell well when the quadcore / new exynos tablets hit the bargain bin (ie $300).  The tablets that are currently in the bargain bin are unusable – and the Tegra 2 tablets are not great either.

    This will probably take a year (or a “few quarters” if you believe Nvidia’s CEO).  However, in a year Win 8 tablets will be out too…will be an epic battle. 

    1. The same was said a while back about Android phones in it’s infancy.

      We all know how that turned out.  There are phones for every range, and the top-tier Andys also sell fairly well.

  4. Obviously high end Android phones sell well but they are just a portion of the total number of Android phones sold.  I am sure that the super high end does not make up the majority of Android phone sales. 

    And in any event no matter the specs, all Android phones are cheaper than the latest iPhone.  No exceptions – not even the nexus line (other than the galaxy note, but that’s more of a hybrid phone/tablet).

    It’s easier to see this in Europe because of the cost of the phone depends on the plan you get – 

    SGS II – free from £36 per month plans 
    G Nexus – free from £39 per month plans
    Sensation – free from £36 per month plans 
    Razr – free from £31 per month plans 
    iPhone 4s 16gb – free from £47 per month plans 

    1. how are all Android phones cheaper than the latest iPhone. the iPhone 4S is only $200 as are several high end Android phones. the T-mobile GS2 is $229  the Droid Razr is $299 the HTC rezound is $299 and Im sure the Nexus will be more than $200

      what does the price of an Android phone matter as related to the price of an iPhone?  my GS2 blows the doors off my iPhone 4 and the 4S is no different and a majority of iPhones are not 32GB or 64GB models either.

      1. Check Amazon – they beat all of those prices and had most of those phones for $0.01 last week.  

        Anyway I was talking about UK prices (and intended the post to be a response to 1001 below)

  5. NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core Tablet LEAKS?! Sick 1920×1200 Resolution!

  6. Tegra 3s will take a big bite from Apple. The prime is crazy sold out and people are angry about Asus’ poor foresight to prepare for the demand. But the huge demand for these tablets has shown itself to be there and many will jump the iPad ship. All of a sudden, Apple is playing the role of the responder. They will still sell heck of a lot of ipad 3s even if it is a poor response, but their domination will wane. Seems like history repeating itself doesn’t it (Mac–pc transition in the 80s).

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