Nov 30th, 2011

Digitimes is reporting that Acer, Lenovo and Samsung are planning to go thermo nuclear war against eachother in early 2012 with the release of their own quad-core, Nvidia Tegra 3 powered tablets. The rush for quad-core was sparked by ASUS’s upcoming Transformer Prime which will see a release sometime in December. According to sources, competition will be just as tricky as the last time around with the tablets mainly emphasizing an improvement in performance and design — not much else.

Even though Android tablets sales in 2011 weren’t all that great, this wont stop OEM’s from launching their new tabs at around near identical $460-600 price tags as last (this) year. Funny, I always thought one of the benefits to Android is that — like PC’s — they’re supposed to be higher powered and cheaper than Apple products? Go figure. Something tells me this is only going to help Kindle Fire sales.

[Via Digitimes]