Surprise: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Front-Facing Camera Does 720p HD! [Video]


For one reason or another, it wasn’t made terribly public that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s front-facing camera does more than meets the eye. Many new owners of the device in the UK have discovered that the camera actually shoots 720p despite the fact that no press releases or product pages (to our knowledge, anyway) mention this feature, nor did Google seem to mention it in their keynote in Hong Kong.

We’re not mad or anything, but we’re not sure how Samsung and Google could miss a prime (no pun intended) marketing opportunity – this certainly would have caught the attention of many-a consumer.

The cat’s out of the bag now, though, so be sure to consider yet another great feature when looking to purchase this device. Check out the video above showing how to get to the resolution settings in the device’s camera software (forward to the 3:45 mark) and the uploader should also have a sample video up soon. [via AndroidForums.com]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. When I read up to “Surprise: Samsung Galaxy Nexus…” I almost got a heart attack. Darn, this phone is ruining my life.

    1. yep. now get back to work :)

  2. darn you! don’t you know you can give people heart attacks by saying SURPRISE followed by the words “galaxy Nexus”??

    1. Just shows the surprise is effective if something like that happens

  3. I’ll test it out early next week ;-)

  4. Surprise: VZW still hasn’t released the Nexus

    1. This isn’t a surprise. It’s stating the painfully obvious!

      1. I thought that was painfully obvious ;)

  5. At this rate, CM9 will be out for my OG Droid before VZW announces a release date for the Nexus.

  6. yea the rezound can do it too. late on these news man lol

    1. Well this article is about the Nexus, not the Rezound.

    2. Never was this article saying anything like look what the Nexus does compared to the razr or rezound… he was simply stating this is a feature not previously known.

    3. Guess what the Rezound won’t do……..Jellybean, LOL.

    4. This is the only site I check for news,  so the news is not late to me.  Exactly when did not being the first to report some news make it late?  Feel free to start a site with the latest breaking news if you are so compelled!

  7. Made my day – this was the only putting me in two minds about the Galaxy Nexus, but I ordered one anyway. Double excited about getting it tomorrow now : D

  8. Who cares.  I’ve already had a guy tell me that he’s sick of waiting for this phone to come out on VZW so he’s getting an iphone4s today.

    Pity Verizon is shooting Samsung in the foot.

    1. If he’s the type of guy to just give up and get an inferior phone, than he probably wouldn’t have been happy with the Nexus anyway.

  9. Ok did anyone else get annoyed of this idiots accent. Not just because he’s british or whatever but because he’s british and has MY DAMN PHONE. 

  10. Hell I have ICS on my nexus s 4g now

    1. Very soon I’ll have it on my Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Vibrant and Asus Transformer.

    2. Does the front facing camera shoot in 720p???

  11. This is great for friends and family that would like to count your nose hairs while video chatting.

  12. Who cares? It is not out on state side. Haha.

  13. “surprise”

    A 1.3MP camera can shoot a video in 0.921MP mode, on a phone where the rear camera can shoot in 1080p (2MP) which mean that the CPU can more than handle 720p.

    1. It’s a “surprise” because Google didn’t mention it could shoot 720p.

      1. The surprise would have been if a 1.3 MP camera couldn’t shoot 720p with such a processor.

        1. My Evo 3D’s front facing camera can’t shoot video in 720p =/

  14. This is awesome! I never knew this and I actually use the front facing camera on my Evo 3D to shoot video of me and my friends all the time. 

    This phone is going to be so much fun! :D

  15. cool story bro…release date?

  16. this dude has alot of spit in his mouth!!!!

    1. Thanks :), love you to ;)

  17. Well, 1280 x 720 = 921,600 pixels. We were told that the GNex has a 1.3 megapixel (1,300,000 pixel) front camera, so it definitely has enough pixels. It was just a matter of whether the sensor had the framerate capabilities, which it turns out, it does. 

  18. Oh wow it’s me :D

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