Confirmed: Galaxy Nexus (Prime) Pushed Back To A December Release


We’ve pretty much suspected this for awhile now but Business Insider is the first to receive confirmation from Verizon that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus launch has indeed been “pushed back” to December. How can something be pushed back when a date was never given? Well… I guess, it can’t.

Either way, that December 9th launch date is sounding more and more plausible. Seems Verizon has been putting this device through its paces with rigorous testing on their network and as long as this device is released before Christmas, I’d be happy. How ’bout you guys? Is Verizon really taking “too long” or will you be happy as long as it’s tested and released before year’s end?

[Via Business Insider]

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  1. This is the biggest fail of a dev phone release .  Should have released this on Sprint.  It would have worked and been out LAST month!

    1. Gotta love that crystal ball huh? Give me a break!!

      1. I’ve said that since the beginning of the Galaxy Nexus.  No crystal ball needed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the 12/9 date becomes more like 12/21-ish.

        1. I think that boon doggle of a direct release with the N1 on their website to T-Mo customers was the worst. Granted you could purchase it from the source but the carriers never got/wanted to test that phone.

    2. Oh yeah the people in any other country other than the U.S. would have loved that. /s

      1. Doesn’t really matter, though.  Same issue with Verizon.  If they were wanting usability world-wide, they would have dropped on AT&T or T-Mobile.

        1. Didn’t they do that? Except it came out in Europe first this time instead of the U.S. first.

    3. LOL, With Sprint’s shitty service and abysmal network? Good way to drive people away.

    4. This isn’t the biggest fail.  Its not even close.  The Bionic is by far the biggest fail announced in January at CES and released in September.  

      Released on Sprint?  Really?  With their crap Wimax network?  No thanks.  I would rather it come out on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

      The Nexus will be out within 2 months of the announcement.  It doesn’t take a lot of patience to wait that long.  It took months for the SGSII to show up here in the States.

      1. The bionic isn’t a dev phone.

  2. I hate the fact that they have an exclusive in US for the time being.  

    1. I think that they are pushing the date forward so that they get all the sales from Christmas. Watch the HSPA+ version come out right after that!

  3. If it is COMPLETELY bug free and flawless and has an amazing battery then fine, I will effing wait. 
    But if it is just being pushed forward for no reason then I will just wait for GS III, I have waited long enough dammit.

    1. You’ll wait till next August? The GS2 just came out in the US. You will be waiting a while.

  4. The day I buy this phone would be like [the most significant date in regard to your religions and beliefs].

    1. Then my day will be next week.

  5. Yeah Verizon can eat my banana after this release…… last VZW device I’ll ever buy. In 2 years when my contract is over more carriers will have LTE in the U.S. I will be switching to GSM so I can import devices and not have to EVER deal with this BS again. Congrats VZW you’ve lost my $300 monthly bill. Even though that does not mean crap to them I refuse to support this company any longer after the Nexus.

  6. I think it’s BS that google and Samsung let Verizon get an exclusive launch. The iPhone is on multiple carriers and released at the same time. I’m not an iPhone fan myself but at last Apple can dictate their own terms with the carriers. I want this phone but I loose my lust more and more everyday. Might as well wait for tegra 3 phones.

    1. Just like how Tegra 2 phones ended up better then the Nexus S………right.

      1. I have no idea actually for I have played with neither the nexus s or a tegra 2 phone, I was basing that conclusion of the incredibly positive hype over tegra 3 and the fact that I may very well never see the galaxy nexus on tmobile.

        1. Hype is hype even if it is for the Nexus One, Nexus S, Tegra 2, Tegra 3, or Flash, you just have to learn which actually live up to theirs. I have found out that the Nexus has over and over. Even the Exynos processor is faster then the Tegra 2 and with comparing a Nexus S (old Samsung 2010 processor) with the GS2 the GS2 is barely faster but not with all things just some. The fact that with stock Android the Nexus can compete with a processor that was tested to be about 3 times faster just shows why Tegra 3 won’t impress me unless it is on a stock Android device. I will be getting the Galaxy Nexus next week for T-mobile.

          1. Did you import?

          2. thanks for providing the link below to Verge. unfortunately, they are all 16 gb devices. that’s a lot of money to pay upfront for only a 16 gb device. i suppose only the 32 gb will be sold in the U.S. 

      2. Tegra 3 isn’t even in the same category as anything that’s out there currently.

        1. No duh but since the nexus one android has proven that software is greater.

      3. The Tegra 2 phones were only worst than the Nexus S b/c all of them were made by manufacturers that insisted on having their busted software on it… Even the g2x that was technically vanilla was so loaded with bloatware that it took them 2 months to update the OS to an already out of date version.

    2. why do i buy a phone with bugs and glitches? i rather wait until they fix everything before i buy it. 

      and dont compare android with iOS because they got a different target markets. iphone is for barista.

    3. Yeah the iPhone was never exclusively on just one carrier for years…..

  7. They just want time to put their bloatware on it, “testing” my big fat behind.

  8. It’s stupid. They are just trying to sell as many Razrs and Rezounds as they can. There is no real reason for the continued delay of the Nexus Prime.

    1. And believe me we are not selling either. We sold more Droid Bionic than Droid Razr. And I think my store has sold 2 Rezounds.

    2. Yes, how mindless of them to try and sell as many currently-available phones as possible before releasing a device that will say “Android 4.0” on it, thereby taking a bite out of those device’s sales – even non-techies can see 2.3 and 4.0 and draw a logical conclusion.
       That would go over great with the stockholders; “We’re sorry, but we aren’t going to try and push as many of the current 2.3.x phones out first because a handful of ADD-riddled spaz-cases that hang out in internet forums want the Nexus yesterday, so fuck the profits, and your stocks, we have to make these people happy!”

  9. im not on VZW, and i have an at t sgs2 so im happy now, but come on BLACK FIRDAY? what the heck kind of business operation does verizon call itself trying to get something to market and missing the biggest marketing day of the year? just some really poor work on verizon’s part.. and i’d be pissed if i was samsung that the carrier can’t figure it out in a good time

    1. You don’t push a product to market if it isn’t ready.  That can be more damaging that holding it back until the major issues are resolved.  Verizon wanted to push it out this week but testing revealed the phone was simply not ready.  Verizon did not publicly commit the phone to any certain date.  When you are working with advanced tech, results can be unpredictable.  IMHO, the only thing Verizon is guilty of here is not communicating to the public.  But even then, you don’t necessarily want to expose your dirty laundry.  

      1. then why is this phone available in europe?

      2. Like Verizon has never released a phone with issues from day one…

  10. Fuck it…wont be on tmobile. Ics all day by february

    1. I got ICS on my extra phone the Vibrant and I will have the Galaxy Nexus next week to use on T-mobile.

    2. Buy it in Europe for $700 and use it on T-Mobile… that’s the best you can do I guess… Wish I had the $700 to cough up i’d order the damn thing right now to get away from this Sensation

  11. Rather wait than get a phone with bugs

  12. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D8jMPCBME7Ns%26feature%3Dyoutube_gdata_player&feature=youtube_gdata_player&v=8jMPCBME7Ns&gl=US

    Mad props to Google Music for making this happen. A week into it’s release, Google is already targeting my favorite band. They know what substance is all about. I saw M83 last Thursday at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. Amazing live. Last I checked on iTunes, the GaGa was raping my eyes. Can’t wait to ditch iTunes entirely. Keep up the good work Google!

    1. M83 is awesome

  13. If Business Insider got confirmation from Samsung where’s the proof? I’m not at all saying it hasn’t been pushed back, but “confirmed” without a source is just a rumor from another website.

  14. if this doesn’t come out for tmobile until 2012 then i might as well wait for that htc quad core phone. 

  15. I’ve already said, “Eff it”. Just sticking with awfu T-My and my awful G2x.

    1. Yea, the g2x really was awful. I returned 22 of them before getting my money back… then my dumbass walked into the Sensation, I didn’t return it in time. Now i’ve been doing warranty exchanges once a week just to feel better about my bad decisions. I don’t know which is worst, the G2x or the Sensation… they’re both crap. I guess i’m more disappointed with the G2x though b/c it was supposed to be a vanilla android device… instead it ended up being a vanilla skin layed with bloat ware and hardware bugs… not to mention that horrible light bleed that shows in every unit, even the ones still in the store.

  16. As usual the American market gets screwed over with an exclusive release on a carrier that’s CDMA, so you don’t even have the option of sim card swapping. Who’s the dumbass at Google/Samsung that decided a Verizon exclusive was a good idea?

    1. yeah… F exclusivity….

    2. You mean the US’s largest cell provider? 

      1. Walmart if probably the biggest Retailer…doesnt make it a good choice to shop there!

        1. It does make it a good place to sell your products though, by the simple fact that they’re the biggest retailer.

        2. True, but to ignore such a large player is bad businesses practice.

          1. They weren’t being ignored, they had plenty of Android phones… the type of Android phones Verizon likes, locked down bloated software that they can control easier. The Nexus kind of goes against everything Verizon has done so far. They’re really kind of just ruining the next year of Nexus for all the Android enthusiasts.

        3. I wish they were more like walmart on price! For me to leave T-Mobile to Verizon is going to be over $80 more /mo

  17. I will never fault a company for testing something if it makes that something better. My one and only “new every two” is up on December 7th so the timing is right (if December 9th is correct.) Yes it sucks to have to wait and yes I’m annoyed by thins since the phone is out nearly EVERYWHERE else but I’ll wait.

  18. Wow – so much passion about a phone. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this device as well, but it’s just a phone. A really nice phone, but still, just a phone.

    1. Without Ice Cream Sandwich, what would that contoured-screened bundle of electronics be?  Just another Android smartphone.  ;-)

  19. I’m really sick and tired to wait ! Many of my friend laugh on me with their Iphone4S and I tell theme you’ll see how my Nexus are better !! AND I have to wait AGAIN !!!$%?$%?&$&%?&%?*%$*?&*?%&*?%

  20. let’s ban together and start barraging VZW twitter account. is there any ongoing #trend out there that would act as a virtual petition on this? :)

    1. despite their faults, Verizon is still the best carrier in the US.  Every US carrier sucks, it’s a matter of finding the lesser of 3 evils.  (I say 3 because Sprint doesn’t count due to their lack of coverage and their pathetic attempt at 4g)

  21. Hell, I’m not getting this phone til March and I think they are taking way to long to release it. Just give us our ice cream goodness already will ya Verizon.

  22. Waiting for this phone to be released has made me into an angry and impatient person. I’ve been turning more and more green and buff as the days go by, with no sign of GN being released..

  23. They’re just giving the Droid Razr more time to be #1 on vzw before they drop the nexus.

    1. I was thinking that at first too, but then I remembered how they screwed up the Thunderbolt and Bionic release and realized I was giving Verizon credit for their fail. 

  24. If the Rezound devs unlock the bootloader before 12/9, I may go with HTC.

    1. I hear ya! honestly, you cannot go wrong with HTC.  Its a tough decision btw these two phones.  I’m on Sprint and look forward to them getting the Nexus, but if HTC releases something comparable first, I wouldn’t hesitate for a sec. In my experiences (EVO and GS2/EpicTouch), Samsung does have slightly better/faster hardware, but HTC has better radio reception and better software.

      1. Better software?! Please don’t tell me you’re referring to the horribly pathetic HTC Sense. Even on the newer phones you can’t open an app without Sense taking 15 + seconds to reload after you close the app. HTC makes software that’s a resource hog and destroys the Android experience entirely.

        I loved the HTC Nexus One, but that’s because they didn’t touch the software. HTC also doesn’t have access to AMOLED anymore, so their displays look like garbage.

        1. I’ve tried really hard to understand what the hell your saying…  There is a 15 second delay when doing what ?!?.. Is the delay when opening or closing ?.. Your sentence appears to be doing both either simultaneously or in some time travel way and maybe that’s why you get your 15 second delay

  25. Im glad I imported my Nexus from EU. Seriously I would very upset if I was a vzw customer waiting for the device I wanted

    1. No, only immature fanboys with little or no patience are going to cry about this. Verizon has not missed the release date on this phone.  They said the phone will be out later in the year and we are still within that claim.  The Nexus might be three weeks late if you believe the initial rumored release date.  Big deal.

      1. Seeing as the release day was supposed to be 11/28 yeah they did seeing as the new day is 12/8 or 12/9 

        1. :o OMG! You have to wait an extra 2 weeks! Those BASTARDS!
          :s Take some Ritalin there, sport.

          1. You clearly don’t get it

          2. No, I don’t; I don’t need Ritalin, therefore, I don’t get it. However, I am a life-long lover of all things tech, and older than AMD, Intel, or Samsung Electronics. Perhaps for that very reason, I am accustomed to products being announced, then waiting for them – often longer than expected, and certainly longer than two weeks. All of these stupid comments such as “fail”, “I’ll just wait since it’ll be outdated by the time it’s released” (yes, in two weeks, Android will be on 19.3 Zeppoli, and 128-core processors will be the norm *eyeroll*), or the silly conspiracy stories, mindless rants, people wanting to hurt themselves because a phone didn’t come out the day they wanted it, or in some cases, people who claim that the “delay” is literally ruining their lives. What a lot of people need to “get” is a little something called “patience”. If your life is THAT centered around a smartphone (I’m not implying you, yourself, as I haven’t seen you post anything that ridiculous), you need to take a long look in the mirror, and take stock of your life. What happens when a real problem arises? No one is dying and waiting on a cure for cancer, they’re waiting on a phone whose biggest selling point is the fact that it will be the first phone to officially have ICS and gets it’s updates from Google, and the actual release date was pushed back potentially less than two weeks  – nothing more.

  26. this is exactly why i use a carrier for their service and not to get a phone.  who knows how long they’ll make their customers wait.  Verizon is the worst with releasing phones long after they’ve been announced.

    1. Amen bother!

  27. Getting it right is most important.  No bugs!  It will be interesting to see how many are sold in the first week.

    1. wishful thinking kid, Verizon effed the release of the Thunderbolt and Bionic, and there were still bugs galore.  

  28. you deleted my post, too graphic for you. Well in the hopes that VZ will hear their customers’ rage over their stupid decisions- I hate you VZ, I hate you sooo much. Please google take over the carrier industry and punish these fools.

    1. I second this post.

    2. Verizon is NOT making stupid decisions.  You remark is totally baseless.  Verizon is trying to get this phone out ASAP but there have been problems that have cropped up during testing and need to be addressed before the phone is released.  

      Verizon is a publicly traded corporation complete with a board of directors.  Their stock has not been affected by not getting the Nexus to market and it remains to be seen if revenue will be down because of it.  Just because you fan boys lack the maturity and patience to wait for the phone to come out and start whining about every bump in the road, if I were Verizon, I wouldn’t really be concerned about all of this negative chatter simply because it is not representative of their customer base.  After all, it is just a phone.  One that will be out of date in a couple of months.     

      1. i stopped reading after the first line. pretty funny stuff here… lol

      2. its funny how you respond as if you know what you’re talking about. yeah I’m sure it has “bugs,” but nothing an update can’t fix while I have it in my hands, like several other countries now. you want to talk about fanboyism, why don’t you, Brian, go stand back in line with your black turtle neck on, $500 glasses from germany,  and a candle burning bright for your almighty jobs, waiting for him to roll the boulder away and come out with the Iphone5 in hand for all his children that flock to him like sheep. Brian pass on the kool-aid (its poisoned).

      3. Oh really? and what are you going to say when it still ends up being buggy and laggy due to verizon bloatware that you can’t remove?

  29. please push it to the 20th. my contract ends on the 29th :D 

  30. Verizon sucks at releasing phones (Thunderbolt, Bionic, and Nexus are all “Prime” examples). 

  31. I get less and less excited about this phone daily.

  32. this shit would have been released on T-mobile a month ago if Google didn’t make the wrong decision

  33. Samsung: sorry for the wait guys

    Customer: oh its all good. I can understand you’re fixing the bugs. Its ok

    Apple: yes…keep prolonging it. I swear I hate these IPhone killers

  34. They are taking too long. I said the hell with it and got me a razr. Wanted the nexus but the razr is too sick to pass up.

  35. Might as well as wait a couple more months and get my hands on a SGS3 at least it will probably have a flipping microSD slot.

  36. its too long when we know the testing is just to stall the device and get more RAZRs sold.

  37. VZW is the kiss of death to any phone.  They delay them far too long.  If they did not have the best reception and coverage in my area, I would be gone.  I dropped ATT because I could not get a connection when I could see the tower 300 feet away from my balcony.  They had a tech out and could not explain it.  They let me out of the contract because they could not provide service in their coverage map.

    I should have just gotten the 4S when it came out.  At least Apple knows how to release a phone.

  38. Wow someones trolling.

  39. So fixing all the bugs,eh? So I should expect this phone to be bug free then ….

  40. I’d rather have it now even if it does have a bug or two.  They are not going to make any significant hardware changes between now and the release so I would be willing to buy it a month ago and wait for a patch.  However, I know that I’m probably in the minority in the big scheme of things.  Us “phandroids” are among the few that would be willing to put up with minor bugs, while Verizon wants the phone to be ready for the masses so I understand the rigorous testing. Just tired of waiting on a phone that was announced so long ago…It is old news by now

  41. all I want is a phone that’s actually top of the line for more than a month after purchase. I’ve been excited for this phone since the rumors of verizon getting it’s first Nexus device, primarily because the Nexus devices are usually top end, but leave it to verizon to delay it ad nauseam 

  42. 1. Get Google to agree to time based U.S. exclusive with new Nexus phone (check)
    2. Delay U.S. Nexus phone release until end of November (check)
    3. Delay U.S. Nexus phone release again until beginning of December (check)
    4. Sell more non-Nexus phones until the U.S. Nexus is released (check)
    5. Get all the U.S. Nexus sales from all the Christmas shoppers
    6. Watch as AT&T&T-Mobile version comes out late and not many buy cuz they are waiting on Galaxy S III now.

    1. LOL! Makes a lot of perfect sense.

  43. the dec 9 is my bday

  44. So wait! Because vzw is doing such immense testing, And being so hush hush, does this mean were going to be getting a bug free phone? I say BS….this phone will still come laced with problems and issues, maybe more then the euro volume issue, and for sure the GPS lock issue! The truth of the matter is this…VZW wants to sell as many Razrs, and Rezounds as possible before even saying anything about a date. They could have went WEB only this Monday the 21st, and then released it in stores 2 weeks later…like they did with the BB Bold 9930! That would have made to much sense….VZW is fueled by greed and that’s that!

  45. Glad I bought my razr lol honestly when the prime comes out I may pass it up..because a month or so after its released a newer faster phone will be the topic of discussion…then everyone will jump on that bandwagon

  46. There was no way that Verizon was going to release this phone until the RAZR had been out for at least 14 days.

    1. VZW announced upgrades for much longer than the 14 days around Nov 17.  You can buy any phone now and upgrade it on the return policy until like January.

  47. took too long.  Not interested anymore.

  48. The phone isn’t “late” guys. No release date has been missed because no date was ever announced. Pipe down and be patient or buy something else. If it’s delayed to allow for the other phones to sell, well we might not like it, but that is smart business and VZW is a business just like any other business. If it is late because of bugs, well then let them fix the bugs. Either way, getting your panties in a bunch over a phone just seems kind of childish. And no I don’t have an iPhone. And yes I’m getting a Galaxy Nexus.

    1. You are correct that it is not “late”.  However, it has been pushed out so long that new phones will be out with processors that can support the screen (4470, etc?).  By the time VZW release it, Samsung will have a phone with the same screen, a processor that can support the HD display (new Exynos or 4470).  That is the problem with Android:  too many devices, too fast of a technology change.

      1. …And that’s a problem?

  49. And you guys says Verizon is a better company than AT&T. Looks like they screw everyone on Verizon network looks like their not reliable like they use to. They should of release the GSM version for AT&T T-Mobile at least they can release their phones.

  50. They’re taking far too long–no question.  I’m NOT happy simply having it before the end of the year.  I’d rather have it “starting in November,” as we heard way back in October.  At this point, it’ll be released far too close to Christmas, which means that my wife won’t let me get one.  Which, in turn, because of Verizon’s constantly botched phone releases, means that I’m moving to another carrier.  I just can’t continue to give Verizon my money when they clearly aren’t valuing what their customers want.

  51. Phandroid please stop with the Prime stuff as much as we all wanted the name your just adding to the confusion. Also people remember when the Nexus 1 and S came out on Verizon Oh ya they didnt stop complaining its coming to Verizon first it will come to all carriers the Nexus 1 and S didnt eventually come to Verizon they just didnt come at all

  52. I’m still not sure why people are all hyped about this phone…apparently, we are probably going to get a 16GB only model from VZW, it only has a 5 MP camera, and apparently is buggy.  I wouldn’t rush out for this on any day of the week…

  53. I don’t mind waiting, but what I do mind is them being so close lipped about it. There really is no reason for it. If they had originally said “It will be out November 18th” and then said “We have to push it back to December 8th due to unforeseen bugs, etc., etc., etc….” then I wouldn’t have cared even a fraction as much. It would suck, but I would rather have them iron that stuff out. Since they are closed about the release date all they are doing is pissing anxious people off.

    1. If they had given it a release date and then missed it, VZW stock would go down.  So obviously they’re being wishy-washy to protect their stock prices.  Probably also trying to sell as many Razr and Rezounds as possible.

      I blame Google for this debacle.  This is one thing Apple is good at and Google needs to pay attention.  You make sure the phone is fully tested and works on your intended carriers first, THEN you announce it, and when you do you announce a release date that is less than a month away.  Then you actually release it.  Granted, the 4s still has bugs, but they didn’t keep it from being released on time.

  54. I could care less at this point.  By the time it does get released, there will already be a handful of phones on the market with better specs.  Who cares about carrier bloat when the phones I buy are rooted and rom’d within a few hours of purchase.  I refuse to fall for the Nexus hype and will instead opt for raw processing power/speed.

  55. I’m a big fan of testing before releasing (unless it’s my own code), so late is fine with me.

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  57. I’m sure that everyone gets to wait because Verizon is trying to figure out how to load up more bloatware, lock the boot loader, replace Google Navigation with VZ Navigate, and lock down the Tethering. Verizon is going to destroy the name of Nexus, I don’t even know why they were so insistent on getting a “Nexus” exclusive… All their other phones are locked down bloatware beasts, why go after a phone meant to be open and bloatware free.

    I guess i’m going to have to save up my $700 and buy it from Europe for T-Mobile. I can’t stomache increasing my bill $80 /mo for a bastardized nexus.

    1. Oh, you’re also waiting so they can get some sales off the Razr before they release it. They know once this comes out they might as well take the Razr off the shelf.

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