With Modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N, Samsung Back to Selling Tablets in Germany


It isn’t clear exactly what Samsung has done to address elements that resulted in a German court banning the sale of their Galaxy Tab 10.1, but the Android slate is ready for sale in the country once again. Now dubbed the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, from the image and description provided by one German retailer, it is hard to notice any immediate differences between the already released version of the slate and its modified counterpart. There does appear to be a slight alteration to the bezel surrounding the screen, a primary element in Apple’s argument that the Galaxy Tab could be confused for the iPad at first glance.

It remains to be seen if Apple will drag this new version through the ringer, but for now the “Galaxy Tab is back,” as stated in the product description. Germans eager to order can expect the tablet to ship in two to four days.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Well played, Samsung.

  2. Apple: what?! How!?

    Samsung: simple. You cried about A. So I replaced it with B

    Apple: lawyers quick! Make another harmonious lawsuit! Now!

    Lawyers: ok. We’re on it

    Samsung: you’re making lawsuits that have little to no relevance. Its not that hard to change something so simple

    Apple: good. Make a triangular phone then

    Samsung: I’m not done innovating the rectangular shape. Lets see. I put a curve on it. Made a humpback. Slapped a true HD screen on it-

    Apple: Enough! I can’t wait to stop your parade of handicapped phones

    Samsung: keep dreaming. If I lose you lose. I win? The world keeps spinning. Don’t forget I got strings attached to yo bitch ass

    Motorola: yea. Its about time that little runt face the music. One wrong move with me and UH-OH. Apple sales might have to be disabled due to some…property?…infringement? …perhaps?

    HTC: hey hey hey. I know moto might have some patents that Apple is infringing on, but man. Just wait till they see S3 Graphics

    Samsung: you see what you started Apple? You made a patent troll world

    Audi: yea tell me about it. LG is suing me for some damn LED headlights on my cars

  3. Yes!!
    But at the first glance every stupid guy would recognize any tablet as an iPad
    I’ve got an archos 101 and the first my friends said was ‘oh an ipad’ WTF
    The ipad has good specs but my archos is 10 times as useful.

    1. you’ll always have that.
      to some people every tablet is an ipad, every mp3 player is an ipod, every portable game computer is a gameboy, and every killer whale is called “free willy”

  4. What a pathetic, passive aggressive move by Samsung. 

    “See judge! We changed it.  It’s not a shameless knockoff anymore!”

    I can’t wait for Samsung to be cited for contempt of the German courts :-)

    1. keep dreaming.

    2. You seem unhappy with how Samsung changed their device.

      How would you propose Samsung change it?

      Is there any amount of change which would make the Samsung device acceptable to Apple?

      1. A device with full front glass that is masked on the underside of the glass display surround is an Apple original design that is both ornamental and functional.  It started with the iPhone back in 2007. Apple uses it on all of their displays: iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, iMacs, MacBook Pros, and Cinema Displays.  In my opinion, Apple should have exclusive rights to this design.

        I can predict your response:  “It’s so obvious, Apple shouldn’t be allowed to patent it”.  Well if it’s so obvious, why didn’t Samsung adopt this design before Apple?  See Here:

        Great designs only seem obvious after you see them.  That they seem inevitable is what makes them great designs!

        Why doesn’t Samsung just go back to the designs they were using from before the iPhone?  I’ll tell you why, because their designs sucked and nobody bought them.  Samsung copies Apple because they don’t know how to do their own product design, plain and simple.

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