After Teardown, Amazon Kindle Fire is an Open Book

Those guys at iFixit are quick. No sooner has the Amazon Kindle Fire hit shelves than it has hit their workbench, opening its front and back cover and revealing the Android-based tablet’s inside. Spoiler alert: this ain’t no paperback.

Through the teardown we learn that Kindle Fire is comprised of components from Texas Insturments, Samsunh, Hynix, and Jorjin. The battery measures in at almost 5-inches squared and is rated at 16.28 Watt-hours, though its “3.7V potential and 4400mAh capacity don’t quite stack up to the specs of the iPad 2 Wi-Fi’s battery.”

The good news is that the Kindle Fire appears to be relatively easy to disassemble with a few simple tools and a bit of skill. For those that feel competent to dig around inside their high-priced electronics, repairs shouldn’t cause too much of a headache.

[via iFixit]

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