Android Overload: Best Buy Buys Carphone Warehouse For $1.3 Billion, Apple Killing Google In Profit Share and More

Wow.. a lot of news came through over the weekend which resulted in a busier than usual Monday. For everything that we couldn’t get through we’ve placed here — in the Android Overload. This is where you can come and read up on all the handpicked Android/Google/mobile related stories that just didn’t make the cut but still deserve to be read. So have a look around and if you see anything you like, drop us a comment.

  • Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt reiterates that Android will remain “open” and “free.” [WSJ]
  • Apple is killing Google where it counts: profit share. [MarketWatch]
  • Paypal for Android updated in the Market. Adds NFC widget. [Market Link]
  • Best Buy acquires Carphone Warehouse for $1.3 billion. Will focus on mobile. [WSJ]
  • Bell Canada to release Samsung Galaxy W within the coming weeks. [MobileSyrup]
  • China doesn’t have the Android Market. Instead they have over 70 app stores that could shrink to 10. [MocoNews]
  • Samsung DROID Charge Gingerbread build (EP4P) leaked. [MyDroidWorld]

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  • Joshua Simpson

    Haha  love the little comic : D awesome! Email

  • PhilNelwyn

    The MarketWatch article is ridiculous, it doesn’t deserve your linking.
    It starts comparing Apple (hardware) to Google Android (software), and ends claiming that Android smartphones are cheaper than the iPhone, forgetting to mention all models prior to the 4S.

    • The_ATL_Guy

      LOL ya a little truth sucks especially when it comes to Apple.
      Android handsets ARE CHEAPER than Apple! What exactly is wrong with that?
      He didn’t say cheaper quality.
      You need to set aside your Apple hatred it blinds you

      • newdiedewdie

        you need to set aside your senseless sheeple defense mechanism.. it retards you.

        • The_ATL_Guy

          What part of that article do you dispute?

          • blaque_prince

            Article is fine…only problem is that it only addresses the current state of things. The most important part of the article is the part about fictional company Appy selling 50 widgets. Well what happens when Appy only sells 25 widgets….Ahhhh. Thats the part Apple fanboys tend to ignore. 

            Apple’s share has been flat for almost 2 years. They’ve been selling the same 50 widgets relatively since a year after Androids launch. Meanwhile the number of Google powered widgets keeps increasing at a rapid rate. If these widgets were just individual things this wouldn’t matter much. But they are a part of an ecosystem and ecosystems tend to have gravity and pull people from small ecosystems. Eventually Android will begin to erode iPhones share and with that share goes that bottom line profit…because remember….its margin times units moved. To be honest the only thing keeping the iPhone from tumbling right now is that Google doesn’t  pull its services off the iPhone. You can get all the services offered on the iPhone via various services on Android. iPhone wouldn’t make it without Google’s services. And once these flop numbers start to show for the 4s the slide will begin.

          • Wojciechowski

            blaque_prince wrote:Apple’s share has been flat for almost 2 years….
            Well, according NASDAQ data, Apple stock was $188 in Nov 10, and now is worth $405.
            Maybe You are not an idiot, but You are lazy or uneducated, for sure….don’t write about some  facts, that are so easy to check, but You are to lazy to check them, or You do not know how to check them 

          • blaque_prince

            Market share you idiot…not their share price. And you have the nerve to call me an idiot?

        • The_ATL_Guy

          What do people with a disability have to do with this?

        • The_ATL_Guy

          Where did you go? Hello?

      • PhilNelwyn

        – Galaxy Note : 620€ / iPhone 4S : 630€
        – Galaxy Tab 10.1 16Go WiFi : 480€ / iPad 2 16 Go WiFi : 490€
        – HTC Desire S : 360€ / iPhone 3GS : 370€

        Prices may vary, but it has nothing to do with the differences outlined in the article, there are cheaper iPhones too now.

        But the reason why this article sounds ridiculous to me, is that Google don’t make profits directly on devices sales… they make profits on ads, thus need the more consumers possible, justifying low price devices.

        You don’t know me and clearly are the blinded one.

  • fred12345

    Of course the premise that Apple is making more money than Google on phones is ridiculous to start with since their business models are completely different.  Android is a platform to deliver advertising.  Google is not trying to profit from selling phone hardware.  So of course if you only look at profit from selling phone hardware you can make an intellectually dishonest argument.