Just How Fast Is AT&T’s 4G LTE Network? Check Out These Speedtests


With AT&T announcing the rollout of their brand new 4G LTE network and a handful of devices all set to take full advantage of it, you may be asking yourself, “Just how fast is AT&T’s LTE?” Well… buckle up kiddos and take a look at these Speedtests from the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket inthe Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area.

Given the fact that there’s only — say, 4 people currently sucking up LTE bandwidth, we expect things to change drastically a few months from now. Until then… take it all in, folks. All 60Mbps of phone melting, cancer causing LTE. Want to see more Speedtests? Hit up our AndroidForums to join in on the party.

[AndroidForums via BriefMobile]

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  1. Must be nice to be any one of those 4 people one the 4g lte network but once they get ta coming oh its gonna suck

  2. Like driving a brand new Lambo on an empty highway…

    1. And having to pay a toll after two miles so you can continue driving a little bit more. 

    2. Just because you are going faster doesnt mean you are using more data. If I go from my house to the store once going 40 then once going 60 I still traveled the same distance. 

      1. Yes, but you did it faster and if you only had a limited number of times you could go to the store in a month, you could theoretically use up your “number of travels” faster. I know that in my case, if I can go on the net faster, I’ll be able to browse more sites faster, (more data) specially when sitting on the crapper, watch videos in the highest possible quality (more data) and anything else that would normally be limited due to lower internet speeds. I already blow through a little more than 2 gigs per month on an  “Unlimited 3G” connection and that’s only because sometimes I use my wifi at home when I want to download something faster than I can through my cell service. 

        You can argue: “Well then watch your monthly usage and you’ll be fine.” Which is fine and dandy, but when the cell companies are giving us the tools to do everything at a much faster rate, and flaunting that we can “do so much more with 4G” and “OMGBBQSAUCE it’s so freaking fast!!!” but then giving us limits, it’s kinda unfair.

    3. You’d blow through gas on that empty lambo just about as quickly to be completely honest.

  3. I don’t get it, that looks like a CM7 ROM because of that battery bar. But AT&T only has two phones out that has LTE, the Vivid and Skyrocket right? But neither of those have CM7 yet considering they’re barely even out…

    1. HTC Jetstream (tablet) too and I think there’s one more cheapie Samsung device..

    2. That’s touchwiz. Thats what it looks like. My gf’s epic 4g touch looks identical. And if you’re just talking about the battery image, its like that on vanilla gingerbread. Its not a cm7 exclusive

  4. So now I can blow through an AT&T 2GB data plan in 4 minutes.  This is truly great progress.

    By a staggering coincidence, the test in the picture also took 4 minutes. I hope the tester had a grandfathered unlimited plan….

    1. You my friend, are wrong.. just because it’s fast doesn’t all of sudden make all those web pages, music downloads, YouTube videos 20 times more the size to use for your 2GB data plan.. the only thing now is it means you’ll probably do a little bit more with those speeds.

  5. Cap

  6. This is why I fucking hate living in the UK.. All telco’s over here stuggle to get 1mb download speeds. Fuck this shit i’m moving to America!

    1. So what I’m hearing is that you have a choice… live in Europe where you have MUCH better land-line internet speeds, or here in America where SOME people (those who have 4G before it gets huge) can have fast over-the-air internet speeds.

      Personally, I’d rather live somewhere that I can get insane speeds to my computer, instead of being stuck at a “15Mbps” download cap. (And I put it in quotes b/c it’s advertised at 15Mbps, but I usually get roughly 1Mbps at the most.)

      1. Agreed. I’d rather have some serious cable speeds than OTA speeds to my phone. We’re lucky to be gettin 25Mb/s but I’d kill to see 50Mb/s or higher.

        1. TWC wideband is pretty nice. I’ve hit 52Mbps at home. Usually tops out at 50.

      2. Actually, most of the biggest comparisons of US speeds to European speeds compared real US speeds to advertised European speeds.

        The big European (and other) countries aren’t really much different than the US.  The UK is behind the USA. The USA is also faster than Canada or Australia.

        The fastest countries are small countries, but those are equivalent to densely populated areas in the larger countries.  (You could carve out Verizon FIOS territories larger than many countries.)

        It’s a mistake to generalize about “Europe” (or the USA, considering how some people in the US can get FIOS and others can’t.)

  7. What good use could that speeds have,if there is a monthly data cap of 2GB ?

  8. yeah.. but what about the ping? ;)

    1. Right next to the upload speeds in the pic ;-).  All < 100ms.

      1. Yeah i totally realised that after posting.

        mea culpa.

        would be nice if it were under 50 though :x

  9. That is 10x what I have seen in store at local VZWs.  I am hoping they just have those phones speed capped when I get my Nexus in ~2 weeks.  If not, 4G LTE does nothing for me.  I can always get faster access through wireless networks.

    1. I regularly get 25 mbs down and 10-15 mbs up on a Samsung Stratosphere (Verizon) in Chicagoland.

    2. I get at least 25mbps at home in OK.

    3. Verizon’s 4g network is also loaded, therefore, slower speeds. I regular get high teens in a town that doesn’t have a lot of network backbone..att ‘s speeds will slow down when there are more than a few people using it.

  10. ATT LTE 4G commercial now says “10 times faster than 3G”.  It should say 10 times faster than the crap we’ve been advertising as 4G for the last 2 years.  

    1. it does seem like 2 years, but it was only in January that they started referring to HSPA+ as “4G”.  Now let’s just get this out to the rest of the country!

  11. Given that when I got the Thunderbolt on the first day it was out and was hitting speeds of around 20-30Mbps, that’s pretty impressive.  Hopefully their network is as robust as Verizon’s and will scale nicely with the additional 4G phones that are on the way.

  12. I barely tipped over the 1mbps with my hspa+ device.

    1. really i hit 8mbps all the time on my g2 and have seen up to 10 

  13. I never understand these complaints that state that you will blow through data faster with faster data speeds. Just because you have the speed, are you going to download bluray images with it? The idea here is you get the information you are looking for faster. If I am searching for a place I eat using the LTE network, I will have that information much faster. THAT is the point of speed folks, NOT being able to download 13 blurays worth of porn in the shortest amount of time.

    1. These are the people who are taking the internet speed paradigm from their desktop/laptop and applying it to a cell phone.  The bottom line is that with the increased speed there is actually a reduced overall load on the network (much shorter sessions).  Also, when I get 1-2 meg email attachment they download really quick.

      So, for the folks that want to torrent their latest training films, well, get your wallet out.  For people who really use their cell connection the LTE is a welcome change.

    2. yes, people make no sense o_O

    3. +1. I never understood this myself. If before using 4G you commonly only used say 1GB a month, how does a faster speed change that. Only changing your surfing/download habits will do that. So don’t suddenly begin streaming movies if you haven’t in the past.

  14. Why is ping so important? It is not like I am playing a FPS.

    1. It makes even browsing the web _feel_ more responsive.  Consider a page that has half a doze ads on it; those additional 1/10 of a seconds begin to add up.

      1. Adblock ftw. You are the first person I have heard state their internet experience is better with ads that load more quickly. As they say, to each his own! ;)

    2. At the end of that day it’s not, unless you are tethering, in which case it does matter a lot. Gaming uses very small amount of data so even with a 2GB cap it really is viable.

    3. I play Battlefield 3 using my att captivate on 3g.  Runs extremely smooth.

  15. Unfortunately for the AT&T folks, unless you are judicious of a user as you think you are, yes, by AT&T having an obscenely fast network, YOU WILL USE DATA FASTER.

    If you are given access to a network that performs faster, most people will think things are just that “faster” and not realize they are running through bandwidth. 

  16. Sheesh… from the article and it’s remarks, and comment after comment you’d think AT&T shot a puppy or something.. I think there is one slightly positive comment.. Something wrong with you people. I’m not on AT&T but I think it’s pretty cool that they are getting faster speeds.. They don’t need T Mobile either to do it.

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking. The retards on this forum are unbelievable. Remember when Verizon launched their LTE and people were singing their praises and acting like the second coming of Jesus was upon us? And, if I recall, the speeds weren’t anywhere near this high.

      Now AT&T is FINALLY taking steps in the right direction and people are still bashing them. It must be a trendy or something to continually bash this company.

      1. And for the record I am on AT&T, regularly get 5-8mbps on H+ and have not had a single dropped  call since I got rid of my BlackBerry Bold 9700 (that sucker dropped calls like it was its job).

  17. I just wish I could get off atts edge an folks are complaining about h plus

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