ASUS Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for the Transformer

According to the droves of email that invaded our inbox, ASUS has just tweeted something sweet. And by sweet I do mean Ice Cream Sandwich related. They’ve confirmed through Twitter that their popular Android tablet – the Eee Pad Transformer – will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. “Stay tuned for updates,” they say. We’ll certainly be doing that. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • Scott Tompkins

    Considering how diligent ASUS has been with updates, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Transformer get it before the Xoom.

    • Magus2300

      True, but I hope my Xoom gets it in a timely manner as well. ……….. I know, I know. You can stop laughing now. =/

      • Scott Tompkins

        Haha, I hope so too, my friend… I hope so too :)

    • petersinnott

      So very very glad I got my Transformer instead of a Xoom. The Euro Xoom is still on 3.1. That would have driven me nuts.

  • jo bu

    still loving my choice in purchasing the TF1

  • mariano zorrilla

    I want it nowwww!!! Love 3.2.1 in my Asus TF but i need some ice cream love

  • Tom Bishop

    Finally I picked a device that gets support!!!!! Usually if I get a phone or computer it is always the last to get updates the others are getting. I’m looking at you HTC Thunderbolt!

  • Jesse Hamlin

    Not only is the transformer the best and cheapest tablet on the market, it gets updates quickly!

  • PGlennon

    Loving my Transformer… and soon ICS! Sweet!

  • alexafterbuffalo

    Furthering my reassurance that I made the best purchase by opting for the TF . YES

  • Alek Tritt

    Asus is great, there was never a doubt in my mind!

  • Daniel G

    Isnt honeycpmb better then ics? The only reason for ics was to bring honycomb phones.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      There are some new optimizations and features being brought over to the tablet side as well. ICS is better than Honeycomb since it’s Honeycomb with more features.

    • Nikolaj Kaa Olsen

      Think that ICS brings hardware accelerated graphics to the UI, which as far as i know isnt supported in honeycomb. That means even more sweet swiping in the homescreens :D

  • http://Phandroid deh2002

    Isn’t ics also designed to optimize the dual cores of devices. I though they said something about that in the debut of the nexus phone, I may be wrong but hopefully it will come soon to the transformer and hopefully my Atrix will receive it at some point as will.