Samsung Avoiding Patent Disputes with Galaxy Nexus

A big concern surrounding recent device releases by Samsung comes in the form of ongoing patent disputes with Apple. One more than one occasion, in more than one country, Apple has requested the band of Samsung’s recent product lineup due to claims of patent infringement, both in design and software. Samsung is hoping to avoid these problems with their recently announced Galaxy Nexus. President Shin Jong-kyun has gone on the record stating that the company has taken every measure possible to avoid the same legal issues with the new Google Experience device.

His actual statement read more along the lines of Samsung not knowingly stepping on any of Apple’s toes with the release of the Galaxy Nexus, and his choice of words seems to indicate that the manufacturer had previously decided to be ignorant to potential patent issues. According to Jong-kyun, Samsung is taking patent issues much more seriously with future releases.

[via Gizmodo]

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  • RedPandaAlex

    Psh, like that’s going to work. It came out of Google’s own mouth that they were trying to make people feel good about their devices with ICS, and everyone knows Apple patented that.

    • Josh Curtis

      Yes. I did some research and it does seem that Apple has patented the emotions joy and love.

      • anthonyjustice

        hahahaha oh apple

  • endone

    Did Apple patent the idea of informing people of release dates? Would be nice to know when this phone will be available on all carriers.

    • MichaelTolly

      If I was Samsung, I would want to have it available to as many people as possible before the holiday season. Sure verizon will get it 11/10, but who’s to say it won’t be available to all 12/1.

      • endone

        Thats the problem, no one is saying :P If they gave us a definite release date, we’d all be happier!

    • mrsbelpit

      Can’t agree more. My excitement for this phone is only exceeded by my desire for more information.

    • David Faber

      Yeah! What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug? I’ve been hearing rumors of the Galaxy Nexus for the past 4 months and when we finally had an announcement date I became excited thinking that I’d be able to make my plans for my next phone. Instead, I’m STILL waiting to find out what I need to do next. What is taking so long? Are there some behind-the-scenes problems with VZW? What’s up?!

    • chuckles87

      they patented not giving a phone to t mo so they have to put it on t mo at least

  • Adam

    If avoiding patent disputes means they’ll design creative and sexy phones that don’t look like the iPhone, I’m all for it!!!

    • MobileReality

      Don’t tell me GN looks like a iPhone or I will have to say you are retarded.

      • Markus Finster

        Well it is somewhat rectangular and has a glassy surface that serves as a touchscreen input device. So yeah, it totally looks like the iphone.

  • DeePo

    Already failed!
    Everyone knows Apple patented “pictures of anything on a white background”

  • tjpeco

    I don’t know how they could possibly succeed in avoid Apple’s patents since the Galaxy Nexus is present in the realm of existence, therefore infringes on Apple’s interpretation of their patents.

  • clay cooper

    Apple will sue them for also launching a device ‘below expectations’.

    • 1234568

      Exactly what expectations did you have that weren’t met?
      About the Samsung Nexus that is. I’m just curious.

      • severinj

        probably the fact the gpu is from 2007

        • clay cooper

          Bingo about the GPU. That’s the big one, and I’m not even a gamer. It’s actually a problem with a lot of chipsets out now though. Adreno 220 and Tegra 2 aren’t really any better than the old SGX540 either.

          The Mali 400 would have been good (but ICS wasn’t designed around the Exynos) or the SGX544 on the new OMAP4470 (unfortunately not ready for retail yet I suppose) even though both of those still aren’t up the the SGX543mp2 (iPhone 4s) levels of performance.

          The problem for Android moving forward will now be convincing developers that it can compete in mobile gaming. The same SGX540 GPU found in the Droid Bionics OMAP 4430 will occasionally slow down playing angry birds for heavens sake. Granted the GPU in the 4460 is clocked a bit faster, but it also has more pixels to push around on the Galaxy Nexus.

          Now before I /rant, I want my SD card slot too… that is all.

          • Aslan N.L. Bollin

            I also want a freakin SD Slot… WTF!!!!!!

    • dbcad7

      I assume your saying that Apple patented the process for releasing a phone below expectations of the customer… very nice.

  • Zomby2D

    My guess is they made a point of going around every patent that Apple has tried to throw at them in the last year. Doesn’t mean Apple won’t try to come at them with new patents, but they avoided all those they knew about.

  • Ken Tran

    why does the nexus only have a 5 megapixel camera?

    • 1234568

      5 MP is more than enough for most cases. For example, a full HD screen only has 2,073,600 pixels (1920×1080). “Other aspects” such as the sensor sensitivity and the lens system are far more important in capturing a good image.

      For far too long the industry has embraced a war over who can have the highest MP count. I’m pleased to see Samsung have turned their back to this norm. Lets just hope that the “other aspects” are up to scratch!

  • Perry Petrozelli

    I have a feeling that apple is not too worried about the GN, seeing as the specs are really not all that impressive. You can keep the processor and the 5mp camera, thanks… I think the atrix had more impressive features when it was announced nearly a year ago, with the exception of the screen.

    • Andreas Korat

      Well if you do not favor Android as your OS of choice and do not like the screen of the GN, you probably won’t see any advantage over the iphone.
      Personally, i’d love to get this phone as soon as possible if it had a microSD card slot.

      • Perry Petrozelli

        Actually quite the opposite. I have this year had N1, NS, MT4G, G2X, HD2, and more. I like android so much that I expect more. I do not believe that ios should any longer be leading or directing innovation. I think that the new screen is awesome, the contour was amazing on the NS. But the other specs are really not all that incredible.

        • ChampoiKoi

          Specs are all well and good, but honestly, for the general public, as long as a phone looks good, the UI is pretty and things run buttery-smooth, they’ll buy it and be happy. Good example – at my job, about 75% don’t understand that a phone with a 1.2Ghz dual core processor means. But if it takes good pics and they can play Angry Birds, they’ll buy it. And this is a range of people, men and women, from as young as 24 to 67.

          I do get where you’re coming from, but having a nice screen, which this will have, and a good form factor with a new OS is enough for a lot of people.

          • Perry Petrozelli

            Your absolutely right, not the end of the world but it is a let down. I mean after waiting and waiting, I was just hoping for slightly more I presume… This phone is THE flagship-goto phone for the nerds, developers, and android tech heads who care most.

          • ChampoiKoi

            Yea, definitely, the tech world would want more – but hey, maybe Samsung’s holding out for the Galaxy S III?

    • clay cooper

      Camera is good enough for a phone, and the CPU is not the issue at all, its the antiquated GPU that’s married to it. The OMAP 4460 is a fantastic match for this device on the processor side, even under-clocked. Just a shame about that SGX540…

  • riggz

    If you compare cameras only by the number of megapixels then you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. I would take a 5mp camera with a better sensor over an 8mp camera with a crappy sensor any day.

    • Perry Petrozelli

      That’s all well and great, but the sensor should increase as technology moves forward. The standard last year was what aprox 5mp, many this year have been 8mp with great optics and low f speeds. As someone who works in the field I expect better from the phone that is essentially the essence and face of Android.

      • Perry Petrozelli

        Or keep the crappy 5mpx sensor and give me a f2.0 with zeiss optics, id take that…!!!

  • InspectorGadget80

    I be piss if Apple bans NEXUS S in the U.S. or any other countries.

    • Spencer Mead

      There would ba an uprising so great, china would hear our cries, and we would overthrow the patent system by force…

  • Nicholas Bummer

    It’s very obvious that Apple is lost without Steve Jobs. All these suing others started when Jobs got too sick. When you can’t innovate, you sue the living daylight out of others that can. I guess they have another 5 more years before vanishing into oblivion.. give or take… no?

    • 1234568

      First off I am no Apple fan. In fact, quite the opposite.

      With that out of the way please think about what you just said, “they [Apple] have another 5 more years before vanishing into oblivion.”


      • Spencer Mead

        Take the stick out of your ass and laugh a little 1234568. Oh, and think of a display name that’s actually creative.

        • 1234568

          Laugh a little? Was his comment even meant to be a joke!? Actually how the hell would you know… you’re not even the original poster!

          And on the entirely irrelevant point of display names how is using your own name creative. You relied on mummy and daddy to dream that one up for you! Hypocrite.

  • Zach

    If I take a bite of an apple… will I be Sued by Apple for infringing on there trademark logo? Samsung should enlist some patent trolls and find something to sue apple over… anyways, new galaxy looks nice

    • z0phi3l

      Based on Apples stance lately, there’s a good chance you will need a lawyer soon