Samsung Galaxy Nexus Page Goes (Almost) Live – First Look At The Device’s Rear


One of our readers linked us to the Samsung Mobile website where a quick search for “Galaxy Nexus” brought up this result (pictured above). While the actual page isn’t exactly live just yet — the device is already popping up in the search result giving us a first look at the device’s rear. And a mighty nice rear if I do say so myself. What do you guys think? Liking this backside tease before tonight’s big unveiling?

Thanks, Henry!

[Via SamsungMobile]

Chris Chavez
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First Look: Motorola Droid RAZR for Verizon [VIDEO]

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  1. Sweet.

  2. simple yet classy!!! me like!!

  3. Im ready for my desert after my Razr lunch

  4. Beautiful.

    1. HEY. looks like when you type in prime in the search on the page you get the same thing. and it even says visit the “nexus prime” home page. BUT right above it, there still shows the galaxy nexus verizon thing, so maybe the galaxy nexus will be verizon’s name for the phone and the rest of the world will see the prime. screenshot below

  5. Seems boring. Wish they added some flair? How about a matte black paint job??

  6. forget the rear, look at the side. Is it razor thin?

  7. very elegant! Way better than the just announced Moto Razr!

  8. anybody else worried about the size of that thing considering 4.65″ screen and giant bezel at the top/bottom? I can’t wait to try to get my hands around that thing

    1. i was worried at first too, but it shouldn’t be any different than your typical 4.3″ device. the extra .35 is only due to the onscreen buttons rather than having capacitive buttons.

  9. Love it! <3

    This kinda reminds me of the phone this one lady was holding from the ICS statue revealing video. The back looks so familiar!

    How thin is this Galaxy Nexus again?

    1. Nope. Her camera was (while facing the back of the phone) on the left side and the flash was to the right of the camera. She had a Nexus S.

  10. from verizon

  11. :(

    Here I am…..3hours and 9 mins before the event starts……yet 9 minutes before I will go to sleep T_T
    There better be a great compiled list answering all my questions about it when I wake up!!!

    Still hoping that they use the Prime moniker for non-VZW versions of the this nexus

    1. Haha yeah right you won’t be going to sleep 9 minutes before… you will be laying down tossing and turning with curiosity 9 minutes before. =P

  12. I’m a bottom-bump-man myself. Passing on the Razr.

  13. I’m just not liking the ICS interface in this screenshot at all. Also, I need a search button.

    1. Hopefully this version has a little touchwiz on top and the GSM version will have no skin and look better.

  14. I have the feeling this phone’s hardware is going to be nothing that special, just a galaxy s 2 with a nfc chip thrown in. I hope there are some cool features in android 4.0, otherwise, when my upgrade comes in march I will probably opt for the iphone 5 contingent on it having a larger screen.

    1. The Nexus S already had NFC, that’d be nothing new, and came before the Galaxy S 2 line.

      1. which is my point. The nexus prime will not bring nothing new hardware wise.

    2. Yeah im android but the iphone is most likely going to be my next phone but im going to laugh when the phone is just another Nexus s. Just give me ice cream on my evo 3d

      1. I considered the iPhone 4s/future iphone 5 if I don’t get a Nexus on Sprint but between the frustration of using my ipad before it was jailbroken and the way the screen feels so tiny after having an Evo, I don’t know that I can. the build and spec of the iPhones is nice enough but the screen and keyboard feel dinky now and the way it won’t render flash elements, won’t let me install any apps from any store but Apple’s and won’t integrate properly with Gmail/Voice/video chat/navigation, etc. drives me insane on my iPad and would be dealbreakers on a communications device like a smart phone.

    3. Didn’t Steve say something like the iphone will have a 4″ screen over my dea… too soon?

    4. Dual-core processor, 8MP camera and NFC is top of the line. What phone beats it? And where the real bread and butter lies is always in the OS. THAT is the main event tonight. The Galaxy Nexus is just the vehicle we get to drive ICS with…

      1. All of that hardware has been seen. Android’s software, while slightly open, is android’s weakest point. The only reason I’ve stuck with android (started with the droid incredible, then the samsung captivate, now on the moto atrix), is because of the hardware. the DI had the 8mp camera and amoled screen, the captivate had the super amoled screen and 3d capabilities of the hummingbird processor, and the moto atrix was 3.5G, and dual core.

        The only thing the nexus prime will offer over the galaxy s 2 is the nfc chip, and that technology is far far far from being implemented widespred. There will be at least another 2 years before nfc is even close to being a standard. Think about it, has any major phone since the nexus s had nfc? Not the atrix, not the galaxy s, not the new moto razr, not the droid x2. I think there is maybe a LG phone with nfc but I can’t even think of a second one.

        But yeah, the OS will be the bread and butter which makes sense with google primarily being a software company. I have a feeling that it may just be a bit faster or prettier and that’s it. The new touch wiz is already good software.

        What google needs is to improve the universal standard software on android. How about a stock video chat app like the iphone’s? Or how about improving the crappy browser, messenger, music player, or some type of music/app syncing program?

  15. How come you can’t see the camera hump in the side view?

    1. You can in the original side view pic.

  16. I’m very disappointed that the GPU will likely not be as good as the one in the iphone 4s. I really don’t think that a GPU that was featured in the Samsung Galaxy S does such an amazing phone justice. I know it will be overclocked, but it’s still a very old GPU.

    1. Really, have you looked at the spec it’s dual-core 1.2ghz if im not mistaken the Galaxy S is single core 1ghz and the 4s is 1ghz dual, and since samsung made the A6 I’m pretty sure if they felt it was better they would have went with that option.

      1. I said GPU (graphics processing unit). It is rumored to be the same GPU as the one that is featured in the hummingbird SOC, but overclocked. The 4s is using a dual core GPU, the same one as the ipad 2. Do some research before you post.

      2. Btw it’s an A5 and it was designed by Apple, but is manufactured by Samsung.

  17. HEY. looks like when you type in prime in the search on the page you get the same thing. and it even says visit the “nexus prime” home page. BUT right above it, there still shows the galaxy nexus verizon thing, so maybe the galaxy nexus will be verizon’s name for the phone and the rest of the world will see the prime.

  18. Anyone think an At&t version will come out soon? How much do you guys think it will cost unsubsidized?


  20. Very nice. Razr is tad bit sexier though. Can’t wait for the conference.

  21. Not impressed #dat ass

  22. I swear Apple must be paying people to compare this to the iPhone 4s. I spend a good hour a day in Android forums and I have never in my life seen so many people say they are moving from Android to iOS. Its not like the iPhone 4s is something all that special. We are talking about the most highly anticipated Android phone/operating system ever and before it is even officially announced people are are talking about moving to iOS. Apple fanboys be gone!

    1. You do understand that the iPhone 4S was released what, a week ago, and the flagship google phone is being announced today, so comparisons are inevitable. There are a lot of people out there that are frustrated with android, and to be honest, with my upgrade coming soon, if android software doesn’t improve vastly between now and the next few months, I will probably give up on the hope that android will be able to catch up with iOS. I’ve been on android a while now and have owned 3 different top of the line android phones. I owned two droid incredibles (the first one had random reboots), two samsung captivates(the first had random shut downs, and they both had a bad gps chip). If anything, I am being an android fanboy by sticking around and not going to the iphone when it is so appealing.

  23. Why are people complaining? Hardware doesnt really matter. What matters is this phone will be fully optimized with the OS. Ever wonder why the Nexus S has the best battery life of all Android phones? This phone will also get its OS updates pushed straight from Google. Would you rather trust an OEM optimizing the software rather than Google?

    IMO, Nexus phones is the way to go when it comes to Android

    1. If hardware didn’t matter we wouldn’t be android fans. We’d be well actually iPhone owners even need hardware we would actually be kicking it old school with blackberry or maybe feature phones if that the case.

  24. why isnt this curved more that teaser looked lol . might go razr

  25. Hey Chris check out the nexus page for google its been updated with the galaxy nexus google.com/nexus

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