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With the appetizer behind us (Droid RAZR event and hands-on), it’s nearly time for the main-course and dessert… the Samsung and Google joint event in Hong Kong! We’re already quite certain to see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus announced with Android 4.0 and I’ve already made 5 potential “surprise” predictions. But now it’s your turn to chime in.

Make your predictions in the comments:

  • What are YOUR predictions for the announcement?
  • Any surprises on the Galaxy Nexus?
  • Any Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich surprises?
  • Will Tablets, TVs, or any other devices or software beyond the Galaxy Nexus be shown?

And OF COURSE we know you’ll have questions so leave those in the comments, too. Our awesome Nexus-loving Android Forums compadres are a bit ahead of the game so for some inspiration, here is a list of their most pressing questions to date:

Phone questions we’re not sure will be covered in event or not:

“Is the verizon-version also the GSM-version?”
“Are the gsm-version’s specs equal to the CDMA-version’s ?”
“How about the exynos 4212? ”
“How about the OMAP 4470?”
“How about the battery?”
“no microSD-Card-Slot?”
“SuperAmoled (Pentile) or SuperAmoled+ (RGB-Stripes)?”
“5MP or 8MP Camera?”
Will the Nexus come with dedicated car & desk docks?
Will it be subsidized on Verizon?
Will the bootloader be unlocked?
the GPU of the Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus (how is the gaming experience in complex 3d-games?)
the lack of a sd-card-slot (is there really no microSD-Card-Slot? :O)
LTE-capable (or is it just HSPA+ ?, and if so 21 or 42?)
What is call quality, reception, gps like. What SoC is in it.
Cost of the phone. – Will VZN subsidize it?
metal or plastic? Curved or straight?
Screen: SuperAmoled+ or what? Pentile or not?
Battery size? Screen size? Actual Phone size?
Official release date.
Inductive charging support?
Inductive Charging docks?
Unlocked price and availability
Does it have a notification LED? If so is it multi-colored?
Is the screen Gorilla Glass?
Will it be available for pre-order?
Price on and off contract?
How will the screen perform in sunlight?
Does it support Android Open Appliance connections?
Does it have NFC?


2. international/us carrier questions:

“Is the world-version LTE capable?”
“Release of the world-version [e.g. in germany? ]?”
“Price for the world version (in €, e.g. for germany )?”
“Are there gonna be different world-versions as it was with the Nexus S? [sAmoled -> SLCD]”
availability in Australia and which network
availability in Canada and which network
availability in the UK and which network


3. ICS questions we’re not sure will be covered in event or not:

How fast can it take photos?
How many home screens are available?
“Photo Quality? Video Quality?”
Will ICS be open-source?
Battery life- will ICS help this.
When in landscape mode, do the bottom icons rotate with it and take up how much space?
ICS features? Why is it better than Gingerbread?
Will updates (Jellybean) have to be approved by Verizon before release?
Google Wallet pre installed?
No VZW bloat (ISIS, Payfone, VZW Nav, etc)?
Docks (car/home)?

Sorry I couldn’t get this out earlier – I want to credit our guide archoille for the help in compiling this.

Have a blast!


We would GREATLY appreciate, in order to reduce confusion, if you simply “Like” comments/questions that you agree with so we don’t have a million of the same predictions and questions. Then we can sort by popularity and act accordingly!

Don’t forget you can join in a LIVE CHAT during the LIVE STREAM by either:

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  1. Well done, EarlyMon!! :) :) Bravo!

  2. Bootloader and Camera. All I care about. Im so disappointed about the razr not having this.

  3. Who cares about predictions, how was that ice cream sandwich?!

  4. It would have been better from a chopper

  5. -If Chrome is not standard in 4.0 ICS, when can we expect the chrome browser on android?
    -When will GV/MusicBeta/GWallet/Google movies/Books be available outside of the US?
    -Whats the name of the next android version? Jello?
    -Dedicated camera button? Please dear god, say yes
    -Is the Galaxy Nexus name for VZW only and can the rest expect the cooler nexus PRIME name? If not, WHY NOT??? PRIME > GALAXY!!!

  6. What about DLNA? or HDMI out?

  7. How about a “game changer” phone? 4S was a nothing launch. Razr is a nothing launch. Google and Samsung have the opportunity here. Hopefully they nail it.

  8. Questions i care about most:
    Is there a GSM version? (Best possible answer: OF COURSE!)
    Will it come to T-Mobile?(Best possible answer: OF COURSE!)
    What processor is in it? (Best answer:Quad core Actual answer: 1.5 dual core something, i will be pissed if it turns out to be 1.2)
    Battery? (BPA: 2000+ mAH)

  9. When will Nexus S update to ice cream sandwich?!

    1. Probably a month.

  10. Rob, I want to know size of the phone…not screen size, but maybe a HxWxD?? Im curious with such a large screen size, will it compare to the droid x or bionic in size? Also, will it be as sleek (size wise) as the moto razr?

  11. Prediction: No exclusive to Verizon. Maybe exclusive to VZW and Best Buy stores.

  12. Sorry, Hit enter too early.
    Other prediction: One phone works on all carriers.

  13. Honestly, the only thing I want to know (when this phone or its equivalent will be available on Sprint) isn’t gonna get released tonight. Verizon bought the right to be the exclusive outlet for this phone so I’ll have to wait. The greater speed of LTE over Wimax isn’t important enough to get me to pay more per month and give up unlimited data so I won’t be changing carriers anytime soon. I’d honestly take a 3G-only version if it meant I could use it on Sprint since I almost always use either 3G or Wifi. Wimax is nice but for web browsing, the 600-800kbps I get on 3g is fine and when I’m at home or at work I’m under Wifi and 20+mbps so no need for 5-6mbps Wimax.

    Anyway…yeah. I’m rambling. I’d love to get this over the SGS2 but not enough to make me move carriers. Hope Sprint users get a variant before year’s end so I can upgrade my launch day Evo.

  14. Hologram keyboard?

  15. how about samsung making the first ics google tv….
    how about wireless full hd streaming to your tv…..
    new phone of the year???
    ios killer??
    live or recorded screen sharing with friends/family/coworkers?
    im so excited i cant even think!!!

  16. Questions:

    Does it have a GPU?
    Is the processor 1.5 and under-clocked to 1.2, or 1.2?
    Touchwiz? or pure google?
    Other buttons? camera, ect.
    ability to deactivate on screen buttons for more space?


    Dosn’t stay on verizon but won’t launch on other carriers for a bit.
    New version of wallet with more credit cards(perfect timing)
    Google music store maybe. I heard talks opened up again.

  17. I’m wondering about Google Music. All the hype recently that Google will launch a music store. Tonight would be a fitting night; how would that coincide with ICS/G-Nex?

  18. How about no locked bootloader.
    upgraded camera
    android phone with good battery life or a big battery made small
    Speed test to be really high

    Basically I love to see just something brand new that is completely different then anything apple made.

  19. Galaxy Nexus – Verizon with LTE
    Galaxy Prime – Everyone else. Better because it’s not Verizon.

  20. Can you please ask if ICS will fully support Arabic?
    It will take a while for me to figure that out unless you help :)

  21. On the HSPA version (if any) what frequency bands will be supported?

  22. Will it have a notification LED?

  23. I predict it will have a locked bootloader. :( VZW made the Moto Razr locked down, so they’ll probably force Samsung to lock the bootloader.

  24. Is it just me or is anyone else jealous that Korea (and maybe other places) get ATSC TV tuners built in to some devices. I would LOVE that! And to be greedy, throw some DVR capabilities on it, even if it’s just pause and rewind.

    That would be a surprise!

  25. Prediction looked down and under clocked and nothing like what anybody wants at all

  26. Nobody mentioned GPU acceleration anywhere?

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