Importation of Apple Products Will Not be Banned in the US


The US ITC has declared that Apple’s products will not be banned from importation, according to Reuters. HTC sparked the lawsuit up in early 2010 to fight off a series of attacks from Apple who is pretty much suing everyone on the planet right now. HTC has also sued Apple in other US courts, though, so their hopes of getting the bitten fruit off of store shelves remain alive (even if their chances are slim).

The patents HTC used against Apple in this particular case are the ones they “acquired” (likely through a cheap or free licensing deal) a while back. HTC obtained 9 in all, four of which are being used here. The rest of the patents are being used in other cases. We still have no clue what the patents cover. Just a quick update for what seems to be a very long fight.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. damn it can everyone just stop suing each other

  2. Your best friend is a damn liar.

    1. Don’t be ignorant, try it and than you can talk trash about it.

      1. So do you actually get paid to spam comment sections?

  3. Ya I saw her on her webcam.

  4. H

  5. Apple get banned from importing? Ha! Good luck with that. I’m sure there is a joke to be made about every court in every developed country having consumed iKool-aid.

    1. but..but..but… Android is the largest selling OS in the world is not? That’s what keeps getting preached around here right? From that perspective, the courts should all be a bunch of phantards by now sipping phan-koolaid until the droids come home correct?

      Unless now you’re flip-flopping and suggesting that most people prefer and enjoy their iProducts? Say it ain’t so!

  6. Of course itch wont ban iproducts they are a important part of our economy

  7. Apple banned from their home market, this will never happen nor shouldn’t it as long as there is Apple and other competition products will get better and more affordable for the consumer. Although Apple should be forced to either adjust their products or pay licensing fees for patents they use from other incumbents.

  8. What really pathetic (besides the ifans trolling on an Android news specific site) is the fact that apple has to import it’s products in the United States. Just another reason that I will not buy an apple product.

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