Samsung US Confirms Unpacked Cancellation


Anyone still not believing the Unpacked event is cancelled? A few other blogs out there have been reluctant to report the news but we’ve been able to confirm with Samsung US that this is, indeed, true. Here is their official statement:

Samsung and Google have decided to postpone the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event during the CTIA in San Diego, previously scheduled for Oct. 11.  Under the current circumstances, both parties have agreed that this is not the appropriate time for the announcement of a new product.  We would ask for the understanding of our clients and media for any inconvenience caused. We will announce a new date and venue in due course.

Thank you,
Samsung Mobile PR

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. :(

  2. If you parse the wording carefully, it still sounds like they’ll do it later at CTIA. So it’s still next week.

    I might be grasping at straws.

    1. Good point, CTIA runs until the 13th, so maybe it’s just being pushed till the end.

  3. Wack

  4. Its being rescheduled

  5. not the right time? I dont see the 4s being shifted. I don’t see how announcing a phone would be in bad taste…

  6. Talk about Jobs doing everything he can to delay Samsung products!

    1. He succeeded in death what he could not do in life

    2. It is like he timed his self destruct sequence just right. To get sympathy from Apple lovers to buy the iPhone 4s released a day before and to cause Google to delay their new superphone. (no offense meant)

      1. Unless maybe Google and Samsung needed to delay, so they made circumstances that could make a delay possible. . .

        Well played Samsung . . .well played.

        1. hahaha well put xD
          i want ICS soon though :/


  8. Typical Android… ESPECIALLY Samsung… Good thing I have a phone I’m happy with and I’m broke either way. Was still excited to see the possible Pime announcement though.

    1. Typical Android ?
      Wasn’t the new iPhone supposed to be announced months ago ?

  9. I don’t get it. “Under the current circumstances” didn’t delay preorders for the 4S this morning. Apple is more than happy to help you mourn while you preorder and pickup your new iPhone. Why would only Samsung and Google delay their product?

    1. the product is likely not delayed, only the announcement. If they were going to postpone the announcement because of his death, they would’ve done it right away – they postponed the event two days after his death because the 11th is likely the day of his funeral.

      1. Answers.com said it was on the 11th, but I could not find anything to corroborate that date.

      2. Maybe he will pop out of his coffin on the 11th with an iPhone 5 in his hand….. that would be RAD

      3. He died on the 5th. the funeral will, in all likely, be the 9th or 10th. The 11th is when his iPod shaped casket pops open and he’s wearing an iTux with built in speakers paired with his iShades that display his iPhone in his lenses that use ocular focal pointing to navigate his iTunes playlist without moving his hands. Oh yes! It’s coming! iBelieve!

    2. Imagine the announcement directly attacked the iPhone 4S and the lack of innovation on Apple’s agenda.. Now with Job’s passing, they feel as if the announcement’s original approach would be too offensive, thus losing respect of many – ?!

      Anyways that’s the first thing I thought,,

      BUT if Steve Job’s funeral is the same day then most likely that’s the cause of the delay..

  10. Steve jobs is dead and his memory is still screwing with Samsung….

    1. his ghost will sue sammy for sure

  11. Hopefully it’s just a delay of the announcement, and not of the product launch!

    Also, I want it to come out for Sprint, and I’m not liking the rumors of VZW exclusive that keep coming and going, even if it’s just timed. I want a new phone yesterday, since I’m eagerly waiting jumping ship from AT&T.

    1. Weren’t nexus s and s 4g exclusives for the original providers? Don’t know why everyone’s getting their panites in a bunch over it being a verizon exclusive for a few months.

  12. Its respect for Steve Jobs. Also buys time to polish the ui some more.

  13. Why? Is Steve Jobs funeral that day? They said it would be inappropriate, so I’m thinking it has to be something like that.

    1. This sounds very likely to me.

  14. I would bet my life that the delay is because the presentation is now being tweaked. You KNOW that they are taking below the belt shots at Apple. But since Steve has passed away, those attacks would be in poor taste. So there’s going to be a few days of rewriting and approvals before an announcement can happen. Thankfully the date of the phone release.

  15. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  16. Their presentation was probably chock full of Apple/Jobs digs and they decided it was in poor taste due to Jobs’ passing. Not to mention getting eclipsed by the rose tinted memories of influential jerky dead CEOs.

    I’m pretty much just a hater but there is something creepy about the way people mourn his death like he was a close friend; I understand it for musicians, writers, artists, you know, people who may have actually seen/touched your soul. But a tech guy? This just makes me more convinced that technology is the new god and Jobs was TechJesus. If they were forced to choose all but the most pious Americans would choose internet over church.

    1. As to the last thing you said: of course. Why would I choose to listen to a bunch of outdated morality tales attached to largely fictitious stories being spewed by a group of hate-filled individuals with plenty of skeletons in their closet when I can instead enjoy the multitude of things that the internet has to offer?

  17. Good to see that the adolescent adoration of Mr. Jobs displayed on various Apple forums is more than matched by the infantile disappointment over a delay in a product announcement as a result of his death.

  18. My guess is the phone they planned to release didn’t live up to the rumored specs. I can only hope this gives them enough time to go back to the drawing board and live up to peoples expectations.

    1. I seriously doubt they will redesign and reproduce the phones. It’s launch date isn’t likely postponed, just the announcement. So it wouldn’t change anything as far as what you’re saying.

  19. Like someone else had mentioned on Engadget. Theres a chance the presentation could have had bits that mocked or took jabs at Apple. This could be a delay out of respect and being a more mature presentation.

    1. yeah that’s exactly what I was thinkin, probably poking fun at their “lackluster” new star

    2. I don’t buy this. It’s very easy to edit out bits like that when the presentation is still days away. We’re talking about a minor script change, remove some presentation slides, etc. Not like they have retool the entire presentation. My guess is that the funeral is the same day and the tech industry just wants to pause and reflect on that. Announcement will come like a day or two later. I doubt this will delay the actual launch of the device.

      1. Either way…it could be both. Any showing respect is never a bad thing

        1. Except rather than showing respect, it would most likely be because they want it to be a huge news story and talked about all over tech blogs etc, they don’t want it eclipsed by stories of Jobs’ funeral.

      2. yeah but this new phone looks like it will totally pwn the iphone 4S

      3. Samsung doesn’t do the stuffy powerpoint thing. They usually have several dance crews and a Broadway-style presentation

      4. Looks like I’m wrong. WSJ is reporting his funeral is today and no public services are planned. So this is some ol’ bullshit, basically. Although, cas_e’s point about delaying it to receive more attention makes sense too.

  20. I still think Apple planned this in some way. I don’t believe that Jobs died the day after the iPhone 4S was released. Died before? maybe. Not dead? Unlikely, but if someone can pull it off it’s Jobs.

    And if a funeral is planned for the 11th, how convenient is it that it was scheduled for the day this phone was set to be announced?

    If it was because of the jabs at Apple in the presentation then that imo is no reason for a delay. It’s jabs at APPLE, not Jobs. Everyone respects what Jobs has done for the tech world, even if not all of us liked him. That doesn’t change the fact that I strongly despise Apple.

    1. Oh wow. Not out of the realm of reality I suppose, but… conspiracy theory much? I have a hard time believing something like that. You must have a deep irrational hatred for Apple, Jobs, and his grieving family to cook up a story like this. What next? The moon landing was a stage and never happened?

      Samsung and Google cannot be stopped. A little delay doesn’t change the fact that the Prime will be huge news and everyone was somewhat disappointed in the 4S. RIP Steve Jobs

      1. LOL someone call Alex Jones!

        You deathers are hilarious.

    2. Jobs may have had a charismatic following but it’s not like he was Mao or Stalin or something

    3. You are not freaking serious are you? First, his funeral is NOT on the 11th. Second, are you suggesting he died earlier and they just delayed announcing it?? Good god.

  21. Well said david

  22. They need to update their app!

    If it’s a delay in the announcement and not the launch…how soon after an announcement is a product usually delayed?

  23. Postponed during the CITA event still implies it will be at the event, just not on that day. They will probably use that day to talk about Jobs and his influence on technology.

  24. Crapola. I was really getting stoked for Tuesday! I hope they don’t delay it much longer. I’m gald the rumors lead us to believe that the phone itself won’t be delayed. Whatever their reasons -bugs, funerals, jabs to Jobs, etc.- I don’t care. Just don’t delay the phone any longer!

    1. Oh. Hopefully ICS will be launched on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

  25. How stupid is this. It’s not like CTIA has been cancelled. Dbags

  26. That would be RAD if on the 11th Steve pops out of the coffin holding the iPhone 5

  27. They could have honored his name, innovation and influence while still announcing it. It’s the Bionic push-back all over again.

  28. how do we know it’s out of respect for Jobs? It simply could be delayed because ICS is just not ready yet

  29. Hopefully the writers here understand that “postponed” doesn’t mean “Canceled” . Why the headline would read canceled is beyond me.

    So to answer the first line of this story “Anyone still not believing the Unpacked event is cancelled? ” The answer is Everyone who can read should believe it is not canceled. Such sloppy writing from the blogosphere lately ..

    1. Actually that’s how the Samsung PR rep stated it, that the event was cancelled. And yes, that it would be rescheduled for a different date and venue. THIS particular event, the one on the 11th, was cancelled. Not sure what’s the big deal here.

  30. After all the BS Apple has been putting Android manufacturers through, especially Samsung, in the courts, Apple really do not deserve any sympathy for their ex-CEO.

  31. Airlines just made a bunch of money on cancellation fees.

  32. I was super excited for this announcement but the postponement makes total sense.

    Announcing a new (and better IMO) product on the day that the entire world mourns and discusses the contributions of your biggest competitor just seems tacky as hell. Also, it would very much diminish and over shadow the announcement.

    Besides, it was only the unveiling that was rescheduled.. The product lunch itself will likely (hopefully) not be delayed.

  33. I Think its cool,in respect of Steve Jobs who’s funereal around the same time. Its in good taste, simply put. I’m sure we could wait another week for the Galaxy nexus or prime, or a Beast of an android for lack of the actual name. :)

  34. Oh for crying out loud… anyone ever heard of “the show must go on?” Announce the phone and grant us a bit of relief please :)

  35. Pushing back the announcement is a smart idea. Most Tech blogs/sites are plastered with Steve Jobs articles, waiting will give people time to move on from the story. Then when the announcement comes for Nexus Prime/ICS the full spotlight will be on them. Get the biggest bang for your product, it’s not out of respect it’s out of marketing.

  36. Looks like Mr. Jobs funeral is possibly being held today, so I don’t know why TUESDAY would be a bad time to announce the new Prime. Who knows. Bastards!!

  37. Well, Samsung + Google gotta take time to Rethink about what they’re going to say during the Conference (Something Negative about Steve has to be cut off in place of positive thing)

  38. Oh man! I was excited too. Hopefully it’s still coming pretty soon.

  39. They do not want to get sued and have sales stopped… so they are taking time to review their situation …..

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