Adobe Introduces 6 Full Featured Apps For Honeycomb Tablets


Adobe has introduced a full suite of some of their best programs for Android Honeycomb tablets they’re calling Adobe Touch Apps. Essentially Adobe’s Touch Apps are more like touch-based desktop programs than a simple app and will allow you to take your creative work with you on-the-go. You may recall Adobe has already released a Photoshop Express app in the Android Market and where that app was great for a small touch ups and edits, it was nowhere near as full featured as these Touch Apps. Here’s the full list of what will be made available for Honeycomb users from Adobe:

Adobe Photoshop Touch: Transform images freely using core Photoshop features in an app custom-built for tablets.

Adobe Proto: Create interactive wireframes and prototypes of websites and mobile apps.
Adobe Ideas: Design virtually anywhere using vectors, layers, and color themes.
Adobe Debut: Present Creative Suite designs anywhere with confidence, convenience, and complete control.
Adobe Collage: Capture ideas and concepts by combining images, drawings, and text into conceptual moodboards.
Adobe Kuler: Create, explore, download, and share color themes that can inspire any design project.

All 6 apps will debut in November at the introductory cost of $10 each and are compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud for easy transitioning of your project between tablet and the traditional desktop. For all you iPad toting Android users out there, Adobe has also announced these apps will be making their way to the iPad in 2012 as well. I would imagine these apps would only interest a small group of users. Any of our readers interested in picking some (or all) of these up?

[Via Adobe]

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  1. Shit just got real! I can see this dragging a few of my design colleagues over at Haymarket into buying an Android tablet.

  2. is it all for $10 or $10 each?

    1. I believe it’s $10 each

      1. Totally worth it. I can’t wait to try these out.

  3. I can see it already. ThePirateBay .APK Edition!

    1. I seriously hope that you are not implying that you are planning on pirating something that costs $10. These are great apps and I hope android user’s actually start thinking about ponying up some money for apps so we can get a better selection.

      1. $10 is a steal considering the desktop app costs more than 10 fold, but we’ll see how close they get to the desktop version, if it’s anything like Photoshop mobile then I am not interested, if it has many features close to the desktop version I for sure buy Photoshop

      2. Es a yoke, Have a sense of humor! Derp!!!!!

  4. I’ll be checking out Photoshop Touch for sure and might have a peek at the others.

  5. $10 for EACH app is a lil steep IMO. I was excited if it was 10 total.

    1. Really? You pay a few dollars for some basic games, whereas these are genuine productivity tools.

    2. Compare it to Adobe Photoshop on PC or Mac. Then think for a second and realize that $10 is friggin nothing for a productivity tool.

  6. Adobe Proto and Collage sound interesting, but I’ve never been interested in tablets. I wonder if they’ll ever introduce them on phones. Would work nicely on >4″ phones.

  7. These products are very polished and in many ways more powerful than using a desktop application. I’ll definitely be using them even if they are $10 per app. Great use of touch and what is possible on a tablet. For me they are some of the first apps that are making it possible for me to do work on a tablet and not just consume media. These apps will definitely inspire other’s on what’s possible. I watched the video of photoshop touch and at the end of the video I actually touched my screen on my laptop expecting it to react. Haven’t done that before.

  8. It is good to see such a big name putting their stuff out for Honeycomb. I’ll probably wait for Nik to get Snapseed out for Android first though.

  9. Yes!! I was actually waiting on apps like this. Now all I need is a video editor on the go and I’m in heaven. Once I buy a tablet, errthing has to be perfect. LoL!!

    What ever happened to that app that was suppose to remove something? Like while the video is showing the app would remove an object. It was suppose to come out… way in March of this year. -_-

    It’s already on Windows I think. It’s something like Diminish Reality. Well, that’s what the app is doing at least.


    Looks pretty rad. Definitely worth $10 to me, just from what was previewed in the video. I hope the other apps are just as awesome!

  11. Now these interest me. If only Android tablet weren’t 16:9, then I’d definitely be making plans to get one as my next tablet. After seeing these apps, the aspect ratio is literally the only thing holding me back from dropping my iPad and picking up an Android tablet. Love the OS, the apps are good, some great hardware designs, content being offered is improving, but I’ve tried enough Android tablets to know that I don’t like the wider screen in landscape, especially when that means a skinnier, longer screen in portrait mode.

  12. I would use proto and photoshop for sure! It’ll be nice to not have to steal photoshop for once, and I don’t think there’s anything else like proto. I’ve been mulling over doing reviews of apps and making suggestions for redesigns and wireframing out my own designs and ideas since forever, the only real barrier was the thought of having to do it all by hand in flash that held me back.
    Also, This is yet another high profile app coming to android first, glad to see it!

  13. Um WOW. These apps alone now justify a tablet purchase for me because theres a lot I could get done on the go with them on something easier to get around than a laptop. The vector app especially interests me. And for only $10. Man thats a complete steal.

    And I’m so glad to see stuff like this coming to Android first.

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