Meizu MX Pricing And Specs Revealed – 1st Quad-core Android Powered Device?

On schedule for that early launch we told you guys about back in June, details on the Meizu MX are finally leaking out. What we’re hearing is this device will launch, as previously reported, later this month with a 4.3-inch qHD screen and a quad-core Cortex A9 processor (I just got goosebumps). The device will debut in China with a 32GB version for ¥4,999 ($780) and 16GB version for ¥3,999 ($625). While this device has an almost zero chance of releasing anywhere outside its homeland of China, I’m sure that wont stop Android enthusiasts from importing the device elsewhere.

[Via Engadget Chinese]

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  • Khalid.H

    Quad core is nice and all that, but what about the GPU? For all we know, it could be an adreno 200 :P

    • Mark Harman

      And what manufacturer is making a quad core SoC with a less than adequate GPU attached?…

  • HalfwayCrook

    Oh hey look, an iPhone

    • edoggy

      In the trash?

    • jroc74

      if Apple want to sue someone, they need to sue them..

      (Apple already did and lost last year. If Apple lost THAT case……why even bother suing Samsung??)

  • Jordan Janolo


  • Jonathan Roman

    not intrested at all lol

  • Kevin Haller

    I don’t think Quad-core will work yet unless Google is fixing that for ICS. I know Dual-core phones wouldn’t work on Froyo because Froyo was only built to utilize 1 CPU.

    • Jason Crumbley

      And this is why the G2x is crap. It’s still using a froyo kernel. ( I know my comment has nothing to do with this story, it just ticks me off.)

    • plvaulter06

      android is based on a linux kernel. You can have as many cores as you want (within reason) and it will use them efficiently. Similerly, it will manage memery and running apps 100X more efficiently than anyone ever would with a task killer.

  • Elranzer

    Samsung copies the 3GS, but these Chinese copy the iPhone4.

    These guys are one step ahead.

    • riffwaffle

      samsung copies what??thats funny in what did they copy.hahaha the 3gs?more like icrap stole lg pradas design,ty.

  • lospulpo

    Chris, what kind of connectivity does this have, GSM? Can we import it at all?

  • Debasis Patra

    i dont think that this china made device realy good for buying ..