Verizon Announces New $50 Unlimited Everything Prepaid Plan


Today Verizon announced a new $50 unlimited everything plan for their prepaid customers. Seems Big Red has been feeling the heat from competitors like Sprint’s Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile and even national retailers like MetroPCS. Starting Thursday, this new unlimited talk, text and web plan will hit all of Verizon’s retail chains among wireless retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target.

So what kind of cutting edge, Android powered smartphone will $50 a month get you? Well, currently Verizon offers the cutting edge Motorola Citrus in their prepaid lineup and will set you back about about $250. Other than that — it’s all feature phones, baby. Let’s hope Verizon can increase that prepaid Android lineup soon and offer something with a little more “substance.”

[Via WSJ]

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  1. I wonder if you can activate any other previously used Verizon phone on a prepaid plan? I know you used to be able to do it in the past, but I don’t know if they’ve changed that or not.

    1. I wonder the same thing but I highly doubt it knowing Verizon’s greedy ways they will probably only have certain phones in the prepaid line up

      1. you need to have the account open for at least 1 year before converting to prepaid

    2. According to their FAQ for prepaid you still can.

      It is possible that it changes with the $50 plan but I don’t think it will.

  2. Unlimited… everything…. YESSSS!!! Prepaid…. awww…. so close.

  3. Verizon should have got with the program a looooonnnggg time ago! But why not just make a unlimited plan? Why prepaid? That’s so Verizon

    1. They have an unlimited plan…

      1. Not anymore. They haven’t since they got the iP4 unless your grandfathered in. Big Red went the way off AT&T and nolonger offer unlimited data plans. They are now tiered.
        2gb=$30, 5bg=$50, 10gb=$80

        1. Ah…
          Well I stand corrected.

  4. its not really unlimited you one get like 100mb of 4g speeds then it goes down to like edge speeds so it sucks bad


  6. this will be worth talking about when they get some decent phones

  7. I hear no smartphones, touch screen or html devices on this plan.

    1. It’s a good thing that they didn’t mention the Motorola Citrus that runs the Android OS or anything

      1. So because Phandroid mentions the citrus witch is one of there old prepaid phones means it can be used on the new plan for sure.

  8. you should just beable to log into your account online, click on activate phone and type in the imei number of whatever Verizon phone you have to activate it to the account.
    Any Verizon phone should work, but only specific phones are subsidized for prepaid plans that’s all.

  9. I’m confused, this phone is not available for this plan on their website, so I called to ask about getting it, or adding a different phone on the plan, and they stated that only the four phones listed could be placed on the service, and that it was a package deal. Of particular note was that three of the four were the most basic of feature phones they have.

    In other words, you can’t get the service without buying one of the four phones. The Pantech Caper was the nicest of all the phones, however, it is not of course a Droid either.

    Also, I noted in the small print that Full web browsing is not included on the plan. Not sure exactly what that entails, however, since these are all feature phones only, I imagine it means that you wouldn’t be able to use something like Internet Explorer. Then I also noted that downloads have extra costs attached to them (also in the fine print). Not really what I call unlimited data.

    I think the writer of this plan accidentally thought that all the Prepaid phones could be used with the service, which apparently is not the case, or at least, according to Verizon (spoke directly with the Sales Department).

    Overall, considering that Verizon dropped the unlimited data packages in August of this past year for their post paid customers, except for the current ones on the plan, I do not believe that they are going to offer something to pre-paid customers that their largest point of revenue can not have available to them at the same or cheaper pricing.

  10. As someone already posted the plan is not Unlimited. The first 100mb is 4G. After that you’ll be lucky to get Dial-up like speed. Also you cannot activate any smartphone, unless you figure out a way to trick them.
    Overall a very bad deal. Either stick to post-paid or go to the carriers that are leaders in pre-paid.
    I would say the same for the T-Mobile pre-paid plan. A really loser one.

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