Opera 11.1 Now Ready For Download – Adds Honeycomb Support and Patches Security Flaw


Opera was just updated in the Android Market today. While all the normal goodies were added (bug fixes and the like) this update now officially supports Honeycomb with the new large screen compatibility mode. The update also fixed some serious security holes in regards to the older version of the app storing cache files with permissions that were not restrictive enough. This could potentially allow for malicious apps to gain access to your sensitive data stored on your device’s SD card. As for the rest of the new stuff check out the changelog below:

  • Added support for font styles on Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Fix for problem with text disappearing in text fields
  • Fix for HTML5 <audio> tag auto-play
  • Fix for mismatched RGB colors on some devices
  • Fix for black screen when starting Opera Mobile on some devices
  • Fix for various stability issues on certain devices
  • Fix for various font issues on certain devices
  • Security update fix (see below)
  • Permissions: See

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  1. Nice!! Will download and give it a go!

  2. Opera has supported Honeycomb for a while now (I know cause I’ve been using it) and they’ve only tweaked something about it this time around.

    1. I noticed the same thing with Facebook. These apps are announcing “Honeycomb support” when apparently, they’ve always had it. Maybe it was just buggy?

      1. Except Facebook didn’t say anything about being back in the Honeycomb Market – we just found it ourselves. And it wasn’t actually there before at all, so it’s kind of exactly the opposite of what’s happening here with Opera.

  3. best browser for android in my opinion

  4. The new update made Opera into the smoothest tab browser I’ve ever used on a mobile device. And I’ve used it since Windows Mobile 6.1

  5. this “honeycomb support” means it was compiled using the latest sdk, so it’s now recognised as a honeycomb compatible app.
    in the end all it really did though was disable honeycomb’s little compatibility mode icon(zoom icon in the notification area)

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