Samsung Stratosphere for Verizon Comparable to Epic 4G


Hoping Verizon passed up on the Galaxy S II due to another beast from Samsung coming soon? Well, scratch the Samsung Stratosphere off your list as it most certainly won’t be the DROID you’re looking for, according to recent rumors.

PocketNow has received press shots of the device and, sure enough, it looks like the Samsung Epic 4G that Sprint carries. We’re not sure what specs may be inside once it launches but we do know this will be an LTE data chugger.

We still expect Samsung to deliver the juice to Verizon (in the form of a “Prime” phone, hopefully) but that story has yet to be told. [PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I hope they up the processor some and maybe include more ram than the epic. This could be a nice phone for those who want a keyboard and LTE. Maybe up the processor speed a little and some more ram to make it a little more enticing to people. Or release it for $199 or less on contract.

    1. Ah… Way to edit.

      1. Edit:

        All your base are belong to us

  2. So what’s the spec on this phone like processor, ram, memory, display?

  3. Forget about affordable LTE phones Verizon, give me an expensive one, just make one worth what you’re asking for Pete’s sake!

  4. Ouch, so after a freakin’ year Vzn finally gets what’s now a has-been on Sprint ?! What’s that about ?! Ugh, I’d be spitting nails if I was with them. For those that have asked, if it is the same as Sprint’s, then it’s a Samoled+ 4-in wvga display running a 1-Ghz A8. Bet they offer it for $99 and it’ll be free by Cmas.

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