AndyPad & AndyPad Pro Now Available

If you’re looking for a pair of cheap-o tablets that might get Ice Cream Sandwich when it’s available, our friends at AndyPad have something for you. The AndyPad and AndyPad Pro tablets are now available for purchase for 129 quid and 179 quid, respectively.

For the first, you’re getting a 7 inch 800×480 resistive touchscreen tablet with 8 gigs of internal storage and HDMI. Most will likely want to jump up to the pro edition which also has a 7 inch display, but is capacitive and a higher resolution at 1024×600. You’re getting 16GB of internal storage and Bluetooth, as well. Check them out at AndyPad’s site.

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  • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

    Looks nice, looking at their forums, it seems they support custom ROMs. People there were talking about Ice Cream Sandwich (since Honeycomb is not open sourced). I really hope it’s almost time for Google to finally open source their tablet work.

    It doesn’t seem like they ship to the US, am I wrong?

  • adi19956

    looks brilliant

  • tn7871

    If you’ve never used a resistive screen, I don’t recommend getting this. They are horrible. You can’t just “touch” it – you have to actually push on it. There is a reason why hardly anybody is using them anymore.

  • artsr2002

    Resistive screen – do not want!

  • Ian Lockley

    The Pro version looks like a very good spec for the price. Now, if it were available in black instead of the rather cheap and gimmicky looking white, I’d be VERY interested.

  • Daniel Keane

    Very interesting, been looking for a cheap tablet, I’ll wait for some reviews before I spend my wonga though.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    More, real specs are needed and the site is quite bland