Madden NFL 12 Now Available for Nearly $8 [Correction: Nearly $7]


Coinciding with the console launch of Madden NFL 12 today, EA Sports has gotten the Android version of the game up into the Android market. For $7, you’re getting a pretty good game. You’re given a lot of freedom in terms of gameplay and a few different modes to keep things interesting. These include exhibition, a full season mode and a mode that lets you relive the 2010 playoffs. All 32 teams are here with all of their players. Can’t ask for much more than this on a mobile phone so be sure to head over to the Android market and check it out if this interests you. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. nice. agreed. the madden game is actually pretty fun on these mobile devices.

  2. Weird, when I go to the market it says its not compatible with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 :(

    1. I don’t think Tegra is supported.

  3. This app is incompatible with your Verizon Motorola DROIDX.

    wtf? madden 11 worked flawlessly

  4. not compatible with Evo 3D :(

    1. dont know what the problem is,but its working fine on my evo 3d~!!

  5. I hope, i get free apps of the day from amazon! :)

  6. A demo would be nice.

    1. Right!? I’m assuming it’s a huge download, so by the time it’s fully installed and playable, the fifteen minutes you have for a refund will be up…

  7. It says it’s not available in my country? This is America!

  8. What? “This item is not avaliable in your country” ??? This NFL teams is from USA… so do I !! I live in Ohio, Cincinnati…. this apps is from Nederland… T mobile G2, 2.3.4 stock

    1. I’m in the ‘Natti too!

      American football is very big in the Netherlands, lol.

  9. Your market link is opening up the version of this released by Electronic Arts Nederland B.V. so it isn’t allowing to be installed for those of us in US.

    1. Aha, there it is…

    2. Oh interesting…I wonder what’s the difference in pricing O.o

      Phandroid used the EA Nederland app >_>;;;

    3. its like 7.50 after tax so its pretty close to 8 man

  10. 300MB download, which would be ok, but so much for thinking about refunding because you will not be able to play it before the 15 minute Market refund policy is up. Too bad it’s not on Amazon yet.

  11. HA! Phandroid doesn’t spell half the words in there articles right. Why would anyone trust there links to buy something VS. taking 2 seconds to search it in the market. Just sayin…

    1. Well since you’re criticizing, it’s ‘their’ and ‘their links’ take you to the official market. It’s just to the more expensive app -_-;;;

  12. Anyone get it to work on the Galaxy 10.1?

  13. No excuse for the lack of tablet support.

    When I can download it to my Xoom, then I’ll be interested.

  14. Anyone got it work with an Atrix. Says its compatible but I have my doubts.

  15. I got it working on my g2x… haven’t gotten to play it, but it loaded up and let me start a game.

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