AT&T Quietly Flips On 4G LTE Switch In Chicago


Just in time for that rumored late September/early October launch date for the HTC Jetstream (Puccini) AT&T has already begun flipping on their 4G LTE switch in some lucky cities. According to BGR, some AT&T customers in Chicago are reporting that their 4G LTE mobile hotspots devices have lit up with AT&T’s trademarked “4G LTE” symbol. After a few speedtests, users are experiencing download speeds of around 13Mbps and 2Mbps upload.

AT&T has yet to formally announce the availability of their new 4G LTE in any market but this new development lets us know it’s coming right around the corner. Keep in mind these speeds are all based off of a preliminary soft launch and could improve by the time of AT&T’s official rollout. A mysterious Samsung Impulse 4G was also revealed in a leaked image a few days ago and is rumored to be AT&T’s first 4G LTE enabled handset. Are you guys impressed with AT&T’s preliminary 4G LTE speeds or were you expecting more?

[Via BGR]

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  1. Oh this will be awesome when it comes to Orlando – I’ll actually be able to use my Atrix 4G with blazing fast speeds and…. wait, LTE? What’s that? Ohhhh crap, you mean my 4G phone isn’t long (enough) term evolution to get those kind of speeds?

    Yeah, thanks a LOT AT&T for your bad marketing and BS about getting 4G speeds with this phone or anything else currently offered! As much as I love AT&T, I hate the hoops we have to jump through all the time…….

  2. Bring it to DFW!

  3. So they gonna add 1 city every month? LOL!

  4. Am I The Only One That Wants To See Speed Tests

    1. I haven’t ever seen a speedtest for at&t

  5. I can’t wait til sprint gets LTE!!

  6. Wimax sucks indoors but not bad outside. Average 3 to 8 mbps download and 1.6 upload

  7. Ummm if those numbers don’t change, then AT&T are liars, and everyone who wants LTE should just stick with Verizon or wait for Sprint to get it. Most people get like 25mb down and 14mb up on Verizon LTE right now.

    1. BS. I live in a Verizon LTE area and have two friends with VZW LTE phones. I do speed tests on them all the time and have never once seen it go over 8mbps. Granted, that’s still fantastic but none of this 25mp stuff you’re talking about.

      And honestly, lets say AT&T does cap out at 13mbps. Why on Earth should that send anyone scurrying to Verizon? Why the heck do you NEED more speed then that on a MOBILE phone??

      1. Thats what people said about 3G and those were the same people who said 1gb and 2gb was enough now everyone will hit it by using their phone. Streaming at that speed ensures quick loading and sometimes better quality no buffering. The faster the better but do get what you need some of us stream movies and the likes.

  8. Looks nice, now if we could ever get 4G in the UK then that’d be good…

  9. Why you turn on the Wif01? i like to see some speed test. now feel like my H+ Atrix is old. need to get the Galaxy S II or the Holiday phone badly

  10. Well said…

  11. Well said…

  12. Well…

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